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by Nick Olson

Things are getting serious around here. Chupacabra Offroad decided it would be a good idea to have a race RZR built, and document the process. Follow along as Brent Mann from American Engineering takes the bare chassis and turns it into a race car. In part 1 we are picking up the chassis, talking layout and starting the assembly. The plan is to have this from a bare chassis to a running RZR by Camp RZR, less than 30 days time!


Another Chupacabra lighting what's happening YouTube coming today from Southern California got up a little early quarter to three to drive down to Southern California to pick up my latest razor so had a chassis built by fad Mayhew a fab works fab shop is pretty well-known in the side-by-side industry in Southern California so basically it's always been my dream since I was a small kid out at the mint 400 and going to certain races and Mickey Thompson's all type of thing to Therese off-road and to have a four-wheel off-road race vehicle so I'm pretty excited extremely excited just can't wait to see the chassis I can't wait to get a home kind of buddies gonna help me put together and build it because I don't know all the ins and outs of doing that so excited to learn that whole process learn about all the different systems we're independently of how a car comes together from the electrical system powertrain etc so I'm going to be doing a step by step vlog on how the race car comes together how much it cost to build it any roadblocks any issues we encounter during the way so if you ever kind of had the age to go racing or thought about it how much work goes into it how much time effort and money a lot to it you know so the next video is gonna have a detailed list of all the parts that I'm using parts that I have been collecting for this build got pretty much everything ready to go I'd say 90% other than some of the fab items that were going to need a couple smaller items so one thing that's going to be missing from the chassis that normally would be included in the build was the radiator it was damaged so they had to get a new radiator and it might not show up today so I have to get that shipped out so I can get going on building the car alright well here she is got her all loaded up time to get back to Arizona and get to work we got a couple more brackets we're gonna have to put a couple little things and sad to get this thing running so we can get her up and going put together assembled wrap paint arrived before camp raisers so let's go on the highway let's make it happen kind of chassis back in Arizona and time to get to work somebody break dance companies American engineer he's been fabricating off-road and off-road racing for a huge part of his life and he's going to be not me essentially the most all work in this thing from the rolling chassis which you guys saw that works to a rolling cart so we've got a big got a heavy gold Chinese see money bike and razor first off I'll talk to Brent little baby and give you guys a little time into his background and where he comes from Brent how did you fall in love with this off-road world today basically as a young kid growing up in Southern California got hurt on a dirt bike I had to find something else to do and I was fortunate enough to I was like 12 years old Tony to go on about homes off the road management group backdating team called church engineering and I started off sweeping the floors and learning the ropes within four years and then after that movie Arizona then and then I was fortunate enough to go help early Duke in the Baja 1000 and fix his Jeep in the middle of the Tommy lot and since then I worked for him for about 12 years but I want to racely some championships with ladoos and all the boys I rode in the class eight who taught to do four years and then we won a lot of races and championships and then I moved on from Mac to Red Bull motorsports at bar Fortson that is crew chief for Ricky Johnson and Robin Katherine and the protein program and a lot of races a lot of stuff and then that have been doing my own shop for a little bit so working with a lot of different drove a truck and class one people and laughing and preparing racial vehicles very cool but we were both mutual friends who talked and you mentioned that's how many we should met each other and now we're going to 15 minutes apart years later Stone call the rents in here cutter chassis want to get this thing rolling and this pretty person I thought on the cell excitedly getting going starting off with the chassis and built my fab works this is that may use bad words Lia's chassis these built for the raised platform compared to some of the chassis C's done previously it's just got a little bit lower center of gravity he's claiming about five inches he ended up mounting the front of it a little bit lower as well because the driver sits lower a little bit easier to see over and just everything with a little bit of lower center of gravity so Brandon got the chassis I had an idea what was going to be but as it turns out we had a little bit more fabrication every initiative thought was going to be needed to get it going first starting off you can see that we have the radiator mounted which initially the car was supposed to be delivered with the radiator mounting but and I once had an issue with an image one it's a nice newer version thank you very much dad but Brenda needs and asked over that just get that normal self all right so here's the back of the car here is the radiator all mounted in as you can see right now to kind of start off from nothing and get it all set up coarse-grain you want this thing up to where it's getting some airflow any other issues or all right so Brent so picked up the chassis with the fuel safe fuel cell and the way and then a being mounted we're pretty tight in terms of it being very close to the seat I'm six-three the vehicle set up for a taller driver and co-writer like myself pretty happy how all this came together anything else you'd add about this section of the car really I like it because it's down low people low center of gravity in centre of the beautiful - so you're not putting extra weight off the back or towards the front more so it's I think it's gonna be balanced real low it is tight but I like it cuz it's in there out of the way it's very clean so it's good you can see with the seats but once you get in here it's a lot of room very comfortable great great vision great view everything to put a dead pedal in here for the break and rest and the one cool thing about this car unlike a lot of the current racers is that this car has a racing master cylinder and not the stock razor so it will be more efficient in the braking we're outlining you had to do some aluminum word for notching for the drive shaft clearance and we're starting to lay out our - that's the next thing this week is lay out all this and then we'll start running our wiring loom and getting that in we're going about the Parker pumper we're not mounts for the lead nav and of course all the best that does are tracking and all that so yeah so I had a couple ideas I wanted to lead up to free rein you know much better than me been a lot more race cars than myself the only things I was looking for basically take what we what I had for the vehicle ready to go such as we're using a race pack - what's gonna replace the stock cluster you wanted to do a nicer start/stop as well as a key on the back side and then for a GPS we're going to use an iPad set up on a ram mount for the lead nav app which I was able to use in the Vegas Reno race and really liked it and thought that that was the future and something that people in the communities big very highly of so any other thoughts on the layout of the - of course we've got a radio we've got to get in there and then our switches any other ideas or preference says that you've noticed the one thing that I like because I you know I've been a co-writer and driven a lot of my life is in the center we're gonna mount the the communication box so the driver and and co-writer could adjust their volumes or whatnot the radio I like to put on the co-driver side I don't like the driver being able to access the radio that his job is the drive and the co-writer needs to handle that so that's one thing we're going to do put a few switches over here for the driver but mostly all the lights and all that switches will be over here on the passenger side so that's his job I like the driver just be able to drive maybe in the future we'll put a smaller GPS here for the driver but it's gonna be very clean and so moving to the front of the car you can see the lights brent has installed we've got two of the Xcel rigid driving lights and then we've got the Razer 1000 lighting kit which fits all stock raisers as well what do you think do you think I'm gonna have enough light or do you think it's going to result in a bigger power draw they have all their lights on the grill that they take out it's you get more efficiency with your life down here but yes if we had a bigger light Waterman we're going to have a light bar on the back that combines all of our safety amber blue brake light tail light and a work light we the more we're going to start putting on here we're going to have to start thinking about all right so moving to the back of the chassis Brant you can see if you already got the motor and transmission mocked up and call the big components installed what else do you thinking about in the rear obviously we've got a full size fair we need to make room for an extra rear axle so what are you thinking about looks like you already working on a tab or a mounting bracket yeah right now I got some taps mocked up and tacked up through the jack to a jack and so what I'm doing is mounting that here and the front here I want to mount us a complete spare axle and I've actually went to the laser jeder to cut out some mounts for it so in this area right here will have a complete rear axle ready to go and the jack here I have a mounting up so what am I thinking for racing is the you know the driver stays in my experience as I get out I do it so that way the co-writer can get the jack get get the tire here he has the impact gun and do all that so we lay that out and under the spare tire I'm thinking of creating some details in here with aluminum all the spare parts bags and tool bags back here so they're not a driver compartment I'll probably have a little holder in here or some spare oil and that's kind of where we're going out right now we got the motor and trans mocked up in here and we're starting to think about our water lines and our oil lines up into the radiator and our exhaust our exhaust is going to come out here probably gonna have the Magnaflow muffler out here with a tip and should sound real nice performance all right so that's part one tune into part two we're going to be getting closer to getting this thing finished Brent's gonna break down more the electrical system the cooling system and just keep you updated on all of our progress our struggles our ups and downs Brent  Thanks for your help yeah and if you guys like this tune in for part two another Chupacabra sightings I've never run across it we got it do you believe in that you ever.



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