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What is Chupacabra Offroad?

by Nick Olson
What is Chupacabra Offroad?

So, what is Chupacabra Offroad? Just another YouTube channel? A mirror company? Racers? All of those things, sort of. We think the sport is amazing, and wanted to build a community. The community is what makes us all have a better offroad experience. The knowledge of others, has helped us greatly, and we like to share what we know to help others.

The feedback from the community helps us every day, so that we can make better products, with more value, so the community wins. The community helps us create better content, with feedback, comments and opinions, so we can deliver more content, and better content. Follow, like, share, comment, and check out our products, if you think we are making the SxS community a better place. We’re here to make offroading better, check out this video for our story.


what is Chupacabra offroad? Chupacabra off-road is a brand of side-by-side accessories which started off as a passion for playing in the dirt the original concept for chupacabra was to build a community for the side-by-side industry which has been completely exploding in the last five to seven years with all the major manufacturers launching new models and new parts accessories and upgrades being launched daily I realized there is a real need to build a community that could work together share information and experiences because most of the real-world feedback at this point is word-of-mouth so in the culture we live and we have access to all this information and after realizing that our community didn’t really have anything the best way to do this was to test my own theory and launch our own product line on Amazon so the great thing about feedback and reviews is that customers can really get an idea of what the value is of an upgrade for their vehicle their vehicle itself real-world feedback and trusted curation is really how we operate and how we make our buying decisions so after years of playing in the dirt mountain bikes BMX bikes dirt bikes getting into some racing I realized that the people who rode the most offered the best advice so whether you’re a die-hard racer or you just love getting outdoors and exploring nature having a community we can all share our experiences will make it better for all of us so the side by side options we have on the market are pretty amazing if you think back how quickly they progressed they can take you to the tallest dunes in the world of some of the steepest and gnarliest rock climbs and pretty much anywhere in between really it’s about your type of riding conditions what works for you so building the community can be challenging we’ve all got different needs we all ride in different types of terrain and in different environments so our value propositions differ from how we want to set up our vehicles and what type of medical to bind ultimately it’s about getting outdoors pushing your limits exploring and having the best riding experience possible so Chupacabra off-road we believe in delivering the highest value possible whether it’s our product line as well as our information so you can make the best decisions for upgrading accessorizing your side-by-side moon so this logo represents off-road lifestyle if you believe in the chupacabra you believe in a community that works together to make for better riding experiences so if you’re as passionate about offroad as we are join our community on social or learn more at chupacabraoffroad.com do you believe in the chupacabra?


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