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AZ Off-Road Expo – Talking with the Industry

by Nick Olson
AZ Off-Road Expo – Talking with the Industry

Chupacabra Offroad takes on Arizona’s Off-Road Expo hosted at the WestWorld of Scottsdale. It’s a much smaller scale Sand Show, however it offers a huge collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment, gear, and industry experts.

We had the chance to talk with Bill Nash of Nash Powersports and Jake of AZWirePro about current trends and shifts in the offroad industry and the advancements in SxS wiring.

Special thank you to the Norra 1000 booth for lettings us put our race car on display!


What’s happening Nicholson Chupacabra off-road and tonight Friday night we’re here at the international office you guys follow challenge song we’re at Sancho in California this is kind of like a little smaller version of that here for us in Arizona it’s about 23 25 thousand people draw with the promoter stay for this weekend so cool little event some good deals you just kind of roam around seeing if you see anything cool and unique you’ve seen a lot of these vehicles you know online or other trade shows got our car here at the noir 1000 and that’s exciting because a temporal long-term gold racing here for the next two months hit the starting line of this event a dream come true for me to take our race car and don’t compete in the Dora 1000 so we’ve heard that this event is one of the most fun Mexican race experiences you could have a little bit more chilled on the Baja 1000 great experience of friends and family so reach out these guys are nice that’s of us have our card but talk with some friends industry connection people we know bill Nash Nash power sports just kind of keeping our feet on the ground here see if there’s anything new what’s going on sales trend wise any new products or accessories and just you know hanging up I love the vibe give me a big weekend here I think tomorrow and Sunday are gonna be a lot busier we’ll be back checking out more we’re gonna walk around check things out and we’ll check back in on Sunday [Music] Balak bill matched odor of mash Powersports three dealership here in Phoenix so we’re talking side-by-side market as you roll in December almost 2020 match what you see in the marketplace new cans are they really taken over more market share I mean I really feel that kam has been an incredible job 20 20 cars suspension better the clutches much quieter our steering’s better the card in general is more refined than it’s ever been every time we post about the XR see the orange model and people just seem to love it are those hard to guess somebody wants to violin they’re starting to trickle in a little bit more but you know I parked one in my garage immediately I think it’s the sexiest looking car that’s out there yeah they definitely killed on that vehicle we’re standing in front of the Kawasaki mash you have a demo vehicle you’re like the only person I know is that she had some real miles more than just the demo was her first impression this car is incredible suspension wise one of the best out of the box I’ve ever seen guys at Fox I was told they spent over a month with the car dialing in suspension from Kawasaki everything is super beefy on it everything’s double sheared I love the size of the chassis it’s big it rolls through everything super smooth the area is great car and things starts under 21 grand if I went to Moab with Nash couple years ago it was really cool game to go with some guys have been there a bunch of times you love to rock hall I mean how did anything you had to choose from you think is this your favorite rock crawler machine well we’re gonna find out I already did a little bit of rock crawl in California with it when we did the demos at the dealer show and I am absolutely playing to Moab this year it’s got a low-power mode in it which is specifically for rock crawling did block can be shifted in and out with dip lock on the fly which is at first quite a little bit bigger tires probably kill 9:30 Tuesday 7 3 some 33 inch rock those on it critical final question Honda Talon four-seater you know we heard they kind of announced it they’re alloted no ships with customers perception of those right now the talon particularly live long live valve models been coming in in and going out as fast as we give people that are buying them seem to be a little bit older don’t care about the horsepower love the shaft drive and they want something that rides smooth that’s interesting you know like I got a live album Alerus myself and Andrew were big fans of that technology excited about the shock therapy upgrade for the km guys – I mean I’m curious if that’s a big play and our customers asking for like an arm model four seater or is X good enough for that we are seeing the dinner crowd ask for our ball they’re also asking for a lot other stuff so yeah I think we’re going to see that car evolve just like the Kawasaki you’re going to see the lower horsepower cars get more and more as the aftermarket guys jump on there cool thanks to time all right I’m here with Jake from a-z wire pros I’ve been a customer of theirs with the racecar getting it ready for our first race they’re coming up soon and we got a couple their car and another car that they put together on display and a ton of knowledge through their company expertise with wiring accessories and you guys aren’t going to believe what’s inside of this razor so Jake can you tell us a bit about your car and then show us some of the features on the razor that you guys have programmed into it and and what where the customer can achieve if they want like more data more information about accessories absolutely so this is the EZ where protostar shop car we put this car together it’s got kind of unique electrical system it’s got a race pack smart wiring system that runs all of our lighting and accessories throughout the Caravelle fans somebody filters all our coolers basically and what’s unique about this car is it actually integrates with the cars of factory electrical system so we share data between the ECU and the smart wire system it’s great about that has allowed us to turn on different features such as our SMD particle separator rather than having these things its control just by the by putting the car into gear so once the car sees low or high gear R&D filters put that back in the third it turns off that fat filter we’ve also used that for a couple different options like our reverse any switches to do so and basically there’s a lot of Pro parameters you guys can program it that you chose and the smart wire system allows all this to be absolutely it also allows us to capture data things that are happening with the vehicle we build custom electrical systems for these UTV’s and this is what we use to actually test a lot of our systems you notice on the on the dash here we have to race back dashes one of them displays all the information on the cars ECU and the other is actually displaying information that’s coming directly from our smart wire it’s showing us you know how much current draw each one of these systems has and how much power it’s actually using if there’s any faults so when we put together our systems we try the system monitoring information and then logging that data to make sure that we’re building the right the right pieces the right way so this has this stock okay yes this is a factory charging system 2018 so what we’ve also done in the smart wear allows us to to keep within our budget so over drawing and over taxing the electrical system is a big problem with the razor’s with this system and it keeps us from contacting action mode you can actually automatically shut down systems at that current draw becomes too excessive and we got too many accessories on everything on this car is actually matched to to make sure that we don’t exceed the capabilities of the factory system all the lighting and all those things are matched and with that factory electric so Jake’s educated me a lot there’s some of the life they like to run HIVs you guys love the output of light or how much they draw my racecar we had an issue with a big radiant or adapt light bar from Ridgid just drawing I think almost 28 amp so I know with race cars now what I’m doing we have to be very careful I mean do we run an SMB you know we make sure that we have a reliable set up what accessories are we using all the time so that electrical is the last of our worries when we hit the start line and we can get the finish reliable absolutely all right so this is the car that we built for gladiator tires a few years back and this is actually one of the first you tvs that we did the smart wire system what you’ll notice it’s different about this car – ours is the switching we used military which is an arse on this one we actually have a it’s a turn off you notice that there’s a little lights above each one of those items that gives you the status and then status in an oven dish from each one of those devices it’s the same basic system it has that that communication protocol between the electrical system and the car’s ECU car we built a little bit differently beautiful cars is built sir you know 2017 this one they actually incorporated a stereo system in it as well we got the system we’re trying to get away from the bolting speakers to the roll cage so most all the system is actually hidden up under the dash yeah like the screens on the back of the headrest here for the rear passengers serve a couple different purposes we have a on board race logic video system so that will actually capture a telemetry data so it’s reports on two separate cameras that we have in the front of the car and then also relays RPM speed and the first information on that video you can actually access that camera system through these iPads also we have a display that works with the race pack dashboard that you can access all the data on these screens as well I want to show one that’s on the car here just to get more angles like you said capturing data gonna be amazing it’s definitely a lot of things I think about that Jake show me that would be amazing upgrades for my race car as we talk about capturing data learning where the vehicle is getting hotter belt temps that type of thing we were doing a testing loop or during a race I mean it’s just amazing how much technology and both of these vehicles and what’s to come and and what you guys are dealing with all the high-end stuff that you do so thanks for your time if you guys are in Arizona if you have some questions any takeaways for somebody who’s a new razor can-am side-by-side customer I know cams have a less of a charging system than Polaris I mean most stuff you’re seeing when guys want your basic set of accessories some lights a radio maybe a pump or Cindy that we already talked in a minimum an extra battery system you know I think that the biggest tank way of relevant information is to pay attention to what the what’s your light bars and your accessories require would be happy to give us a call we can tell you a lot of that information but many of these light bars and different accessories are actually made for trucks and off-road vehicles and they have a much more robust charging system so adapting those I of those items to the raisers of some sense can be problematic so just pay attention there which occur all is to make sure that you’re within within the realm of your detergent sensation absolutely thank you.


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