Ace 2014-2019

The Ace has a 1.75” roll cage (A pillars for side mirrors), but the center bar to mount a center mirror is 1.5”.  Our RZR doorbags fit the Ace’s.

See the reference chart below for more details about fitment of our accessories on your SxS.

SXS Fitment Chart

The ACE was introduced a few years ago with a 327cc engine. The platform was based off the Sportsman ATV frame geometry and was designed as a new entry-level machine to get more people off the couch and on the trail. The media members, myself included, who were on the ride liked the new concept and all of us started to imagine the platform with a little more power. We weren’t alone, as the buying public hollered for a bigger version. Next came the 570, which we found to have a good amount of power, but it was starting to push the limits of the handling and suspension with a more aggressive driver behind the wheel. Then came the initial ACE 900, which screamed right past what the aforementioned suspension and handling could take. Thankfully Polaris listened and adopted suspension components from the RZR S line to the ACE platform, making the new ACE 900 XC and even the 570 much more fun to drive.