2020-2023 RZR Pro XP, Turbo R and Pro R

RZR Pro XP 2020-2022

RZR Pro XP 2020-2023

Roll Cage Diameter: 2.0” (A pillar for side mirrors, C pillar for whip flag mount) and 1.75” for center mirrors.  There are center mirror options for the Pro XP that use a bracket, but our center mirror designs with the 1.75” roll cage mount also work on the Pro XP Sport, Premium, and Ultimate models with/ without a roofs that mount onto the stock roll cage.

Our Pro Xp Doorbags will fit all Turbo R, and Pro R models, as they all share the same door design.

See the reference chart below for more details about fitment of our accessories on your SxS.

SXS Fitment Chart