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by Nick Olson

Former Polaris Employee buys a Speed! Yup, you heard that right. I’m selling one Polaris (maybe both) and jumping on board the Speed bandwagon while there is still space. I put down the $1,500 at Coyne Powersports, and I’m really getting excited. I sort of talked myself into it, over these past few months. The presentations from Speed have been awesome, and they’re showing us what an amazingly built SxS will look like.

Am I worried? Yes, maybe there are some “first-year” release bugs that seem to always happen, but after the issues I’ve had with my race car, I’ve experienced everything, haha. I think the COVID 19 pandemic is also going to really help, Robby and his team have been working really hard, with far fewer distractions, lets events to be traveling to, etc. and have really got focused on getting this new SxS dialed before they hit the showroom in late November.

I think this will be safe, fast, tough, precise, and a machine that will work well in Baja, Glamis, Sand Hollow, Plaster City, Happy Jack, Rocky Point, Ocotillo, and Moab – you know, places I love to offroad.


That’s right the titles right it’s not a clickbait I decided to put down a deposit on the new speed UTV let’s get them in the video I’ll talk about why I bought this brand new side-by-side that doesn’t even exist yet what’s happening Nikhil sent Jewpacabra off-road welcome back and before I get into the reasons why I decided to go ahead and put a deposit down and buy one of these new side-by-sides let’s catch up to speed from the last video which we did in this series which was part three it was almost two months ago where we spoke in depth about the CVT transmission setup so by the way this isn’t a paid endorsement I’m not getting a special bro deal on the unit I’m not doing it for the internet cloud I’m just a regular guy who thinks that this car could be the next mythical game-changer as we love to call it I really believe in what it’s going to be there’s definitely a lot of concern at being brand new first year product but I’m excited for I decided to go for it so it is one of this so back when I filmed part three about two months ago Robbie and the team SBU TV were about four or five presentations in and at that point I was pretty much sold on deciding to buy one of these and since that time they’ve changed name of the models we’ve added a few more models and given us more insight into some of the additional feature benefits the interior and some accessories that will be available and so on so let’s touch on those real quick before we get into the reasons why I bought it so a 4c model is now called the El Jefe the 110 inch wheelbase UCT is now called the El Diablo and the shorter 95 inch wheelbase two-seater is now called the Baja panda click the link below for speed UTV’s website you can get an FAQ section all the presentations and all the information basically you’d ever want to know about these vehicles speaking of information whether you’re interested in buying this or not I highly recommend you check out a lot of these presentations Robby’s really dropping a ton of knowledge from his racing days from his UTV racing days more specifically that car 400 and so on him just enjoying Glamis a lot of other environments that he’s ridden across the country that customers like you and I spend all of our time rec reading and gives us a lot of insight into technology from other types of auto racing his trophy truck and how that’s all been synthesized and he’s used that into the Engineering of the speed I think it’s really really entertaining to watch I’ve learned a lot just by watching and a lot of the problems that he’s trying to prevent I’ve experienced firsthand particularly with my race car furthermore if you’ve done a lot of research and you still have questions what’s really cool is you can join the Facebook group and you can ask questions at the speed that team or the community is trying to help answer Robby will answer some live questions on his weekly presentation he’s also taking live phone calls so they’re making it very transparent very easy to access and get you information you need if you’re on the fence about wanting to buy one of these so I think it’s really cool to the team at speeds being so transparent which is one of the reasons why I purchased so with that let’s get into the top three reasons why I decided to buy the speed easy the first and probably number one reason why I decided to buy is because I think this car packs a whole ton about you I purchased the El Jefe le Edition which is thirty two thousand dollars and the LE accessories that are included at this price are the carbon fiber seats a five-point harness is beadlock wheels and a custom graphics package the price has also since risen and it’s now the 35,000 and it’s only going to increase in price by the time these things actually hit the showroom floor later this year now those accessories on top of a vehicle and already is gonna come stock with 225 horsepower 77 inch wide beefy suspension that’s already made out of 4130 chromoly doc technology that Robby’s been developing for over two decades in his trophy trucks a big enough storage bed for a 35 inch full-size spare so then I’ll need to go spend more money on a tire rack or a tire carrier and on paper also looks to be a roll cage that is very beefy robust and is not gonna need to be replaced this really starts to feel like this vehicles got a ton of value and that I mentioned you can also shift on the fly without coming to a complete stop and there’s an extra gear on the transmission compared to a Polaris or can-am a lot of cool features on this car guys they’re really starting to add up and make me feel like this is really a lot for thirties you get my opinion is that all I really need to do is add a radio add some lighting for my front seats I gotta have my heated seats my glass windshield because I’m a big fan of that throwing my tools and my cooler and I’m pretty much ready to go anywhere my pal tires off my razor will bolt right up so to me it seems really easy a lot a lot less of a hassle compared to building a can-am or Polaris with a new cage and all the other accessories that you need to really get it dialed for you know what I’m used to with my current razor now I love my razor turbo s if you guys been following my channel you’ve seen that I’ve driven almost everywhere in the southwest here from San Paulo Glenda’s multiple times plaster City all over Arizona Mexico and I’ve only had one small problem and probably the biggest feature benefit that I will be giving up by getting rid of the razor will be the live valve and have excess tension so I love that feature but you know it is what it is I think the speed has got so many other pluses that it’s gonna be exciting to try out and I think it’s gonna be a better overall ride performance reason number two is the overall engineering and thought put into this vehicle now the engineering of all the components collectively which Robbie has really done a lot of deep dives just make a whole lot of sense from how the chassis is thought about any tube that has a bend in it has reinforcements the design of the suspension with the geometry to work in unison with the shocks and the technology of the position sensitive dampening that the shocks are going to use there’s just so much that’s really thought out I mean Robbie spent 10 minutes going over the wheel design and how the wheel design really incorporates and works in unison with the suspension geometry to have everything work and handle on something that I think performance wise on paper seems like it’s gonna be far and above what I’ve ever experienced any side by side just as recent as yesterday Robbie started showing us some photos of some finished components that are all forged in the front suspension the hubs and when you start to look everything down I mean he talks about the shoulder of the bolts everything he’s really learned the design of the plunging axles so many little thoughtful idea I think they’re all gonna add up to an amazing package that you’re probably not gonna have to work on much but it’s also designed to be really easy to be worked on a steering rack gets all hydraulic which he relates to you know any type of fast real off-road vehicle it’s going to have something similar you know much bigger hardware than what the competition is using it just really seems like everything was looked at there was no value engineering done they said let’s make this as good as we can make it and give the customer something that’s gonna be just an amazing side-by-side they should not have to upgrade every single year so one funny note I follow Robbie on Instagram and he posted a video the other day of the steering rack being milled out of billet and one of his followers asked the question that looks expensive to replace and Robbie’s comment was hilarious we don’t design parts to fail a little different business model than what you might have been used to so that comment was funny but it’s also a statement Robbie’s saying look we’re not trying to maximize profit of people breaking these things and then selling them replacement parts and we’re not trying to maximize profit to the shareholders he calls all of us at put a deposit down a shareholder and investing in the company’s initial success and I think the feeling I get from all the presentations all the data is that they really are focus on the consumer experience and they’re operating differently they want to just give us the best vehicle have us have an amazing experience and have the car be so much more overwhelmingly better than the competition that that’s going to lead to more sales a better overall brand experience he relates us to be more like a Ferrari or a high-end vehicle compared to what’s existing on the market and it’s hard not to believe them if you watch all these videos you listen to other people like myself we’re really excited about the vehicle yeah one of the wild doesn’t really exist yet and if a lot of renderings it’s not necessarily real but I think it’s gonna be very real very soon and I think in November/December I look back and realize I feel like it was a really smart position to go ahead I want to be one of the first people to try it out so I love the transparency in the business model I’m a big fan of that philosophy I think in 2020 and beyond transparency in businesses it’s going to lead to success you know we all want to know more about these businesses the people that we like we have access to everybody now social I just think that’s the way to do business we try to run Chupacabra the same way so for that reason and also too I really want to see these guys win also even if you’re on interested in buying this vehicle like I’ve said time and time again we’re all gonna win if this vehicle comes out and it’s really good it gives us all one more option to consider it’s gonna force the competition to step up if it really is that much better than the rest and like I said we’re all gonna better come in so even if you’re not buying one you should be fired up on with the team that speeder trying to achieve so finally to be fair this is a 2021 model this is going to hit the dealer showrooms the first models in late November and we haven’t seen what model year 2021 will be from Canada and Polaris they could have some tricks up their sleeve we’re gonna see the km released later this month on the 30th of June Polaris is usually about a month behind and late July and for sure what we do in some videos talking about what these 2021 models are gonna be from both competitors and then we’ll talk about how they stack up to this speed why then I think we’ll see some prototypes running around in the wild from speed I think it’s really going to be exciting and a lot of us here in the southwest or I mean getting through summer and getting excited about gearing up and making purchasing decisions on all of you guys are in the market of though considering buying a new rig this year thank you guys for watching the video let me know if you’re interested in buying my turbo sob for sale in a few months I’m excited to try something new I’m excited to use it as a as a platform to create a lot more content for you guys I think it’s going to be exciting I think you know if I was the consumer I’d want to see somebody in the southwest who really off roads all over the place how it holds up for them and we’re gonna be doing that so I have a lot of fun ideas comment below if you have any ideas for content or if you guys are buying a speed out there as well we should definitely link up and even do a group ride I’m a a lot of buddies that have all different types of vehicles so I think it’d be fun to get them to drive it right in and see how it compares that their cameo their Polaris their race car or whatever they’ve got you know in certain environments I have buddies that have seeing cars of course so it’s made really fun and I’m really excited to to use it to use them for a lot of content creation and try it back to back up some 35 inch tires versus 132 you know and take that sucker all over the place so once I get that thing it’s gonna be busy we have a lot of trips planned just to really put some miles on that thing and it’s the idea holds up if you guys like the content please like and subscribe there we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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