Commander 2011-2020


Model: 2011-2020 Can-Am Commander


Commander Tube Sizes:

  • A-Pillar Size: 2.0"
  • Crossbar: 2.0"



Product Fitment:

Side Mirrors

Elevate your 2011-2020 Can-Am Commander's functionality and style with our UTV side mirrors. Designed for seamless compatibility, our Cuero Pro side mirror offers a breakaway design and replaceable glass, ensuring durability and convenience. Its sleek clamp design not only complements the vehicle's aesthetics but also accommodates most windshields, providing an excellent solution for adding a side mirror without sacrificing visibility.

For those seeking enhanced durability with a race-inspired touch, our Cuero Race mirror stands as the ultimate choice. Featuring robust dual clamps, a fixed outer frame, and replaceable glass, the Cuero Race mirror is unrivaled in strength and reliability, making it the most robust side mirror available on the market and even with all this, it still fits with most windshields!

Both the Cuero Pro and Cuero Race mirrors come equipped with a light bracket, ready to host a Baja Designs Squadron Pro or Sport pod light, or any light of similar size, enhancing your visibility and safety during night rides. Discover the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style with our side mirrors designed specifically for your Can-Am Commander.


Cuero Pro Side Mirrors


Cuero Pro UTV Side Mirror for Can-Am Commander


Cuero Race Mirrors


Cuero Race UTV Side Mirror For Can-Am Commander


Cuero Pro Mirror Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Race Mirror Baja Designs Light Combo


Center Mirror

Elevate the safety and functionality of your Can-Am Commander with our Super Deluxe line of rearview mirrors, designed to offer expansive visibility and customizable adjustments. The 11" Super Deluxe model boasts a sleek single clamp design, offering three height adjustments and featuring replaceable glass for long-lasting clarity. For those seeking even broader visibility, our 16" Super Deluxe center mirror provides exceptional coverage with its dual clamp design, three height adjustments, two depth adjustments, and easily replaceable glass. Both models are equipped with a convex lens, maximizing your field of view and enhancing your driving experience. Perfect for any Can-Am Commander owner looking to improve their vehicle's safety features without compromising on style, our Super Deluxe mirrors are the ultimate choice for rearview visibility.


Super Deluxe 16" Center Mirror


Super Deluxe 16" UTV Center Rear View Mirror For Can-Am Commander


Super Deluxe 11" Center Mirror


Super Deluxe 11" UTV Center Rear View Mirror For Can-Am Commander



Illuminate the trails and enhance your night rides with Baja Designs lights, the ultimate choice for off-roaders. When outfitting your Can-Am Commander for the night, consider our innovative Pod light mount, seamlessly compatible with both Cuero Pro and Cuero Race mirrors. This mount is meticulously engineered to accommodate the powerful Squadron Pro or Squadron Sport lights, ensuring unparalleled illumination and durability for your adventures. Elevate your nighttime visibility and safety with this premium lighting solution, and discover why Baja Designs is the preferred brand among off-roaders seeking exceptional performance. Experience a significant upgrade in your Can-Am Commander's nighttime capabilities with our recommended Pod light mount, and witness the remarkable difference it makes on your after-dark journeys.



Baja Designs Logo



Cuero Pro Mirror Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Pro UTV Side Mirror With Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Race Mirror Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Race UTV Side Mirror With Baja Designs Light Combo





See the reference chart below for more details about fitment of our accessories on your SxS.

SXS Fitment Chart