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Sand Sport Super Show 2019 | Did we forget an “S”? CHUPACABRA STYLE

by Nick Olson
Sand Sport Super Show 2019 | Did we forget an “S”? CHUPACABRA STYLE

Chupacabra Offroad headed to the Sand Show last weekend in Costa Mesa, California. Simply put, there’s no other show like it in our industry, not even close. Over the last 5-7 years it’s really evolved into the SxS show, we counted maybe 10 sand cars, but hundreds of RZR’s, X3’s, Talons, Wildcats, and YXZ’s.

It was a really cool feeling to have our race RZR on display, at the Coyne Powersports booth. After spending 3 days checking out as many booths as we can, we took some extra time to highlight (what we thought) were the coolest builds and new technology. It was also great to meet a few of you that watch the channel, and have met in the dunes. We hear you loud and clear, we need more content! We are working hard to up our game significantly this riding season.

The biggest takeaway for me was the implementation of more “smart” suspension options like the current Polaris Dynamix suspension. It reinforced my decision to buy a Dynamix, and after my first 300 mile ride, I hit the switch almost 100 times. I’ve said many times that I think this is the future, and Shock Therapy, King, and Walker Evans displays from last weekend only confirmed my belief. The Wildcat XXXX was also the talk of the show, so we wanted to see it up close. From what the numbers looked like, it will be awesome! But talk is cheap, they took a lot of deposits, not it’s time to build the first 250 Speed SxS’s, which will deliver next year.

We probably missed a lot of other cool items, builds, or accessories. What did we miss on the video that was cool, interesting, unique or simply badass?


Face with me and appreciate the whips and carve their the phone booth thanks for that week’s work by – oh yeah we got a bunch of them around but despite Aniki they going industry because it’s not going anywhere yeah gonna join this industry is recession annachi he wants videos it’s really like an expression of yourself or what your style is enter taste it’s like people send us pictures every day why why they bought the ASCO novena it’s cool yeah I don’t send the street anywhere there’s room for everything if you do the right thing 100% of the time there’s a businessman I believe it’s hard because you know what our background is is in the desert and we don’t want to be us anybody so we I kind of feel like sometimes we’re trying to just get our backyard on our back but I can’t offer advice a song so in the Midwest because we’d all ride in that training not to tell you what I think last summer they’re like 25 yeah we put it out there 250,000 I like the color combo I wasn’t trying to match up something for my company I probably I dig it so I ran into Brandt here with American engineering and Matt Harris Avenue TV this is the brand new vehicle that rent just built tell us about it tell us about the idea what you’re looking for and how it all came together yeah the idea was to build a race car with you Kathy but to get some of the more comfort luxury side of you know of a preacher so we started with if you can believe in a two-seat car and Brent cut the car in half basically gave us the exact near Bates that we wanted and built with kind of a half door so we have some side impact protection but also the ease of not having to climb it in honor windows obviously we have the top dial hood now window that’s our safety in there we have custom-built aluminum half doors for ease of entry we have all a little bit of carbon fiber wrap – this rugged communication – ventilation in the vehicle we have Ford f-150 Ben you have your f1 kicked into your air conditioner I have vent tubes at London grab fresh air from the front of the vehicle and pump it in here and flow it out the back well thanks for your time nice to meet you yeah awesome as always that replenish the freebies if we’re lovin em spread the gospel of the chupacabra very cool we’re coming day to sansho and we found the elusive Wildcat four-seater in the flesh Andrew you were checking out the spec list so 225 horsepower all the way up to 300 depending on the kit that you get from speed side by side yeah so it says coming model year 2021 available sounds like speed might be trying to become their own OAM so Paul a lot of things up in the air but it looks like an amazing car it’s gonna have another four seat option you guys follow a channel you know we’re all about it most of us in southwest are only gonna purchase a four seat vehicle what do you think n do like 220 horse nice like a roll cage I think it’s easily worth 30 32 grand like artic cat wild cat speed get these things in production so we can have another molecule where everyone really likes a two-seater she won’t have another viable option in the 4c market [Music] okay lots of testing or something but you finally blow out a tweet from tweaking your life do this really nice you can take that map save it and send it to your phone there you go abdominal your holiness word like the runner on the basics here before school. I’ll go for you guys so far I’m curious like it seemed like a lot of people weren’t into the branding of the cages but it seems like they are now and I’m gonna share for you like you guys want to do that people are like man I love when you put the ins like if I loo like we don’t put this for some reason I’ll get the guy that’s like oh man when you put it on it’s on old pictures like stories I wanted it yeah I mean you get the next guy that’s like oh can you not put it in there I just want that but I don’t really need it you know but it did totally know that it was our doors [Music] Savino what do you guys got going on here television quick switch so inside the kam adjust riding on it soft when you’re right and rocks and everything medium is just like normal and then firm if you add more weight or go gonna get G out or anything like that then it can control you just all the all of it from inside the car now most people are gonna do more harm than good so we’re only gonna do low-speed compression yeah which is annoying oh yeah I sound like some rebound yeah the videos we did on our YouTube channel for grandmas are just like you know they they’re so active on social community and we have to do more or grab like there’s no such thing as too much – alright alright so wrap it up here at the san shou hope you guys like the video that’s kind of what we thought with some of the coolest most exciting products or vehicles at the show cool to see a wildcat for to do suspension technology and overall cool stuff so andrew anything else you think like madigan had some elite results coming out especially with the new XP Pro 5150 whips got some cool cars coming out with the new books coming out also Baja design with the new s one single light which is really cool to put it in small pushes and then of course PCI with their track systems can’t really be that’s pretty the rapid transport system yeah we’re excited we’re using all those products on our future build the cheap turbo twins so I already get the parts on order already introduction we’re excited to get those going here on future vids so thanks for watching you guys like this please like it subscribe there’s got a lot more content coming your way now put your hand in front of the lens you.


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