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by Nick Olson

We take a break from your regularly scheduled SxS programming, to talk motocross for the weekend! Long before these side by side's existed, we rode dirt bikes.

Chupacabra Offroad headed to Buchanan, Michigan, to Reeeeeeeeed Buuuuuuuud Track and Trail for the most important motocross race of the year, maybe the decade, to see the United States battle the world on America's favorite MX track.


Another Chupacabra hiding sweetie, I lost their 10 we're all coming from different places California Northern California Arizona obviously we know this YouTube channel for side-by-sides but we're talking photo we all know each other providing later it's all about moto this weekend if you're a moto fan you're either here or you wish you were here so we do the full experience right we get an RV we all fly into Chicago we come in we can't we're in LA to be so Sunday morning we just watched a beat final level in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico mated yep so yesterday was qualifying quick rundown it was a horrible luck team in their horse mode unfortunately bike failures ride the new nineteen he tried to do 19 and the bike quit on I had to test a new Cowie he was about the top five ish if I quit second moto we got blessing her he was winning the Moto he had a great run going what happened crashes goes back to 11th place back to 11 so now we're struggling a DNF and 11 to get the day started came to the open classic Barcia representing we know Marsha Haygood held second place pulled them off one so we drove our low slow over ninth place so it was kicked over my god basically that was just for gate kick position Frances strong gonna be very challenging even though their home track a lot of our riders say instead of favorite track more rain I stand right over here but they're Europeans round track is soft dirt slamming my bikes cattle work here comes me and honestly the euros are our passion they've ever been Jeffrey Herlings on another left up the Moto's three Moto's combined score we going to drop one of our six motors stay tuned supercobra we're covering the main event post final races we're back am i drinking to celebrate or drinking to drown our sorrows II other will be in the mud funnel red button throw your beer Brian Deegan sold your beer alright so this video bus getting towed
out by the tractor is how our weekend and like a lot of people it's pretty deep but um packable days to digest the results listen to the Racer X podcast watch some of the team videos and there's no excuse we got spanked the Europeans are amazingly strong definitely faster than they've ever been hurling supposed to something on his Instagram the other day about him being the fastest rider in the world right now it's pretty hard to dispute I think you know Supercross is kind of a different discussion that's not a race that's what are us guys spend most of their time doing too so you know yeah you could have argued the track was muddy but it was our track everyone rates the same but also you know Iggy made a post about how you know a lot of our tracks are just kind of smooth and they're just up to appease event riders I mean he was
talking about the Pala track which I used to ride all the time and he's not wrong you know a lot of the Vette riders are what pays to keep motocross tracks open and you know they really have a funner experience but I think long-term that leads to  a lot of us being conditioned to not really ride and harsh gnarly conditions like the uros ride so let me know what you think I hope you guys like the video if you do please like and subscribe and let's get in the comments let's talk let's talk about American motocross let's talk about what we need to do to get back on top and compete with Herlings you know all these guys Pauline couple takeaways from the event to Prato and Lauren's are the future of fast exciting to see how fast those guys are gonna be especially with now that Lawrence is coming over to the US for a Geico Honda so man they're not slowing down the Aussies the Europeans everyone's on the gas and you know props to the American riders for making it happen I mean we appreciate you guys doing the best you could do it just was what it was let's take this lump let's rebuild and let's get back to being on top Chupacabra sightings of their own oxygen do you believe in the chupacabra.


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