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Seizmik Pursuit Side Mirrors vs Chupacabra Offroad Cuero Mirrors Comparison

by Nick Olson
Seizmik Pursuit Side Mirrors vs Chupacabra Offroad Cuero Mirrors Comparison

Seizmik Pursuit Side Mirrors vs Chupacabra Offroad Cuero Mirrors Comparison. Our side mirrors have been selling well, and getting lots of praise from our customers. But how do they stack up against the competition? We went over the differences and similarities of the Seizmik Pursuit mirrors, which are also a nice option and similarly priced. Each mirror has its own look, design, pros and cons. We spent time driving with both models to compare. Here’s our honest feedback.


Hi it’s Nick from chupacabra off-road and today we’re going to be comparing our Cuero side mirrors against the seismic pursuit we’re gonna be doing some off-roading with both models and go through the pros and cons and see how they stack up so starting off with the query all mirrors these feature a lifetime warranty no matter what happens we’ve got you covered will send out spare parts if needed even if you crash pricing on the coil is between 115 and 120 dollars with the x3 version being a little pricier because it comes with two mounting bracket options the query allows our machine from six-oh six-one t6 aluminum and are available in four colors black titanium blue and red and we also offer some accent rings available for an additional eight dollars the coils have a reduction in vibration due to them being rubber isolated from the mirror and the clamp itself moving on to the seismic pursuits they also offer a lifetime warranty pricing ranges from 142 dollars on Amazon to 150 9.99 on their website the size ranks are available in black but if you do want to add some color you can purchase red yellow green or blue accent kits for $7.99 like the Queiroz they also are isolated with rubber to reduce vibration so let’s get into some of the pros of the Chupacabra Queiroz lifetime warranty four distinct color options the extraversion comes with two specific mounts that are designed specifically for the can-am roll cage we’ve got 124 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of four point eight the mirror has reduced vibration due to its rubber isolation from the mirror and clamp itself and the clamp design is low-profile so it works under most windshield cons of the Quayle are that we do not have any pro fit options for those Polaris general and can-am defender models we also do not offer 2.0 inch mounting bracket options for the Pro xB and the Honda talent at this time and we do not have an adjustable inner mirror which some customers say they like on the seismic so some pros with a seismic pursuit the lifetime warranty is a big one the reduction in vibration with the rubber isolation is definitely a nice touch and as essential for a side mirror their low-profile clamps do work under most windshields and they’ve got some various mounting options for pro fit cabs and other models such as the Polaris general some of the cons of the seismic pursuit are they’re about twenty five dollars more expensive than the Quirrell a cast aluminum housing versus our machine six-oh six-one t6 aluminum housing and they do not have a 1.8 7-5 or direct mount specific model for you can mx3 owners so I’m biased but coming from the two real world I love the look of anodized machine parts so I prefer the look of our Queiroz even though the seismic is a nice sturdy construction with an all black cast aluminum housing one interesting difference with the seismic pursuit as they feature three settings driver’s side passenger side and fully enclosed if you were to hit some brush or a tree whereas the quails are infinitely adjustable you go ahead and set those up and then tighten based on your preference so you’ve been driving with the Queiroz for over a year and a half but let’s take these pursuits throw them on the vehicle go take them for a spin and see what we think so here’s what they look like all mounted up as you can see the height the both of the mirrors is really close the seismics definitely stick out a couple of inches further out which is a nice feature definitely a little bit bigger and you got to put some rubber spacers in here to get a nice secure fit both of them have a low pro clamp design so they fit underneath my windshield which is made by Madigan Motorsports so these are three settings of the size make the driver position passenger and then all the way flush if you hit some brush here’s the quail adjust your attention in angle so the mirror isn’t moving I was driving fast over big bumps but when you move around a little bit for the teeth design mechanism you notice there’s a little bit of play so like I said didn’t affect me when I was driving just something to think about so spend some time driving with the seismic pursuit mirrors and overall I think it’s also a really good mirror liked how they didn’t really move around we hit some fast terrain some big bumps went up some steep hills down some steep hills tested in a couple of different situations feels like the mirror has a little bit more convex than our Chupacabra Cuero which I like it didn’t feel too distorted it just looked good the spring-loaded system worked while I did anything hard enough to move it out here in the desert but I think it’d probably work well if you’re hitting some heavier brush at the end of the day I think both of these mirrors are really high-quality I think they’re pretty high value as well you’re getting a lot of mirror at a reasonable price point they’re not too expensive but they’re nice enough where they’re gonna work well look good and last on your side by side for a lot of years if you’d like to learn more about our Chupacabra Cuero mirrors visit us online chupacabraoffroad.com or check us out on Facebook Instagram or YouTube.


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