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2019 SNORE Rage @ the River: We Finally Went Racing!

by Nick Olson
2019 SNORE Rage @ the River: We Finally Went Racing!

You’ve seen the race RZR, you might have caught the build videos, which started as a bare frame chassis, and it’s been running for almost a year. It’s about time we finally raced it! Rage at the River ended up being a great first race- 2 days of racing, only 50 miles each day, so it was easy for pit crews, no gas stops needed, and a fun course in Laughlin, Nevada.

We made some last minute improvements to the suspension, with heavier rate rear springs, and also increased clutch cooling with the Turbo S inner and outer clutch cover, as well as a custom intake scoop made by American Engineering. When the flag dropped on day one’s race Saturday, we ran into issues, basically with the RZR losing all Turbo power, resulting in us getting passed by non Turbo UTV’s. The track was fun, but we needed to have power to compete.

Thankfully, our friends Randy Romo & the Romo motorsports crew helped us out big time! After borrowing a new ECU, we also discovered that the turbo lines going into the plenum were backwards, so the RZR would overheat during a high load situation, which we had not replicated before. Luckily, after two trips to a nearby hill to test, we figured this out. Sunday’s race went great for the first two laps, we had great power, we were driving slow through the nasty “moon bumps” and “proving grounds” to prevent breaking the RZR, get a finish, and learn the pace, but on lap 3 we encountered lots of belt slippage, severly limiting our speed on the high speed sections. We also broke an out CV on lap 3, so we limped it around to get the finish.

Thanks to SNORE for putting on a great race, and I can’t thank our family and friends enough for helping us get to the start, our pit stops, and finish. One flat, one broken CV, belt slipping and power loss, we ended up 8th, but we learned a ton, got a finish, and know what improvements need to me made to get the car dialed and ready. Now I just need to learn how to drive the car much faster in the rough stuff, without breaking it!


I’m here okay, this right here so is this – sorry or – for though the wires on the brake but the wire where this is spread wire for the red lights go well it should be part of the factory awareness what’s happenin Nick and Andrew first race ever got to the finish line got four full laps rage at the river here in Laughlin you can see the color looks like we just kind of cut through our battle we had some battles we started off about eight or nine through the turbo class we’re in a big heat with a lot of race cars a lot of 560 hundred cars a lot of nine cars four loops 12 and a half miles we were going essentially the loop goes up a big hill and then down a hill but going up the hill we were going good and then car got pretty warm we didn’t go in the limo but we got around 225 230 degrees and every lap after that we were only going about 50 to 55 miles an hour up the hill where as top contenders in our class the rebels are going 74 so we got this thing this thing up like 74 going downhill so we checked we have an overboost code 11 27 so we may our turbo was probably in and out the whole race room because I got hot yeah cuz you got we have a fan override which we didn’t have on at the time as the card cover got hot going up the hill got up to about 2:30 2:30 to car never really said when in the limo but we can totally feel we’re down power when it when it came to it once it cooled down you know the cars are good turbo started firing again coming out of turn four really good suspension was working good through the proving grounds the moon bumps rough out there it’s gonna be either Rover tomorrow for the next heat it was like smooth as glass lap one and then my lap for was just shot holes that you didn’t even think we’re there yeah and holes inside of the ruts like you said it’s probably the easy day today especially after all the big boys run later on today but yeah so we’re trying to put our heads together so you can get this thing running good me to get rid of that code get some power my go test it tinker with it got all day and get ready for 82 Saturday afternoon here trying to get our car running right talk a little about the race today basically losing boost pressure we’re only be able to run not near as fast as the car can go tell people passin us in the race today we had some non turbo cars passing us so we’re only able to go about 50 miles an hour up the hill we’re trying to figure out what the issue is my friends the Romo’s have been incredibly helpful giving us a ton of knowledge David let’s borrow an ECU with a tune which we checked out we just went out nearby to go run up a hill same thing happened as what happened earlier today and the race where the car starts running really well you up to 8,000 rpms and it goes into a limp mode where only will go to 7,000 rpms and it only runs about you know 75% of what it’s capable of doing it’s not building fresh or we think we get back to work see if we can get something figured out you’re quick and we’ll see you guys for day 2 racing tomorrow and ready to do work go show those boys out done here have fun out there and good job beat your dad yesterday love it I love it so Sara here I’ve finished in front of her dad yesterday she says that was her only goal told Randy I had my pick for Sierra out there you to the checkered 2930 of Nicholas Olsen how we doing awesome things upon a great event thank you very much it’s all volunteer based so we appreciate the words I see you guys working hard no one as much appreciate it daddy for Danny today you know this is our first race ever so yesterday we had some issues so I think we can push the pace they got some bugs worked out we’re so day two of racing last night you guys saw us we’re out there trying to test to get the car figured out we’re still having issues miraculously we came back to camp and we got a solution thankfully the Roma family Randy Romo incredibly helpful we talked about some ideas realize that the host is going to the intercooler were flip-flopped so we just show coming in here to the manifold basically Brady had an idea hey that could be a problem with the way the water circulates so we switched up it was quick easy it was free we went back up the hill we test it in dark the car hangry we did two big pulls up the hill we separate race it so fast over to this morning got a decent start pulled our line yeah car was running good had great power we were dicing with people it was fun we dropped our lap time of 16 minutes to little minutes a lap which is a big big change right there yeah we had some power coming out of the corner it was so much more fun the course was significantly rougher but it’s like we’re longtime dermyer same thing with the course and probably have to go around servers bumps were didn’t think bumps getting I was really enjoying the fact that we had that torch get out of the corners and we were dying some people in our class they actually made it for our first pass on the south side it was really it was really fun yeah we got a good battle with a trophy like couple 516 cars guys are passing us and the rough stuff hammering their cars and we thought we’re trying to be conservative now we’re done we’ve got a broken right rear axle or hub or something a little bit of both issues punch punches shoes yeah and then on lap three we just had the belt started to glaze over or basically kind of wrap out and we were losing power we’re going up then we had to power but the Bell wasn’t putting it to the ground so dropping back down to 55 miles an hour up the hill instead of 65 70 but everywhere else it felt pretty good mm-hmm then we tried to get in we’re coming through loud 3 in the lap for that I feel like we chucked a belt because it you know it felt like it was slipping Andrew gets out of the car in the belt fine so we came back in throw it back on keep going we try to baby the car over us a lot for it to give it to finish yeah I definitely want to show up and get it finished that was our goal and I was really excited today I thought there’s more of a drivers course I thought I could pick some good lines made some good decisions we tried to be smooth on the car now that we’re seeing the front dip is linking to we beat on it yeah we definitely definitely drove it to this potential stiffen up the suspension compared to yesterday thank God but I’m really excited about how the car worked today and and I’ve got a lot to think about for improvements we’re cooling pretty good temperatures but the temperatures could be lower from people that race a lot but to us especially in warmer weather we need to get those tough stuff yeah it was really cool race wasn’t that long and our temperatures suck up to 210 – good team yeah especially Alma long uphill polls sandy washes where your attempts are always go a little bit longer so glad we upgraded to the new clutch cover with the new scoop no belt dish I mean the belt was blazing but I think he wise it was good we polish to switch out to a fresh belt this morning yeah after yesterday’s racing in those hard polls I’m trying to get it figured out lessons Laurie no flat today which is insane because we fled it yesterday some big rocks out there yeah big rocks big holes so learn the time so thankful for all family friends Roma Motorsports everybody just helped us a ton we would be we’d be probably lost right now yeah I don’t know trying to find that problem with the cooling ones yeah this was huge yeah I mean someone who’s got that level of knowledge who’s had that before so amazing happy to have gone through this race got to finish and yeah our laptop is really good I had a fun time guy so people learned a lot it go home get this thing figured out we’ll be back for more thanks for watching if you guys like the content please like and subscribe and got a lot more coming your way.


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