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by Nick Olson

Can Am launched the new 2021 X3 lineup, and honestly, we were hoping for a little bit more. The big news is the new Fox LiveValve suspension system they call “Smart Shox” which is available in a 2 or 4 seat 195 HP RR model. Surprisingly this feature isn’t standard on the top-tier RC edition model.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the technology and think it performs great and really is the future, but it’s not an option on most models, and the big miss is the lack of improvements to beef up the frame, increase the tire size, and ensure that all the parts are tough enough to withstand real tires in real offroad environments. I think this gives Polaris a chance to come in with some improvements and challenge Can Am, more than they did last year. We have a few more weeks until we find out. Oh, and let’s not forget about those Speed guys… Who’s going to be the top dog this year?


So next we gonna remain on top this desert season let’s talk about the 2021 lineup from can-am what’s happening everybody Nicholson chupacabra off-road thanks for tuning back in and let’s get into this 2021 lineup that can-am just announced for all their new X threes so for the 2021 model lineup unfortunately for can-am it’s mainly a bng or a bold new graphic release as we like to call in the dirt bike world so to be fair Atkins made improvements every year to the x3 since its released in 2017 so this year is a little bit of a letdown compared to previous years so as consumers were always wanting more we’ve been getting these updates and it was a little bit of a bummer just to not see much improvement at all with the addition of one new feature which we’ll get into in a second so I was hoping to see a few more improvements so that Kent and motors wouldn’t have to spend thousands as yet their car is completely dialed for some real off-road riding so only real news for can-am for 2021 with the x3 lineup is the addition of their smart shocks adjustable on-the-fly Fox suspension very similar to the Polaris live valve dynamic setup kinda thing I think there’s some guy on YouTube talking about this a while ago predicting it was gonna happen prediction number three we’re gonna see more Fox live valve suspension on another OEM and the obvious suspect you think would be can-am they’ve been using almost exclusively Fox suspension for quite a while now think it’s the future it only makes sense that can-am gonna have it I mean shock therapy already has a version it’s essentially live now for you extra customers why not offer I don’t think they need to get ahold GPS type of set up like a write command but I think that’s exciting technology I think the km customers find really excited about it and then at least starting off with a 1/2 seat and 4 seat option and a high-end offering maybe the XR seat would be a slam dunk for km yes I know I predicted it I know it wasn’t Nostradamus by any means it was kind of expected we saw that Fox was initially launching this technology with Polaris a few years ago and Honda released there earlier this year so not surprising to see can-am and other OEMs jump on board with this technology so the smart shock are a to foresee model of the x3 RR 195 horsepower models and this update or upgrade for the suspension technology is going to run you about 1700 more than the standard are our model now can-am is claiming this system is more refined than Polaris because it uses nine sensors and it is adjusting the rebound on the fly along with the compression which is something that the Polaris does not do and it’s updating it quicker up to 200 times per second so it sounds like it’s just a more refined version of the Polaris live valve so for Kantian they’re calling it a comfort mode sport mode in sport plus mode but for Polaris it’s Comfort Sport and then firm see there MacDonnell’s I’m McDowell’s they got the golden arches – the golden arcs I see they got the Big Mac I got the big make we both got two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles and onions but they use a sesame seed bun my buns have no seats so there you go guys only difference is sesame seeds I mean adjustable rebound dampening on the flight I’ll walk myself out of here so if you have been following the challenge you know that we’ve got a couple live valve turbo asses we love the technology we had our shocks respond when we valve by Wayne Israel sin who is a true suspension guru his company all tech Motorsports did a phenomenal job on our cars and we’ve raved about this technology we love having it we’ve used it all over the place and we really like how it works we did a video earlier this year with Wayne where he gave us some of his thoughts about live valve technology the future of it we’re gonna go ahead and play that clip at the end and we’re also gonna link that video in the description below check it out it’s my favorite video we’ve done up twenty20 Wayne gave us so much information we learned a lot really tune our race car got to the next level and then had him ride in our live valve cars after you respawn and rebound him so well I’d take away from that I think you guys are really digging so if you end up buying a new 2021 can now no matter which model you choose even this new smart shocks I definitely recommend setting some money aside to respring Andry valve them you’re also going to be able to get some crossover rings to have a little bit more adjustment which is one thing you give up from the RR model which has the crossover rings the high and low speed compression as well as a rebound now I really think this live valve technology shines in the dunes I run my car in the full firm mode it really helps me from preventing bottoming out on harsh G outs on really fast rides but you guys that play around in the rocks or the guys that really run without the sway bars are really gonna dig it too because you’re still gonna get all your articulation and a soft setup but if your ride somehow it gets faster pace on some sweeping roads you can quickly stiffen it up on the fly that’s just really that the beauty of them is it works in almost any condition and what these side-by-sides are really designed to be taken and driven anywhere in any condition and if you’re in a place like san hollow you’re in the dunes and then five minutes later your rock crawling so hard to beat it really excited about in a school that can have finally added this to their mix X remodels so as for the rest of the lineup it remains pretty much unchanged like I said you’ve got your base model at 18,000 9.99 for an entry-level x3 or the 120 horse your entry-level x RS 72 inch wide turbo our model is still twenty two thousand five hundred and then you’ve got the RR model still at 195 horse all the same feature benefits essentially just a couple new colorways at twenty seven thousand six hundred so the RC addition for 2021 is twenty nine seven ninety nine just under 30 K it’s got a new colorway a lot of the same feature benefits as it had last year and I was really hoping they would do a four seat model on this but unfortunately we got skunked for seat guys so to see model only good-looking car and it’s still the only x3 that’s gonna come stock with 32 inch tires so after seeing the new lineup guys I’m really feeling even more confident about put my deposit down on the speed at 32 K that’s pretty comparable basically to this new smart shock version or R and even though I would be giving up the live valve suspension I’m getting a legit roll cage full doors the 4130 chromoly suspension kit a much better design chassis the magic hundred and twenty inch wheelbase more storage more fuel and also let’s not forget 225 horse so I was kind of hoping for a little more with the km I was really hoping that they were gonna beef up the frame and add 32 inch tires at least to all the XRS offerings I really think that most of customers would easily pay more out-of-pocket when they purchased this said I have to deal with spending all this money upgrading the car to really address all these weak points that are pretty well known and established at this point so I think this really leaves the door open for Polaris they’re gonna be launching their 2021 models here pretty soon I think they have a shot who knows they could really surprise us we’ll see but we’ll definitely follow up later once they launch their new models and we’ll talk about how they stack up to this 2021 can-am lineup along with the speed somebody think below in the comments guys are you happy with the 20 or 21 lineup were you expecting to see more comment below thanks for watching as always please like and subscribe if you love the content we’ve got a lot more coming your way so speaking of live valve Wayne how do you think about it when you’re setting it up so Springs or Springs they you do the same thing as any car it’s all about supporting love with it with the flexible remember which is the spring so we do the same thing we do with Springs on live valve but the live valve is different in that it is thinking as you go the algorithm is thinking about where the wheels are where the steering is where the throttle is and so they tend to have a little more force all the time than a non-live valve shock so we tend to valve them a little bit softer to let the live belt actually make some of the force hydraulically in the shock road in Andrews car rode really good in soft but you get it in the firmer modes in it and it gets a little bit harsh which indicates to me we probably have just a bit more hydraulic force in it than we need there’s a little way to go it’s it’s really good but I think we can find a happier medium it’s good now but we can find a better happier medium where it can be more comfortable in some situations and firmer and other cut situations now in full stiff it gets pretty firm really good for the Glamis G outs and that kind of stuff but I think we can keep that and do a little bit of valving change and make it better speaking of live valve where do you see it going in a couple years you see some potential software updates where you could create different Tunes you think Can Am you think most o ms are gonna have this technology you think it’s kind of future the side by side industry so yeah I think electronics is probably the next road we go down I think there was probably an exclusive for the live ballot for a little while and then I think the other manufacturers are gonna come out probably no more than a then I’m saying now so I won’t say any more than that but there’s probably some more coming out with a live valve or some variety of an algorithm controlled software shock lie valve is probably the future or some variety of algorithm controlled ActiveX software that is controlling the shock the thing that concerns me most about it is there’s not a lot of access to it as the end user you kind of limited to what Polaris or whoever you’re working on system has now there’s a lot of smart people in the world that are smarter than me that will figure out how to get in there and that’ll be good for us but at this point we kind of have to hydraulically or mechanically match what they’ve done to make it work it will be good at some point where we can get something working good good hydraulically and then put the delight valve in to kind of have a little more a little less on either side rather than bring the mechanics to do that sent for a point I guess if you say you can say in some previous videos I feel like when I’m trying to relate is this worth extra money I think that’s a big question in the community right now I think a lot of people have a lot of curiosity they know it’s probably better they assume it is I know that’s a difficult question the answer but I think about I feel like with the bigger heavier car with a four-seater in particular and if you’re like us we do like to go all over the place like we plan on going to Moab this year we go to Glamis we go you know San holo and kind of all different types of terrain you think if you’re like that if you’re into exploring a lot of different types of terrain and particularly have a heavier four-seater that it’s it’s especially beneficial I mean that’s a loaded question really it’s really a pocketbook question and if you it’s always nice to have more tools in the toolbox even better tools in the toolbox and I’ve valve is just a better tool it just does more for you if you not having to think about it it does it does what we would like to sometimes see a set of bumps and said man I wish I’d get a screwdriver now they’re on close but most beat a little bit why about does that for us is it worth it if you’re scraping by to decide whether you’re buying fuel or going riding or buying diapers it’s not worth it for you you can have just as much fun in something that doesn’t happen if you’re not and you’re in a position where I can afford to buy whatever I want I want the best of the best it’s worth it because it is the next thing it is technology will help you have more fun in your car and that’s really what they’re all about is to have fun so yeah I think it’s worth it if you can afford it you can see the viscosity difference


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