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Power is Cool, But Suspension is the Game w/ Wayne Israelsen of Alltech Motorsports

by Nick Olson
Power is Cool, But Suspension is the Game w/ Wayne Israelsen of Alltech Motorsports

From stock SxS’s, Live Valve, to full race cars, Wayne Isrealson can do it all. I met Wayne back in 2016 when I got to test with him in Barstow, and when it came time to have our #ChupTurboTwins setup, he was the first person I thought of. I remember being amazed at what he could feel my RZR was doing, and I’ve used that over the years to get better at setting up my SxS’s. We’ve had our Turbo S 4’s on his new springs and valving, and it was great to have him ride in our Turbo S and see what he thought. The Live Valve technology is definitely the evolution of SxS suspension, and I had to ask what Wayne how he thinks about tuning it, and where it’s headed in the future.

Speaking of the progression of suspension, racing is the foundation for the development of the suspension we all enjoy today. Most will never race, but understanding that the expertise of a race tuner is really what makes these SxS’s so good, right off the showroom floor. If you’ve been watching the channel, I’ve been documenting the build of the race RZR and tuned the suspension, and now that we’ve raced, we’ve learned a lot more. But just when I thought we had a good understanding, Wayne found lots of improvement and we were blown away with the differences. We have a lot to learn, but love the process and hope our videos help you learn along the way. In this video, we hope to prove that spending money on suspension upgrades and working with experienced tuners is the best way to have better off-roading experiences. The terrain is harsh in the Southwest, and power can only take you so far.

Wayne’s ability to ask us specific questions on how the RZR felt, with each change, helped make improvements that added up to a significant difference. With all of his race experience (Mint 400 winner w/ Rob MacCachren) he was able to communicate physics principles to us, that helped us understand what the RZR is doing, and how to think about making improvements. The front wheels have one event when they hit a bump, while the rear has 2 events. The theory is simple, but figuring out the balance of the RZR really helped it feel “planted” and in control in the bigger whoops. You always hear the jargon of “dialed” , “planted” etc, but Wayne understands the science to give the vehicle these characteristics. After our race, I felt like I needed to really figure out how to drive faster in rough terrain, and at the end of the day, I had significantly more confidence in the vehicles ability to do that.

We hope you like this video, and remember that the SxS’s of the future, are all inspired by the race development going on right now. It’s an exciting time in the industry and we are amazed and where these machines are headed!


What’s happening Chupacabra off-road back in the desert today we’re out in plaster city Andrew’s backyard and we’re here with Wayne Israel sin Wayne owns a suspension tuning company called Alltech I’ll take motorsports yes and we got a ton of life lessons the suspension tuning we made some miraculous changes on the racecar so far today but we’re out trying to learn get our cars performing better I believe the one they took off the top was a 250 this isn’t good you get what a destiny right these are great yeah you shake them correctly just find thread still inside the actual bushing like a plasma cannon it’s like I’d done I’m starting off Wayne Road in Andrews turbo West if you guys haven’t following our channel you notice that both of turbo twins we’re restoring a valve by Wayne’s company all tech we’ve had several rides Glamis I took – and hollow and so you know what is your update after riding in the car with Wayne would you guys think about it so after arriving in the car with Wayne I took him on a little probably five mile loop we’ll hit some pretty big whoops hit some pretty fast sections Wayne says it’s very planet it feels good it’s balanced it rides really good off of off the bat of what Wayne did he wants to change a little bit in the rear but other than that he says it’s pretty pretty balanced couldn’t ask for any more ride smooth super plush and the big whoops fast fast sections arrived had smooth I can’t ask for anything better than in that car so speaking of live Valvoline how do you think about it when you’re setting it up so Springs or Springs they you do the same thing as any car it’s it’s all about supporting look with it with the flexible remember which is the spring so we do the same thing we do with Springs on live valve but the live valve is different in that it is thinking as you go the algorithm is thinking about where the wheels are where the steering is where the throttle is and so they tend to have a little more force all the time than a non-live valve chalk so we tend to valve them a little bit softer to let the live Bell actually make some of the force hydraulically in the shock road and Andrews car rode really good in soft but you get it in the firmer modes and it and it gets a little bit harsh which indicates to me we probably have just a bit more hydraulic force in it that we need there’s a little way to go it’s it’s really good but I think we can find a happier medium it’s good now but we can find a better happier me where it can be more comfortable in some situations and firmer and other cut situations now in full stiff it gets pretty firm really good for the glamorous G outs and that kind of stuff but I think we can keep that and do a little bit of valving change and make it better speaking of light valve where do you see it going in a couple years you see some potential software updates where you could create different Tunes you think Can Am you think most OEM s are gonna have this technology you think it’s kind of the future the side-by-side industry so yeah I think electronics is probably the next road we go down I think there was probably an exclusive for the live valve for a little while and then I think the other manufacturers are gonna come out probably no more than I should I’m saying now so I won’t say any more than that but there’s probably some more coming out with a live valve or some variety of an algorithm controlled software shock live valve is probably the future or some variety of algorithm controlled ActiveX software that is controlling the shock the thing that concerns me most about it is there’s not a lot of access to it as the end user you kind of limited to what Polaris or whoever you’re working on system has now there’s a lot of smart people in the world that are smarter than me they will figure out how to get in there and that’ll be good for us but at this point we kind of have to hydraulically or mechanically match what they’ve done to make it work it will be good at some point where we can get something working good good hydraulically and then put the D’Lite valve in to kind of have a little more a little less on either side rather than bring the mechanics to do that we sent for a point I guess if you say it’s a in some previous videos I feel like when I’m trying to relate is this worth the extra money I think that’s a big question in the community right now like I think a lot of people have a lot of curiosity they know it’s probably better they assume it is I know that’s a difficult question to answer but I think about I feel like with the bigger heavier car with a four seater in particular and if you’re like us we do like to go all over the place like we plan on going to Moab this year we go to Glamis we go you know San holo and kind of all different types of terrain you think if you’re like that if you’re into exploring a lot of different types of train and particularly have a heavier four seater that it’s it’s especially beneficial I mean that’s a loaded question really it’s really a pocketbook question I mean if you it’s always nice to have more tools in the toolbox even better tools in the toolbox and I valve is just a better tool it just does more for you if you not having to think about it it does it does what we would like to sometimes see a set of bumps and said man I wish I’d get a screwdriver now they’re closing the low-speed a little bit why about does that for us is it worth it if you’re scraping by to decide whether you’re buying fuel or going riding or buying diapers it’s not worth it for you you can have just as much fun in some that doesn’t happen if you’re not and you’re in a position where I can afford to buy whatever I want I want the best of the best it’s worth it because it it is the next thing it is technology will help you have more fun in your car and that’s really what they’re all about is to have fun so yeah I think it’s worth it if you can afford it you can see the viscosity difference and I believe there is no hole here and there’s no hole here so your first hole appears to be this hole and it they bent out of the way allow oil to bypass or ports basically as a piston shoves up through there the oil come bypass but once it crosses past all these holes then you have a box on where you have full valving and then start to slow down here and if there’s a bleed up here you’re slowing down and you cut you actually lose force something’s coming apart when the shock slams out it’s starting to deform these so one thing we do mop France pasta is with with Cathy’s with asleep I move them up to here so there’s a bit of a rebound so Wayne a lot of good information about average side by side owner is gonna be doing a lot of play riding shifting gears how do you think about setting up a car like that versus a the race car we’ve been learning we did our first race recently didn’t following the channel and blown away by the level of speed and how much different we need to think about driving setting up the vehicle so we can be competitive so as that relates to suspension tuning how would you compare someone’s thinking about racing or the difference or similarities so the race suspension is a different animal in that it’s probably got a more narrow focus for its use so there is some variety of train you hit whether you’re going to San Felipe or a big storino or the mant or whatever and you we’ll use your car differently but and this in essence you’re using the same you’re trying to go as fast as you can and keep the car live and finish the race first that’s what you’re trying to do you don’t typically have a cooler full of your favorite beverage you don’t typically have three kids in the back you don’t typically have any of that you have your co-driver you have the same similar load a similar goal and a similar speed in mind and so you can kind of narrow your focus with that being said you still want a comfortable car you still don’t want to bottom out you want to have controllability you want it to do all the things you want to do and that’s where the shock turning to me is probably the most important thing for a desert car or an off-road card because that’s that’s where the rubber meets the road that’s what keeps you going forward and not rolling over going faster the bumps that kind of stuff 80% keep it open Phil blur if we’re going 80% he probably but we hit it hard early it works better when I Drive it faster tell my wife drives an Audi it’s freaking the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven it’s got a bit of a firm road feel feel to it but it’s it’s incredibly the intensity up because of your comfort Brian if you’re not if you’re more comfortable you’re not as tired if you’re not as tired you can drive with less your mistakes good at overthinking things well basically I shouldn’t need to worry about breaking an axe go faster what is the braking no more like there it was so many were there bad so race cartoon anyway you spent most day I went through all four shocks we had some big issues that we needed to address now that we’ve been run in the car hard we’ve got some footage here of really pushing the car and I feel significantly more comfortable as a driver and you drove it as well comfort in this end the car is plush yes I think the mid stroke is really plush but I feel more comfortable going faster without feeling like the car is out of control it feels more balanced so I’ll cheer into it we started off with a stiffer spring rate in the front because we were too soft and the rear was okay and then what else did need a major attention that he worked on the so first thing we did as you know is I did my some spring calculation basically just measured the loaded and unloaded lengths to determine preload and spring load and determined that you were under sprung up front it just had too much preload which started the car at initial travel way too high in spring rate and it kind of made some weirdness happen and then as we watch the car on the first few runs Ike I notice that the back end didn’t look terrible the front end just looked dead it looked like it didn’t have any any control of anything it just didn’t move up or down so he took struck sparked and found some issues and basically spent the good part most of the morning fixing that getting those doing getting those right it’s closed right as we could out in the desert here anyway and and then once we got the valving what we felt was right and then we changed Springs to what the math told us to run and I’m not saying that is the best spring we could possibly run there might be something better but without knowing anything about the car the math said do this and so that’s what we did and then as we watch the car like all those changes and typically I don’t do ten changes in a row but when we took those shocks apart and had found what we found we did ten changes and we were lucky to have most of them at least right they feel all of them worked well but we were lucky to actually not go off on a tangent because one of them was wrong so fortunately we worked on a lot of places so we kind of know where we are so it was it was pretty it was pretty good to just make those changes and then once we got the bat at the front working good then the back started to highlight that it needed some help as well it wasn’t bad but it it seemed to be it seemed to move too easy through the travel and we needed to fix that a little bit so we went in the back and revolved and spring seemed to be okay I’d like to try one other spring moving forward try to soften the rear rate actually a little bit and and because I think we’ve increased valving enough that we probably need to decrease the spring force a bit so we learned a lot today I think we feel like the car is really good we know there’s some more upgrades I think we’re gonna send these shocks and have Wayne work some extra magic we can install some high and low speed compression clickers which are going to help him dial in the sense a comfort level as well as the plushness so we’re excited to learn more we definitely need to get some more race time on our belts so like we said in our previous video what we learned for racing we need to push the car hard we did that today with some suspension tuning we feel better I’ve got to keep working on a lot of other things get a good prep down we’re working towards just learning more becoming better drivers becoming faster and all just having a lot of fun experiences whether we’re racing or out riding for fun so Wayne thinks the time we learned so much today I wish I could remember mostly to reiterate but like he said you know the front suspension versus the rear there’s only one event versus two events of the rear going over bumps a lot of other lessons we learn physics and we knees remember I can’t thank you enough I think this can be probably the most learning we’re gonna learn in one day all year and I think it’s gonna lead for us having a lot more success with racing having a more enjoyable comfortable ride in our cars and then hopefully helping you guys out there so if you guys like this content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your way this is beginning a 2020.


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