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Race RZR Updates – Pro XP Trans & Clutch Upgrade!

by Nick Olson
Race RZR Updates – Pro XP Trans & Clutch Upgrade!

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated you guys on the race RZR… Lots has been happening behind the scenes.

This downtime is tough, but we are using it to get more prepared once racing resumes. After 2 races, we learned we needed to make some changes, to be as competitive as possible.

After our last race, we took the RZR to American Engineering to relocate the radiator, and build a new intake scoop for the belt. Shortly after, I was able to find a deal on a used Pro XP transmission, which, word on the street, is a significant improvement with belt temperatures!

We didn’t stop there. Andrew rewired the accessories, using a Switch Pros SP9100, and we upgraded the lights to Baja Designs all the way around.

Andrew also installed a Lone Star chromoly motor mount, along with their lower trans frame brace.

Finally, we had our shocks completely rebuilt by the team at All Tech Motorsports, and, in the process, added some high and low speed compression adjusters.

The RZR ran good, we still need to sort out our belt temp gauges, and install our new Queen racing tune, and then do some clutch testing. We think all of these changes are going to give us the ability to be a lot more competitive once we show up on the starting line.


What’s happening everybody Nicholson chupacabra off-road back in the desert back in El Centro at Andrews house and been a long time since we had an update on the race car Andrews been working on this thing hard since our last race at the end of January and we’re using this downtime to make some upgrades so we can be more competitive have a better car I think the theme of this is the car look really pretty on the outside but we had a lot of internal changes that we felt like we wanted to make not only to make it I want to say pretty on the inside but faster more reliable less risk let’s have a thing so we’ll start off with kind of the little stuff Andrew starting off installed a new Lone Star front motor mount chromoly heard a lot of things over the years and people break in the OEM stuff didn’t have any issues with the before but if we spend more money get a nice chrome alloy piece I chances are not have to deal with that in the future one thing that affects pretty much everybody is hitting hard bumps so we got this beefier Lone Star plate just to prevent the whole back end from getting tweaked no matter what we do you’re definitely gonna hit stuff hard and going through deep loops and you’re pushing it at race pace so yeah Andrew did a nice job welding it in covered it with steel it and as you can see the transmissions missing but we’ll get to that in a second to go back a little bit in the story after our last race we were having some heating issues so I took the vehicle back from posture City here back to Arizona and Brent at American engineering first off created a new intake for the CVT belts of course but then what’s kind of hard to see is the radiators been moved a little bit so one issue that we had when the original car was put together was getting fuel in it efficiently was not good but we had to move the radiator we moved it up and out to get more airflow so we’re actually gonna go testing with Mark Queen from Queen Racing’s we just know he’s a bit of a guru some of our friends highly recommend them we actually got a new ECU tune from Queen so we’re done with our old old tuner who caused us a lot of issues unfortunately so got that tune Angie but I was thinking we kind of run the car with the current tune since it’s fine and then we could probably plug the tuna now if you get the whole car running so our idea believe it or not to get this thing I put back together here tonight and then go run it tomorrow and see how she does and we’re hoping after all these changes the last thing I have to really worry about is the cooling so that’s one thing that hopefully Mark Greene can help us dial in as that as well as the clutching so like I said took it back to Arizona adjust the arrangement hopefully we have some cooler temps you know our seats are pretty big die definitely block up a lot of potential airflow you know we could go with new seats this is a big radiator though so hoping we can get things sorted out around to deal with changing the radiator we might even do a a new oil cooler remote so got that set up and then moving on to the shocks real quick if you guys watch the channel Wayne at Alltech we’ve had a really good day we had an awesome video one of my favorite videos that we’ve made tuning the shocks and we had a lot of success with the upgrades that we did that day but then we sent them back actually Angie got him up there for us thank you Andrew to Temecula and Wayne fully rebuilt um replace all the internal components that were wore down and installed high and low compression clickers so now I got a little bit more tuning after he went through him the race we’re going some slow choppy stuff and still bottoming the car out so we have the settings basically said exactly now he had him with the right height with the crossover rings but now I’ve got this extra tunability we can plug it a little bit more ramped up as we learn how to drive fast or go faster and stuff horror fog in the bottom so shocks are all completely dialed now correct spring rates tune into this car with the guru himself and that aspect is hopefully the last thing I have to worry about for quite a while and then one thing that was a huge change in Andrew did is an amazing wiring job and you’ll notice that we had the – just completely not completely changed but updated thank you switch fro suck this up with a nice price on a new SP 90 100 and Andrew got it all dialed in clean and we’re running a new a m– belt Tim sensors are about to install and the new transmission here so we had some issues you can see over here we have a four wheel drive switch we didn’t use to have basically what happened is dating back to almost a year ago this thing was not gonna engaging in four-wheel drive it’s like we were getting nine volts to the front and took it to a couple experts no one could figure it out so for our last two races we hardwired it but of course you want to put on a switch so you can turn it on and off and be able to use it so if you ever drive on the road you don’t grenade your front if yeah so we and you wired that up and more importantly got all the switches set up so listen to our friends that are smart and way faster than us Randy Romo Randy run switch bro has had any issues and over 5000 race miles yeah chief different ones as well haven’t had any issues with them in there so we decided to put one in the race car yeah so now it’s much cleaner all set up got the switches set up exactly how we need them you guys might have noticed I don’t we did an update but we did switch out the rigid adapt light bar it was had a huge draw on it switch to a bahai designs like Barbra ha designs it’s been a company that’s really helped us out and had our back so we wanted to make sure that all of our vehicles are running about he signs like so on the front you can’t see them yep we got some new LP for us coming off a backorder hopefully they’ll fit we might and remind you a little fabric to move around but they might tuck right in there but I’m running full Baja D and as that relates to wiring over here in the back of the car I did you installed the bog designs rear light bar so when you talking for a sand la phone we don’t have brake lights that work and we didn’t have the KC blue light which was we thought we needed now Harper sent we in fact we knowing it to be best that those are legal so Andrew got some clean little clamps or actually clamps so I have to really we’re trying to waffle over where do we put this thing so it’s not you know it’s visible but it’s not in the way hopefully it doesn’t take away too much of that rear sight vision I had a little bit when we were racing but we can move around if we change our mind so have a visible of course to pass contingent or spec or contingency so there are lots of upgrades basically combine this with Andrews beautiful wiring job switch Pro we feel like now electrically speaking we should be really good to go got a lower draw on our light bar not gonna really need our lights for a lot of the races we have coming up plants we got some covers to keep our looking pretty and the front of the car is looking dialed speaking of Andrew co-rider spot a few races Andrew had nowhere to really kind of brace himself as you can see doesn’t have a oh crap panel here on the right what we try to think about getting in and out of the car swiftly not having something that’s in the way I like the idea of a mount just because when I do passenger ride in my razor I like having something to hold on to but being all brave st. Andrew did install a left foot little rear brace from excuse me foot brace from car tech along with some some grip tape so I’ve got the little brace from my left foot for the driver side so just cleaning up a lot of things just stuff that you know we didn’t really think there’s gonna be an issue but since we’ve had this down time like I said I mean we’ve got it all in our opinion a lot more sorted out heard good things about this aim belt gauge got a lot of a lot of data that it can take gauges the gauges on the gauges oh that’s gonna be your belt temperature gauge Dan yeah it’s pretty cool it gives you a battery voltage once the sensors installed on the actual aim gauge it will give your infrared and on top of that will give you a battery voltage so what’s really cool if if you’re in a race aspect you run into these gauges you can hook one one up to one battery the battery and you have battery voltage gauge on your car for both batteries which is really cool so yes switch pros aim temperature gauge we do have the one that runs on the race pack also we’re gonna be installing so we have two of them yeah so speaking of a belt temp you know obviously we had a belt temp gauge here from the ute race pack but we didn’t really know where about blew in technically we never who about we had one that was pretty chunked out out for the last race but we have some clutching issues we got passed by an artist one on a straightaway yeah they’re a lot lighter than us but that’s something we’re gonna work on but we definitely know we need more precise data it’s something we essentially gonna have to live off of and you know we can only push this thing as hard as the belts can allow us to go in terms of temperature so as that leads to our next segue we have a new heart and soulless thing going XP Pro prime which is a 17 turbo and here’s the new Pro X P which we off of a eraser so racer had only a couple races on it we heard good things from our friends at race higher top miles per hour and most importantly it’s 50 degrees lower belt temps and you know these the Polaris got one and two at the mint 400 so these cams are super fast and I think this is probably sounds like from what the the fast races we talked to what Polaris needed to do what players racers need to do and not though you know I’m fast enough as a driver to get a top five or the best of those or hopefully one day but you know if we’re gonna go racing let’s let’s be as competitive as we can be so got the transmission use paid a guy to go through it check out all the bearings these have higher quality bearings than what comes on the older transmissions you said the transmission look great put some 75 by 140 all you can TM guys are gonna love this I’m actually running cam gear oil yeah so two full quarts of it and you know I think ironically this whole new setup runs the same belt which is cool cuz that is little pile of belts from the turbo so I’m really feeling like you know we’re really starting to cross off a lot of boxes we’re gonna like I said get this thing all buttoned up and we’re hoping for a lot lower belt temps now we should make sure we figure out the cooling as it works to the new with the new ECU tune from Queen and that will be a later video when we go test with him but as you can see we got some so we are going to get this thing together and start cracking on and see if we can get this thing fired up hopefully tonight all right good morning dick – and I got the Pro XP clutch all installed so thanks to aftermarket assassins for the YouTube videos couple little tips got the torque specs hundred forty foot pounds for the front thirty five to forty on the roads yep use the same Delta’s we’re going with this dr. Pro XP weights which 112 gram weights we’re not gonna do any weight tuning we don’t really haven’t done that yet we’re gonna work with our tuner when we get that going but sounds good cars running good our biggest question was the belt sensor so we get to belt temp sensors like we mentioned one from the race pack – and then the other which is when we installed the aim well if you look at it up here at the very front this where we’ve always had our race pack and always feels like adjustment the numbers been wrong they’ve been higher than 303 or 50 degrees up the belt breaking so we put the top here but as you can see now you’ve got this inner plastic part that’s probably going to throw that off and that’s why what keeps the belt so much cooler with the pro-x B so I’m have to move it around we’re gonna just run it for today and see where we land so gonna learn it’s interesting this has got ten little tiny shims here in the secondary so it seems like there’s a lot of micro adjustment for getting the clutch starting a higher gear a lot more belt tension up in the lower gear yeah so we’re gonna put it back on take it around the block and then take her out to the desert alright alright so XP Pro trans is in the cars running the car is gonna go back on the trailer its own weight pretty good so far so far so good pulls down low pulls up in the mid-range still having a little bit of clutch issue tuning wise still not able to really get over 70 miles an hour another little thing that we found were having a lot of oil come out of the breather of the crankcase breather going up and into the intake and then into the turbo coming out the blow-off valve through the blow-off valve filter so we’re not going to run the car anymore today we’re kind of kind of not scary but we just want to make sure it’s not hurting the car and he yeah you know it’s hard for us to diagnose that diagnose that out here in the field it is a little nerve-wracking the last race we did and you pulled the car part there was a little bit of oil maybe this issue has nothing to do with the new trends but it’s a separate issue it’s good that we uncovered it we got the car we kind of cruise behind I cruise by Andrew getting loosen up on his new x3 you know make sure the belt was warmed up and all that we ran it hard in a wash you know and got the via got it pretty warm are two different belt gauges to we gonna address that because our aim is definitely pointing at that plastic piece like we thought the temperatures are off by like sixty degrees of one felt gauge versus the other like Andrew saying the clutches might not be aligned properly this is kind of out of our pay grade why we’re in a you know look out to somebody who does this all the time with race cars so they can help us so again we learned carbon did really well shocks back from Wayne Israel sin felt really good I came up with something really hard I thought we’d get closer to bottoming and we didn’t everything still feels pretty good and tight and who feels like the steering a little bit of slop yeah starting a little loose in the steering box will be gear we had a lot of play in the steering steering at rage at the river we addressed it we found a little bolt on the actual dry or the steering shaft going into the steering rack was loose so it causing a lot of play there tighten it up it causes it to get a little tight but it starting to come back a little bit sloppy again but other than that car feels tight car suspension works really well we round the same whoops that we’re running running with Wayne when we’re testing and could hardly get it to bottom out so that’s that’s a good thing yeah so a couple of things to think about so you know we got some down time we’ll keep working at it so we get to the starting line of our next race we will also have the stuff behind us and looking forward to going faster so thanks for watching guys the the quest goes on build this thing reliable and fast we can get to the finish line here with a really good result if you guys liked the content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your way another chupacabra riding.


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