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Items & Services We Hope You Never Need!

by Nick Olson
Items & Services We Hope You Never Need!

This is the video about those products and services you might have heard about, but have committed to purchasing, using and having for anything.

Let’s use this downtime to evaluate all of our equipment, and ensure safety isn’t forgotten.

After years of offroading, I’ve become more prepared, just in case something were to happen to me or my group. Id goes hand and hand with your tools and supplies, you want to be ready for everything, and in this case, no hyperbole, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are some tips to keep you ready for anything you might encounter in the great unknown.


What’s happened everybody Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and today I want to talk about a couple things couple services couple products that I hope myself and none of you guys are ever gonna have to use but these products could literally be the difference between life and death these are things that can really make a significant difference if you or your loved ones or your friends ever end up in a situation where they need some quick medical help you know it’s easy to have a lot of fun trips out in the desert come home everyone’s happy in one piece but it’s easy to forget that this board is dangerous and things can happen so here are some services and some products that I use that I highly recommend and let’s get into it number one this is a service it’s called the reach air medical service so what’s really cool is that you can sign up for an annual membership it’s $85 and you and your immediate family have access to helicopter ride in case you need to flight for life if you were involved in an accident it’s even cheaper if you’re a senior citizen it’s only $65 now if you like me you probably haven’t read your insurance policy but what can happen is if you did need air flight that can cost a lot more money or not even be covered on your medical than what the reach service is so they offer services all across the country so they’ve got a big network built up and one thing that they boast on their website is they can drastically reduce the time it takes in an incident to get you from where you’re at to the hospital so really important eighty-five dollars a year it’s pretty much a no-brainer not only does it protect you but it also protects your immediate family check out the website link will be in the description below all right number two having a first-aid kit now I picked this up not too long ago it’s from a company called tact med info and they’re a small company based in Marietta California so this kit goes for 40 bucks this has all the basics you’d expect this kit includes bandages latex gloves pain relievers wipes shears butterfly strips sponges tape and more this company also sells a lot of emergency cards and emergency tags or you can blood type your information so if someone came across you in an incident or you have you incident you’ve got that information readily available just so someone can reach out to emergency contact if you’re on a ride without that person really good thing to think about guys for years I didn’t have one they’re small this doesn’t even weigh two pounds fits right in the glove box out of the way and I guess that’s one of those things you hopefully never have to use but you’ve got it there in case something does happen so another product which is really cool and heard about this long time ago being a mountain biker and a dirt bike rider some little guys love to are these spot devices now these run about a hundred dollars and you can pay for a monthly subscription for about 12 bucks a month they’ve got their own GPS and you can basically be tracked anywhere in the world this is really important particularly if you’re outdoors we get your really remote environments hiking mountain biking off-roading all that type of things so what’s really cool about is you can set up different types of messages there’s just a button you can push if you’re in an emergency I think you can even do a breadcrumb so if you’re out on a venture your spouse can kind of keep tabs on you and your progress where you’re at at any given time so pretty cheap peace of mind it’s small all fit in your pocket backpack whatnot one more tool that works in a lot more places that your cell phone might not so just another item worth considering check out their website we’ll put it in the description and finally guys if we can’t talk about safety without talking about a fire extinguisher now we all know things happen we’re all trying to get as much horsepower as we can out of our vehicles our motors are always running hot we’re running in hot environments you guys have seen in fires happen so think about having one of these is not only having it to protect your vehicle but maybe your buddies if a fire does happen or even if you’re out at a riding area let’s say the unglamorous you’re out on the trail something happens having as many people that have quick access to a fire extinguisher can really be a huge difference that could save a life and it can also potentially see in a vehicle and and help put out a fire or prevent a forest fire from starting even as well so one of those things you definitely should put on your vehicle right when you get it it’s almost as important as having safety harnesses again hopefully you never need it I’m using a setup like this from Axia it’s got a nice clean little clamp it looks nice on the outside of your rig doesn’t rattle we run a couple of these in our race car as well we’ll put the link in the description below there’s a bunch of different brands that make them make sure you get one with a nice quick-release you can get off quickly when you need it and of course you put it in a location that’s really easy to access in the event of an emergency so maybe you haven’t heard of all these services thanks for watching hope you take consideration of some of these types of items like I said I mean no BS these could really potentially save a life if there was a situation that arises be safe out to everybody thanks for watching and if you guys like this content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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