El Jefe, El Diablo, and Baja Bandit 2022+

Chupacabra Offroad Speed UTV El Jefe #6

Model: Speed UTV El Jefe (4-seat)
  • A-Pillar Tube Size (IN): 1.75"
  • A+-Pillar Tube SIze (IN): 1.50"
  • Cross Bar Tube Size (IN): 1.75"
  • Factory Front Bumper Tube Size (IN): 1.25"
  • Factory Rear Bumper Tube Size (IN): 1.25"


Side mirror with window nets:
 When it comes to side mirrors for your Speed UTV El Jefe with Window Nets, look no further than the Cuero Pro. These side mirrors are the ultimate solution that seamlessly fits your needs. Specifically designed for compatibility, our Cuero Pro side mirrors are the only option that will fit effortlessly on your Speed UTV El Jefe with Window Nets. What sets them apart is their compatibility with our bung mount, which allows you to easily mount them to the upper window net bracket. Our M10x1.25 bung mount threads directly into the upper window net bracket for streamline installation on your Speed UTV. Get ready for a hassle-free and secure mirror setup with Cuero Pro side mirrors – your trusted choice for off-road adventures.

Cuero Pro mirrors (No clamp) can be found here


Cuero Pro Bung mount can be found here  

Side mirror without window nets:
 If you aren't running window nets and looking for the ultimate side mirror for your Speed UTV, look no further than our Cuero Race side mirrors paired with LP4 light mounts. This dynamic combination not only offers robust and durable side mirrors but also provides an incredible 20,000 Lumens of light output, illuminating your off-road adventures like never before.
What sets this setup apart is its versatility. Mounting it in our preferred location on the A+ Pillar is a breeze, requiring the use of our 1.50" clamp option. Alternatively, if you prefer the A-Pillar location, our 1.75" clamp option ensures a secure fit. Through extensive testing, we've discovered that installing the side mirror on the A+ Pillar significantly enhances mirror visibility, making it our preferred mounting location. 

Cuero Race mirrors (1.50" clamps for A+ Pillar) can be found here 


Cuero Race mirrors (1.75" clamps for A Pillar) can be found here

The Perfect Center Mirror: 
When it comes to enhancing your Speed UTV experience, our 16" Super Deluxe Center mirror is the ultimate choice. While the Super Deluxe 11" center mirror will fit, we've chosen the 16" variant to take full advantage of the Speed's low tire mount and open rear view. With its wide field of vision, this mirror provides perfect rear visibility, elevating your off-road adventures.
For the ideal Speed UTV Center Mirror setup, pair it with our 1.75" C-clamps. This combination creates the perfect solution, ensuring your mirror stays securely in place without having to struggle with removing the roof. Drive confidently with the Super Deluxe 16" Center Mirror, designed to provide unmatched clarity and safety for your Speed UTV.

Super Deluxe 16" Center mirror can be found here 


1.75 C-clamps can be found here

Added Storage:
 If you've chosen not to opt for the second screen in your Speed UTV, you're left with an open space on the glovebox door. We saw this as an opportunity and designed a glovebox bag to make the most of that extra space. Our glovebox bag is the perfect solution for keeping your personal belongings organized and easily accessible during your off-road adventures.

Speed Glovebox bag can be found here

Adding Light:
When it comes to off-roading, having reliable lighting is essential. As many of you know, we're big fans of Baja Designs lights for their exceptional performance and quality. We've gone the extra mile to create a mounting solution that allows you to install the OnX6+ 50" Arc light bar on top and the OnX6+ 20" light bar on the bumper of your Speed UTV. We're also excited to introduce our new S2 chase light mount, available in 3 light or 5 light options. This addition further enhances safety, providing additional lighting options to make you more visible at night or out in the dust.
Baja Designs Logo


Onx6+ 50" Arc light bar mount (with 50" dual control light) can be found here


Onx6+ 20" lightbar mount can be found here: COMING SOON!


S2 Chase Light Mount (3 light with S2 Pro's) can be found here


S2 Chase Light mount (5 light with S2 Pro's) can be found here


Cuero Race LP4 light mount can be found here

Added comfort and Visibility: 
When you take the driver's seat in your Speed El Jefe, you're met with a sense of security. You sit down into the car with plenty of head room and space between you and your passengers. However, we felt the need for a better line of sight over the front of the car. To address this, we've developed an adjustable seat riser that securely bolts to the factory location, accommodating both factory and wide-size Speed seats.
Our seat base provides an additional 2" of height over the stock configuration, ensuring superior visibility and driving comfort while maneuvering your Speed El Jefe elevating your driving experience.

Speed Raised Seat Bases can be found here


 Our Adventures in the El Jefe:

With over 1,000 miles clocked on the Speed UTV, our adventures have carried us through a myriad of landscapes and terrains. From thrilling rides in our own backyard at Geiser Loop to tackling the Rocks of Sand Hollow, the challenging trails of Baja, and the vast expanses of Glamis, we've ventured far and wide in this car. Our journey continues, and we eagerly anticipate the miles that lie ahead. Explore some of our unforgettable trips below!


Speed UTV El Jefe Unleashed: Nick's First Drive Insights!

Witness the unveiling of the Speed UTV El Jefe through Nick's eyes as he takes it for a spin. Gain valuable insights from Nick's firsthand experiences and first miles with the Speed UTV.



Unleashing the Speed UTV at Sand Hollow Rally on the Rocks!

After finally taking delivery of the Speed, we couldn't resist the urge to hit Sand Hollow for Rally on the Rocks! Join us as we tackle the challenging terrain, testing the Speed UTV's limits on the rocks.



Speed UTV Review: From Initial Challenges to In-Depth Insights

Unfortunately, Nick's #6 El Jefe faced some challenges with just 20 miles on the clock. However, a generous gesture from Robby Gordon placed Nick behind the wheel of his El Jefe #18. With a thrilling 18 hours of riding over a single weekend, we seized the opportunity to assemble a comprehensive review. Join Nick as he shares his in-depth experiences and insights.



Speed UTV Walkaround: A Closer Look at the Details

Now that we've logged some miles, we're eager to take you on a walkaround to explore the finer details of the Speed UTV. Join us as we provide a closer look at this remarkable vehicle, addressing any questions you may have along the way.



Rick Speed #14 get's His Car Dialed For Baja:

Rick Brown, driving his #14 El Jefe, leaves no stone unturned as he readies himself for an upcoming 10-day journey through Baja Mexico. For those passionate about Baja adventures and considering building their El Jefe's similarly, Rick's meticulous preparation serves as an inspiring example. His El Jefe is equipped with nearly everything needed for the trip, making him the lone ranger among Speed owners, and extra prepared for the challenge!



 Speed Eats Whoops for lunch:

The more I drive the Speed UTV, the more I fall in love with it. Part of gaining confidence is taking it to familiar terrain in my own backyard, pushing the vehicle to its limits. The deep whoop section featured in the video is a true testament to the vehicle's capabilities. While I can't predict how long a stock car or even a race UTV would endure at 40+ mph on a 10-mile stretch like this, we bought this car to drive it, and we're thrilled to showcase it in stunning 4K at 120FPS.



The 4-Seat SXS Shootout: Putting the Top 3 4-Seat SxS Vehicles to the Test

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid promotion. None of the three vehicles tested received any discounts or incentives to ensure unbiased results.

We are always striving to be leaders in the industry and we think that this video is a game changer! We're thrilled to turn the concept of a motocross-style shootout into a reality, thanks to Coyne Powersports. Our mission was to conduct a fair comparison of the leading contenders in the 4-seat SxS market. We subjected them to a series of rigorous tests to evaluate performance and provide unbiased ratings. With four seasoned test drivers at the helm, we selected the challenging and rugged terrain of Plaster City as our proving ground.



Pro R Owner Gives His Thoughts on The Speed El Jefe: Meet Fred Rojas 

Many have been curious about the test drivers behind our SxS shootout. Allow us to introduce Fred Rojas, a seasoned SxS enthusiast with an extensive background. Fred's journey includes ownership of multiple RZRs, and he currently commands a Pro R 4-seater. Residing in Calexico, he frequents the rugged terrains of Baja, Plaster City, Glamis, and the surrounding areas. Join us as Fred shares his candid insights after experiencing all three vehicles back-to-back.



The El Jefe Get's a New Pair of Shoes: Obor RocScraper Tires

DISCLAIMER: This video is a paid promotion, and free products were sent for review purposes. However, it's important to note that these considerations did not influence the results or feedback regarding the tires used.

Introducing the Obor RocScraper tires, available in robust 32, 35, and now 37-inch sizes. While originally designed for hardcore rock crawling, these tires have proven their versatility across a spectrum of Utah's challenging terrains. Rumor has it they last for over 2,500 miles and become even better with time as they break in. Our experience with these tires in Sand Hollow, Utah, left us thoroughly impressed, and they've earned a permanent spot on our off-roading adventures.



Speed Goes to Baja:

The Speed UTV crossed the 1,000-mile mark at the culmination of this unforgettable journey. Join us as we recount the incredible experience.

A massive shoutout to FredRZR for extending the invite to his #ProRandFriends ride. Our route featured a mix of new and iconic stops, including the renowned Horsepower Ranch.



The Speed goes to Camp RZR: Unleashing the Speed UTV

The much-anticipated desert season has made its triumphant return, and there's no place we'd rather be than Glamis. After a prolonged wait, the killer weather is a welcome sight, and we're thrilled to hit the dunes with the Speed UTV and the new Pro R. It's a stark contrast to last week's Sand Hollow adventure, but the fun factor remains sky-high.



Highs and Lows in Glamis:

In the world of off-roading, dune trips can bring unexpected trials. Wet sand added an extra layer of stress for all of the machines. The key takeaway? Our adventures remained safe and manageable, as any breakdowns happened in conveniently accessible spots.






  • Length (IN): 161
  • Width (IN): 77
  • Height (IN): 70
  • Wheelbase (IN): 120
  • Ground Clearance (IN): 15.5
  • Dry Weight (LBS): 2482
  • Payload Capacity (LBS): 1000
  • Towing Capacity: 1500
  • Fuel Capacity (GAL): 15


  • Engine Brand Name: Speed 999 Turbo
  • Engine Type: In-Line 2-Cylinder
  • Horsepower (BHP/KW): 225 to 300 (Speed Key)
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Valve Configuration: DOHC
  • Displacement (CC/CI): 999
  • Fuel Requirements: 92 Octane / E85 (Speed Key)


  • Transmission Type: Continuously Variable (CVT) 3 Speed
  • Primary Drive (Front Wheel): Shaft
  • Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission): Belt
  • Reverse: Yes
  • Hi / Low Range: Yes


  • Wheels Composition: Aluminum
  • Front Tire Diameter (IN): 30 & 33
  • Rear Tire Diameter (IN): 30 & 33
  • Tire Brand: Speed
  • Front Tire Width: 9.5
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 15"
  • Rear Tire Width: 9.5
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 15"
  • Tread Type: All Terrain 'S' Tread


  • Front Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc


  • Front Suspension Type: Double A-Arm
  • Front Travel (IN): 22" Usable Travel
  • Front Suspension:
    • RG & LE: Speed Position Sensitive Coil-over Shocks
    • BASE: Speed Non-IBP Coil-over Shocks
  • Front Suspension Material: 4130 Chrome Molly
  • Front Sway Bar: Yes
  • Rear Suspension Type: Independent Trailing Arm
  • Rear Travel (IN/MM): 22" Usable Travel
  • Rear Adjustable Dual Rate Springs: Yes
  • Rear Suspension Brand Name:
    • RG & LE: Speed Position Sensitive Coil-over Shocks
    • BASE: Speed Non-IBP Coil-over Shocks
  • Rear Suspension Material: 4130 Chrome Molly
  • Rear Sway Bar: Yes
  • Steering Type: Hydraulic Power


  • Driveline Type: Selectable 4X2 / 4X4
  • Number of Forward Gears: 3
  • Rear Unlocking Differential: No
  • Front Locking Differential: Yes


  • Tilt Steering: Standard
  • Glove Box / Dash Storage: Standard
  • Digital Dash Display: Standard
  • Seat Type: Shell Seat
  • Shell Material: 
    • RG & LE: Carbon Fiber
    • BASE: Plastic
  • Number of Seats: 4
  • Harness Style: 5-point

Bed Capacity:

  • Bed Length (IN): 36
  • Bed Height (IN/MM): 8
  • Bed Width (IN/MM): 48
  • Bed Capacity (LBS): 350
  • Integral Tie-Down Hooks: Yes


Speed UTV El Jefe Suspension: Our Thoughts

The performance of the Speed UTV El Jefe's suspension system is exceptional and has set the bar to new heights. The suspension geometry offers smooth handling, excellent small bump compliance, and unwavering stability that inspires confidence. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or conquering rugged trails, the El Jefe Suspension ensures you remain in control. Its remarkable stability promotes safe and exhilarating off-road journeys.


Speed UTV El Jefe: Exceptional Foundation

At the core of the Speed UTV El Jefe lies a testament to years of racing experience and superior build quality. The vehicle boasts uniform welds, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that ensures structural integrity. Its robust 4130 Chromoly suspension components provide the foundation for exceptional off-road performance, built to withstand the most demanding terrains. The DOM tube roll cage not only reinforces safety but also underscores the vehicle's durability. The Speed UTV El Jefe has again set the bar to another level and is setting the example of how the foundation of a SXS should be.


Check out our fitment guides below for any other questions you may have!

SXS Fitment Chart