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Chupacabra Offroad’s 2019 Year in Review! Our Favorite Moments!

by Nick Olson
Chupacabra Offroad’s 2019 Year in Review! Our Favorite Moments!

2019, what a year! As a business and content creator, it’s always important to look back at the year, and see where we can improve with our products and content. This video gives you a better insight into our thought process behind the content we create, and the lessons we learned this year, and how we can create better content, more content, and of course, more products with higher quality, at better prices.

It’s great to get videos with a lot of views, but to be frank, we will never pander to views, or what the rest of the community is doing. We try to create content that we would have liked to see, and we hope we created some content you enjoyed, and want to see more of in 2020. Thanks to all of you, for watching, subscribing, following us on social, buying our products, we couldn’t do it without you! We are doubling down with more product releases, and content than ever in 2020!



what’s that min chupacabra off-road and looking back on 2019 it was an amazing year here’s some of my favorite moments so one of our first big ships of the year was Glamis for Presidents Day weekend we thought we’re gonna be fighting some bad weather and once we got there the weather wasn’t that bad but we ended up fighting my rains are breaking down so yeah the trip started off not going very well but after we rented a can and went out and got some dunia shots some cool footage and at the end of the trip we had a really fun weekend and we ended up creating an amazing video with Nathan McBride and then of being our biggest video to date which has really increase a lot of brand awareness for us it’s been really cool after that videos come out meeting people who have saying they’ve seen it all various places meeting some of you guys out in the desert later trips this year and I think that really more than doubled our subscriber count which we don’t have that many to begin with but everyone loves Graham has everyone appreciates a really good glamorous video we got a lot of great feedback that that was was a great piece of content and it’s really kind of shaped how we think about trying to create better content particularly out in Glamis as we move forward to 2020 so speaking of adding value we look back at the videos and the places we went in 2018 who into a lot of amazing destinations like Moab even Whistler in Canada but I know we wanted to add more locations that we hadn’t filmed that a lot of you guys in the southwest that can relate to so top of the list was going to ocotillo Wells because I live in Southern California for a while I know a lot of you guys in Southern California that’s your easiest and most popular spot to go get to it’s a really fun place to ride no matter what you’ve got side-by-side dirt bike ATV it’s all fun there there’s all different types of terrain when you put together some really fun loops and we knew we had to shoot some video out there so after Glamis I really wanted to go to Tierra del Sol I had been to that event several times I knew the raffle was really really good I was gonna bail on the trip though because I was having the Razr issues from the Glamis trip well my good buddy Jim hurkman he lives out got a desert house out there in Salton he said come out you can crash at my house I even have an extra razor and rs1 that I contrived I brought my dirtbike your finger we’ll do a little bit of moto we’ll do a little bit of off-roading and we’ll see I’ll check out the raffle shoot that for the video because I don’t think people realize how good of a raffle this is how big and cool of an event it is so I decided to go just brought the dirt bike and put 50 bucks in the raffle you know when we’re out here shooting these videos I think about what type of story can we tell you know so I started documenting buying the raffle tickets and not expecting to win anything but like okay you guys can win stuff I mean there’s over a hundred thousand dollars of really cool items if they give away so III documenting it and then low and behold I get picked on stage and amazingly I end up winning the range of Turbo S which is unbelievable it’s so hard to figure out it’s so hard to imagine that I want a $25,000 razor so Jim I owe you for life all the Riviera Desert Rats you guys I can’t thank you guys enough not only was it amazing to win something that valuable but also something that we’re gonna use to create more content which you’ve seen which that razor I wanted to see read up selling it and buying a four-seater which is now one of the two turbo twins that we were documenting the build process and talking about our upgrades and and things that are more relatable to you guys to provide more value for the channel we do have the razor race car but that’s really not near as relatable to many of you guys are not ever gonna race but you’re interested in products and accessories for razors X 3s that type of thing so couldn’t believe I we wanted an amazing experience definitely a highlight of the year an amazing trip that I was so close to not even going but thanks to my buddy offering the hospitality and then and entering the the raffle thanks to the guys at Ariel so we’ve got some stickers on the car that we’re gonna run pretty much forever because if it wasn’t for Jim hurkman if it wasn’t for Tierra del Sol none of that would have happened I can’t thank you guys enough and we’re gonna try to pay it forward with using that vehicle to create as much content as we possibly can so speaking of getting the razor race car running or not running we did finally get it running and decided to go take it on the Arizona peace trail I had some friends that invited me these guys were really cool group of guys they were really really organized and I made it really easy for me to jump on and go on a three-day ride which ended up being two really really long days but we did the northern part of the Arizona Peace Trail which was really really cool experience a definitely reminded me of multi-day trips I’m taking down in Baja but we’ve got it in our own backyard so love seeing all the different types of terrain that Arizona and the whole Southwest has to offer a lot of people have heard about be strong I heard about it a couple years ago and I’m excited to complete the lower part of the loop or the whole loop in general might get to do some more of that next year in 2020 but the race car ran great definitely wasn’t the right tool for the job did a lot of slow four-wheel-drive stuff but I had a great experience knocked out over 400 plus miles in a couple days and got to see some really beautiful sights and hang out other great group of guys and had an amazing experience so definitely a highlight for me highly recommend Arizona Peace trail check out their website we’re gonna put it in the description below a lot more information as well as what we posted them how our video if you want to check it out to help you plan your trip with your buddies and have an amazing experience so another highlight of the year was getting invited by Honda to go test drive the new town we were one of the first people to go get to drive it out in one of my favorite spots Sante hollow Utah so we had amazing conditions it was really wet the dirt was really good in Honda just put out an amazing amazing event for us I really helped validity us for a small Channel but we’re really excited when we got a message to participate first something to unveil and then later their their chance to go drive it so it was really cool I’ve been in the motocross motorcycle industry long before the off-road industry and had a lot of friends that I ran into it was cool to see them I think while Honda did it was really smart and they maximize the leverage of the name Honda to all Motorhead’s so I met some guys are really passionate car bloggers some guys that are dirt bikers and pretty much everybody who would be 10 potentially interested in a side-by-side they invited out to let them ride the machine so it was really a special experience I helped really help grow our brand and validity that you know we got invited to such a cool event so we’re really looking forward to attending more events for more OEMs in the future and also borrowing using other vehicles so we can provide more value for you we kind of only have razors right now but we know that a lot of you guys are never going to consider Polaris or want to look at the options how they compare and that’s what we’re gonna try to provide so you’re gonna see a lot more of that in 2020 and thanks to Honda for including us in the town reveal so racing we went to the UTV world champs and we put together in my opinion is probably my favorite video that we’ve done so far I know a lot of you guys don’t ever race you might not ever race and we thought the video turned out really really good I didn’t get as big of Glamis that just kind of goes to show you where the markets add an overall interest but we thought that we wanted to show the whole process of racing a little bit of behind the scenes of some of our racers that we sponsor the level of energy effort and passion it takes and and what it means for some of those drivers to win that race or or to compete on that big stage it’s been a really cool event it’s definitely looked at as one of the biggest events of the year and we had a good time we we filmed the time we worked our tail off but I love spending a day filming and shooting around trying to get as many action shots as we could to really put together a great story and I love that that video turned out so moving and later into the year camp raiser 2019 was a special event because that’s when we finally got our two turbo twins cars dial myself and Andrew the car had one back in Tierra del Sol like I said we got a four seater got some miles on it got it all upgraded documented that whole process check the videos out there’s some really good content if you guys are putting together a new side-by-side particularly a Razer stuff that we use stuff we recommend stuff that we like and getting to camp Razer we were scrambling to get our vehicles done so just being there both of the vehicles ran great that weekend created an awesome video out I had a great time riding we were there for almost four days so we had time to really just kind of ride and joy as well as have plenty of time to shoot video and put together what we thought was another amazing Glamis video so I’m really baffled by how big camp raisers got I think a lot of my friends go Glamis all around say it’s become the biggest event of a or even bigger than any other weekend even Thanksgiving in New Year’s which is was really surprising I think on one hand it kind of makes sense because none of us can really go out there all summer so the anticipation builds we’re excited to be out there but it’s it’s really blow me away I’ve been to every camp raisers since 2013 so I’ve been to about what seven in a row now and to see that grow in terms of just an overall hype event role I do want to go out it’s a really cool thing to watch so we had pretty good weather as fun just being out there putting a lot of doing you know I hadn’t got to do that much last season so it’s good just to get back and have fun trip with all the friends finally last highlight of the year our first race we got the starting line I mean almost a year after building our race car and we got to the finish line so we learned a lot again we had a great time and learned so much from our family and friends our friends roma motorsports helped us every step of the way we probably worked on that car more in the two days at the race than we did the month leading up to it we thought we’re ready we learned that we needed to put a lot more energy in to get better to get the car sorted out as well as me eventually learning how to drive that thing faster but it was literally a dream come true honestly since I was pretty young I’d always wanted to have an off-road race vehicle and a lot of that passion really kind of sparked my my desire to own my own business and potentially to have the ability to go racing so definitely a huge check off my bucket list now it’s gonna be how we could get competitive how we push harder check out all different types of races Mexico that type of thing so the first piece of the puzzle but an amazing feeling of accomplishment and honestly none of that would be possible if it wasn’t for you guys so thanks to all the support that we’ve had from everybody everybody who watches our videos like subscribes comments everybody that follows us on social everybody that purchases our products honestly none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you so I can’t thank you guys enough for all the success that we’ve had as brand the ability to go out and shoot this content to try and deliver value and we’re so excited about I mean the brands grown pretty quick and I feel like we haven’t even got out of the first inning we have a much better idea of what we can do to grow our product line to offer better products with a better value as well as great more content and we’re super excited so thanks again I hope you guys all had a great year hope everyone has a great holiday season and excited to get out there in 2020 and make it our best year yet.


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