Chupacabra Offroad CanAm Defender accessories UTV SXS

Model: 2016-2023 Can-Am Defender

Defender Tube Sizes:

  • A-Pillar: Pro-Fit
  • Cross Bar: Pro-Fit



Product Fitment:

Side Mirrors

Elevate your Can-Am Defender's functionality and style with our exclusive "Profile" cage mounts, designed specifically for its Pro-Fit cage. This unique cage shape has inspired the development of our innovative mount solutions, including the versatile wrap-around and the sleek "lo-pro" mount. Both options seamlessly integrate with our Cuero Pro and Cuero Race mirrors, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced visibility for your off-road adventures.

For Can-Am Defender owners who utilize both doors and a windshield, our direct mount offers an unparalleled solution. Compatible exclusively with our Cuero Pro mirrors, this direct mount bolts effortlessly to the factory doors, providing a streamlined and secure setup. Discover the ideal mounting option for your Can-Am Defender and experience the difference in durability and style with our "Profile" cage mounts.


Cuero Pro Mirrors


Cuero Pro UTV Side Mirrors for Can-Am Defender


Profile Mounts


Profile Cage Mounts For Pro-Fit Cage


Cuero Race Mirrors


Cuero Race UTV Side Mirror


Center Mirror


Discover the latest addition to our accessory lineup: two innovative center mirror mounts designed to accommodate our 11" Super Deluxe Center Mirror, tailored for Can-Am Defenders with or without an upper console. These new mounts offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation, ensuring that every driver can enjoy the enhanced visibility and style that our Super Deluxe Center Mirror provides. Whether your vehicle features an upper console or not, our mounts ensure a seamless fit, elevating your driving experience with superior craftsmanship and design. Explore our new center mirror mounts today and experience the difference in functionality and aesthetics with our 11" Super Deluxe Center Mirror.


Super Deluxe 11" Defender Mounts


Super Deluxe 11" UTV Center Rear View Mirror Mount For Can-Am Defender Without Center Console


Super Deluxe 11" UTV Center Rear View Mirror Mount for Can-Am Defender With Console



Brighten the trails and elevate your night rides with Baja Designs lights, the premier selection for off-roaders. As you prepare your Can-Am Defender for nighttime adventures, explore our cutting-edge Pod light mount, seamlessly compatible with our Cuero Pro and Cuero Race mirrors. This mount is meticulously engineered to support the formidable Squadron Pro or Squadron Sport lights, delivering unmatched brightness and resilience for your off-road journeys. Improve your night visibility and safety with this superior lighting solution, and understand why Baja Designs remains the top choice for enthusiasts demanding unparalleled performance. Upgrade your Can-Am Defender with our suggested Pod light mount and notice the transformative effect on your after-dark explorations.


Cuero Pro Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Pro UTV Side Mirror With Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Race Baja Designs Light Combo


Cuero Race UTV Side Mirror with Baja Designs Light Combo



See the reference chart below for more details about fitment of our accessories on your SxS.