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by Nick Olson

Things are getting serious around here. Chupacabra Offroad decided it would be a good idea to have a race RZR built, and document the process.

Follow along as Brent Mann from American Engineering takes the bare chassis and turns it into a race car.

Unfortunately, our plan to get the RZr running by Camp RZR is not going to happen, and we explain some of the challenges that cost us a week plus.

Ultimately, having it done right is most important, so we will still have her running very soon.


Another Chupacabra riding what's happening you too welcome back to part two of the race Ranger bill Chupacabra off-road so you think you want to go racing which the question is really for myself out of that big goal of one to have a car built that can go racing a lot more than just a stop raising a few exceptions on finding a talent um but here's all we got going on in part one catch up to par to Brent Brent so working hard on it and let's talk about some progress you've made since we last left off but part one yeah so obviously the first choice here is as you can see the front front ends all together the suspension shocks brakes and all that and a lot of stuff underneath with we're anticipating the wiring harness going in this week we have the dash in we're coorporate anew race pack UTV program and we're also trying to incorporate some of the stock switches and that in here we're going to use our stock wiring harness and then tap into that for our accessories ran out we have our fresh air system we have fuel pumps and we're making a mount for the ECU and all that stuff back here so it's removable and keeps everything safe out of harm we've got radio in and comm system spare Jack and axle mounted we have shocks going in the rear the rear suspension and just waking up putting the axles in it's there's a lot of little things in here that people don't see it's not like a stock razor where you can just bolt on you know your radio and all that we got to make ground lugs and mounts for the regulator and you got to keep everything so nothing rubs and you know we're making mouths to hold a wiring harness and stuff like that in so a lot of stuff has gone on in the last week and a half but progress but we've had some challenges to that unfortunately slowed brent down things that we didn't anticipate little things for instance I thought was you need to stock steering rack with the Lonestar long travel kit the long travel kit comes with extensions for the tie rods well then I'm switching to a beefier super ATT Eastern it comes with beefier tie rods but they're set up for the stock which not from a long travels so that's one challenge Brent's working on brand new heavy-duty race quality chromoly tie rods and then a few other issues just kind of from the germinating from the chassis when you say that I've kind of slowed you down yeah yeah well the tie rods were where does incorporate race technology and then making it longer stronger beefier one of the things they had with the carrier bearing we put the sand raft unit in or the seats mount we couldn't get the bolts in also the angle of the dry shop was possibly couldn't hit the fuel cell in that so we had to change things around so we get that squared away we also had to notch and just readjust the way that the seats and some of the deals were mounted in there so we could get the carrier bearing in and out and you know it was all balanced and everything good in there so no drivetrain vibrations just stuff like that the tie rods of course the brakes can't use stock brakes because we went to a race master cylinder for one thing which has banjo fittings and this has rigger stock compression fitting so we have to make different lines that are longer just different things that we had to do because this is a race car it's not a play car so yeah we were just having a discussion before we started rolling about how it's a weird play time with a race Ville UTV's a lot of these parts you can go buy online local dealer saying the upgrades you making a regular razor long travel kit lights radios seats even the jack axle mount these type of things but when it all comes together ultimately it is erased are there are some other bigger issues that get bought up and kind of anticipated that happening for that reason unfortunately we're probably not going to make our deadline I'm getting this car running by camp raiser as we stand it's a Monday morning camp raisers just in a few and you know ultimately we want this thing done right Brett needs enough time to make sure it can be done right to the level expectation he has and we want this thing to be dialed you know more than just getting it ready to run for one weekend so we wanted we had a tight timeline these issues came up kind of really set us back but you know it's not a big deal or even going out all over a lot more than just cameras or weekend weather would be glamorous or the desert it gets us to get this thing tested and running so one other quick issue you have rent was the skid plane I purchased the hmw beefier om Polaris skid plate and the the bottom is chassis from the same shape of the stop Jackson yeah so basically just the center is in the in the cab portion of this is stock so on the outskirts it is all the tabs are removed and also this is flat where a stock racer it kind of tapers up so I wanted to incorporate the stock skid plate because of the del ramen and it was slide over the rocks and and that easier than the aluminum so we had to I worked it and machined it and formed it so that we can use the stock skid plate in there and I think it turned out real nice we have you know make tabs and weld taps in and drill new holes and all that I mean no big deal but just another thing we had to you know incorporate in the time factor so the dash is coming together really good brand we got the race pack installed you've got the radio installed our switches switchboard are you happy with how the the cockpit is turning out yeah I'm real happy with this - is turning out it's very clean very user-friendly you'll have your leave nav ram now we have USB ports and your cigarette lighter type ports we're corporative the stop key for safety - not only do we have our erase cutoff switch for dual batteries but you have the key in here so if you want to you know take it out somewhere and walk inside get something to drink whatever it's just like driving your stock razor you have the key for your security purposes as well unlike when you mounted the air intake we use in the run your radios every three fresh air system and you've got it down low I mean parts need to keep the hoses clean partially a clean air and keep it as low as possible with that kind of that idea why you chose on vacation yeah both of those it's like well I didn't want hoses running from the back and they get hot by the radiator in the engine I also wanted hoses that go clean to the helmet but I also wanted it down so that we don't have any dust in clogging up to filter through a long race you want to talk about some of the features of the race pack and the sensors that we added yeah we not only doesn't do all the stock  functions on the stock display your forward reverse training locations and all that but it off we also have loose pressure or oil pressure we also have included in there is about 10 pressure or excuse me temperature and it's this is an excellent unit because it's all-in-one so you don't have to have the external gauge for the some units have an external gauge for the belt temperature where this is all one unit so the co-writer and the driver can both see it they can page through it and see all the features as it relates to electrical systems right we forgot to bring up one other little challenge and you guys are watching the video you'll notice that front headlight kit that Brett had initially installed a little rigid headlight replacement kit is now gone well unfortunately we didn't realize that with additional chassis bracing the front shocks have to be switched around to where the reservoirs of the shocks are forward instead of river basically the lights didn't fit with the new shock arrangement yeah I mean that tube that goes in actually pivotal structure point that goes up to the ties in the main case of this keeps the structure low but unfortunately with that this reservoir are turned that way on stock location hits so the only ways is to switch them and with the rigid kidded it's it goes in too deep and the reservoir would hit so it's why a lot of people do it we just had to change it up we can't incorporate something maybe in the future for here but right now we have to remove it I was a little bit bummed I like the look of that I don't really care for it like most race cars when it's empty but now I understand why that is now understand we've got the two lights in the front there about 9,500 loads each won't add some more lighting so we're looking at an upper light bar should have that figured out this week and have an update on the next progress video finally bring we talk about electrical system we refer to my notes here really fast we're talking about the total accessories in the draw on the electrical system the stock stator in the turbo of 660 watts little information I pulled off of the website for some of these products that are going on the vehicle first off the two front lights here are about 44 watts it's unit 89 watts each and then you just talk about the fresh air system which is pulling three point four amps and then also the radio system so can you talk about the total average or the wasps use how close we get into max at maxing out with this vehicle it's it can take before we start talking about an alternator kit or the bigger maybe Razer dynamics data which is 800 watts well that's one thing that with this race pack system is we can go in with the computer and allocate certain sections of power to accessories and it will determine the amount of amperage that we have so you know if you put all your lights on Wanda will be all over too many amps it will you know blow a fuse or draw the system down so with this system it will divert the hampers that it needs to be and we can associate stuff on educated circuit we went with a bigger battery in this case so that we wouldn't have that problem but we're probably going to in the future as we add more things more lights belt blowers making more fans maybe another cooler I would like to add fans for cooling the shock reservoirs up front brake ducting maybe as we advance this they're going to have to go with an alternator kit to provide more average more volts to charge the battery so we'll be adding more to this part of course nevertheless we'll keep you guys posted with updates as we learn and that's one of things we kind of anticipated for sure before we even started this build was that the stock theater wasn't going to cut it ugb NECA has the external fat kid it's nice but we both don't like the fact that it hangs off the side of the car you have to carry an extra belt for it so thinking about ideas will get a running see how everything works together see where our drawers and like remember staying with the race packets up it's giving us a lot of information and the ability to kind of customize what we're using the draw for so that were cognizant of how much juice we're taking and then how much more we can go and when we have to upgrade thank you guys for watching if you guys like what you seen please like and subscribe we'll see you next time here for a race update part three and Chupacabra sightings never oxygen-oxygen do you believe in the chupacabra.


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