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290 Miles in Northern Arizona – Breaking in the New Turbo S w/ the Renegades

by Nick Olson
290 Miles in Northern Arizona – Breaking in the New Turbo S w/ the Renegades

What better way to break in our new 2019 RZR Turbo S 4 seat than with 290 miles in Northern Arizona with the Rocky Point Renegades…

My friends organized a great 3 day loop: Happy Jack to Winslow, Winslow to Heber, and then Heber back to Happy Jack. We had a good group, loaded up our gear and clothing and had a great trip. I’m extremely lucky to join a group that did all the trip planning and scouting, and I loved getting to explore more of Arizona that I hadn’t ridden in. Happy Jack has endless trails in the pines, but not too long into day 1, we were in the high desert. After cruising to the meteor crater and having lunch, we hit 100 degree weather as we headed North to Winslow, unseasonably warm, but you never know what kind of weather you will get in Northern Arizona. Thanks to our fearless leaders, our trip ended with a dip in a river that felt amazing.

Day 2 started off with a stop at the iconic Chevelon Creek Bridge, and then onto some fast and smooth roads and trails, and we got up to 70-80mph. As we headed south to Heber, it looked like we were headed for a big storm, but were basically riding around it all day. Ending in Heber, we hit up a great place for food and drinks.

Day 3 was fast, not too technical, and we rode the rim back into Happy Jack. We clicked off a lot of quick miles, and it was tough saying goodbye to a great group, after another great trip with the Renegades. Thanks to Alan, Dawn, Mike, and Teresa for planning another amazing trip, and having us along. We only had one flat tire, everyone was pretty much trouble free.

Happy Jack is a great place to ride, and I look forward to a lot more riding up there next Summer.


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