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Race #2 – 100 Miles in Plaster City

by Nick Olson
Race #2 – 100 Miles in Plaster City

We ended up 4/9 in the unlimited UTV class, and 5/31 overall. We are stoked to get another finish, and we’ve made some improvements since the first race. The biggest improvement, was suspension tuning with Wayne Israelson of All Tech Motorsports, he really helped us balance the RZR out, and we tested in Plaster a few weeks before this, so we knew we could push in the bumps. This was an AMA District 38 race, which consisted of 4 -23 mile loops. The first 8 miles of the course was rough, with peaky whoops, silt beds, but we pushed harder through rough terrain than the last race, and the RZR held up great. Andrew did a great job on the race prep, we replaced all the suspension bolts, heims, and uniballs, so the suspension as the least of our worries.

We decided to take 5 gallons after lap 2, the halfway point, even though we really didn’t need to, we wanted to ensure we would have enough. When we pulled in, the leaders were pulling out of the pits, so we were close. We lost some time in the pits, our fuel cell/ gas pickup needs to be straightened out so we can efficiently take lots of gas quickly. Toward the last 1/3 of the last lap, our exhaust loosened up from the engine, causing us to lose power, so we limped it on home. Still, I’d take this as a major success, and we have some improvements we can make before the next race! Overall the course was really fun, and with a laid back vibe and cheap entry fee, it was the perfect place to get some race miles and figure out what where we can make changes for the better.

Thanks to Trevais for helping us pit, we are going to work on the RZR and get ready for the AMA D38 March round.


What’s that mean Chupacabra off-road Saturday January 25th right here plaster city for our second ever race it’s a smaller series AMA District 38 we’re gonna run a 100 miles today for 25 mile laps and we’re feeling good or feeling a lot more prepared than the last time but of course we’ve been scrambling all morning with a couple little small issues but we’re gonna do what we can just be a really good shakedown race for the car trains getting really fun and you did a good job getting the car all prepped and knows this area really well so we’re hopefully have a good race you know no Belt issues that type of stuff learn what the car can do and learn how to drive a little bit faster that’s a new competition it looks like probably at least 20 UTV some rs1 saw a couple hundred talons Wildcats all that type of stuff so looking forward to it we need some GoPro footage no video guy today but it’s just good luck and we’ll see at the finish line so we have a dead engine started here we have nine of us in our front row in the unlimited class and then we had about 31 UTV’s total what’s called a bomb runs we all have to funnel into one section here of course I got a crummy start slow reaction time and you can see off to the left and I think maybe off to the right – there’s guys we’re all kind of all going through these trails dodging Tucker bushes to get through these signs up here where we can funnel into the race line usually I hate the wind but this would’ve been one of these times or have been nice to have about 10 or 15 mono or breeze so those blue markers you just saw those denote some big bumps there’s a 1 2 & 3 arrows down means usually slow down big obstacles it’s funny every time I’ve done a desert race and these are on my dirt bike there’s stuff that’s not marked it’s gnarly you can’t believe it doesn’t get mark then there’s stuff that’s mark that’s not that bad so the car is running good we’ve had some issues with our tuner we’re decided to get rid of them and go with a new tuner but we haven’t got the new ECU flash yet so we just kind of ran what we had and tried some new clutching stuff from our friends at Roma Motorsports thanks Randy for hooking it up the car had a lot of bark on the low end grunt and we just kind of topped out at 70 miles an hour so we’re gonna figure that out but like I said for the most part for this type of course two and one or two a wide open sections that worked really well we had a lot of power right where we needed it somehow we come out of this bad start and we funnel into the race line we hang our right turn up here and we end up being third on the road so for as bad as I thought we got a jump and spun and we end up in third so there’s a little clip one of the guys shot of us just in the race line and once you get into this first eight miles essentially it was really rough these really big whoops bigger than that right here but kind of had to just want to take it easy especially the first lap you don’t want to push it too hard settle in hundred miles you know and then open it up where we could so here we are I got a nice little fun section before we get into the the big bump so you can see some spectators up here getting ready to watch first rough section train I was pretty rough it was a true desert race though which I thought we really enjoyed we felt like for the money it was a really really fun race because there weren’t five miles of just graded roads you know it was it was all real desert terrain you can see they kind of set it all up and a lot of sections like this are wide open you can just make a bunch of lines which I love when tracks are wide same thing on my dirt bike I love when you’ve got a wide track or you can choose different lines it just makes it more enjoyable you can be more creative you can do what you want to do try to make passes plenty of opportunities here to pass on this course and and do what you want to do so here we are we end up in the third place there’s two guys in front of us and we’re just trying to have a nice good pace keep their Dustin sites here for this first lap and then you know try to turn it up the next couple laps after this was the thought process at this moment compared to our first race at the snow range at the river where were battling and passing a bunch of little slower bugs it was chaotic at that race this was pretty chill so here we’re not into the nasty eight miles of silty steep sharp whoops Carr felt really really good and you did a good job changing out all the bolts all the Himes as well as the uniforms and front suspension the car felt really tight so good to have that feeling when you’re pounding through that stuff when family get through all that rough crap and we’re kind of getting out of here there’s a hard right and then it kind of opens up into some fun stuff and the last two thirds of the course was super fun a lot of kind of fast web sections like we tested out here a few weeks prior with lane is real sin so it gave me a lot of confidence just knowing that we had the suspension really really dialed in tested in the exact environment here less than a month ago I’ve raced in a non-turbo UTV and the turbo is just so much fun just because it has that bark coming out of the corners you know we’re big and heavy compared to some of these RS ones are racing against and we got beat by an RS one in a couple of non turbo vehicles but as you get this thing figured out you know get the bigger fuel capacity next time we probably wouldn’t even need to make a fuel stop and wants me at this clutching and we get to suck up to 95 miles an hour we’re gonna be we’re gonna be fast and like I said just that turbo bark out of the turns just makes it really really fun like you know you want to go racing and have it have that seat-of-the-pants thrill and at first I was a little nervous I felt like non-turbo was good for me but you know cars really stable really planted we got it up on a bicycle a couple times on two wheels but you know it’s not I wouldn’t say scary but you know also we only got 270 so I might get a little nervous and we figure out how to get this thing to run up ninety five almost 100 miles an hour so here we’re coming into a rolling Check Point which is really vague they give you the thumbs up but they want you to slow down so I think there’s two or three of these you know you just kind of be manageable so they can see your number and then it’s game on see I love this stuff right here you’ve got all kinds of lines you know you really have to look around super fun and there’s a bunch of good lines that we missed I blew a few turns I think coming up here my first lap there’s a right line where the course goes right and I stay in a wash on the left and I kind of hope it connects back up but you know there were a lot of straight shots that if you were paying enough attention or if you figured out after the first lap you could capitalize on those and find smoother straighter lines or better entrances into some of the turns funny like this wasn’t marked very well but that was pretty big bumps right there if you’re coming in off of the fast section I thought that should’ve had a down arrow it’s funny and rude uses a lot of hands Technos which is good because then I know when he’s really panicked and the more he panics more that means I need to slow down quicker or or that bump is sharper than I think it looks I always feel like he tells me to slow down too quick so when he tells me to slow down for a turn I just want a wait wait wait but I also need to figure out we need to get our braking done so we can accelerate hard out of these corners because really in these type of races or it seems like in the side-by-side you know you’ve got to just have some really good exit speed and get your breaking point solid so you can explode out of turns and maintain that momentum at this point the belts heating up we’ve kind of start feathering the throttle one challenge we’ve got is that we do have a belt temp gauge but we think it’s installed in the wrong spot so since we’ve done our new turbo s clutch cover we don’t know what temperature the belts going to break at so we have an idea we’re just trying to keep it under that temperature we ultimately probably should just go on a race and just go wide open until we break the belts so we figure it out of course we get to these races and we don’t want to do that but we need to just go do some serious clutch testing and just push this thing hard until the belt breaks on a big sandy uphill so we can figure out our RPMs figure out how we can get that top speed to work right you know where we can really push it and then like I said figure out where the belt explodes it might do another Razorback belt temp gauge so we have to so you have a better idea of what we need to be at [Music] I really like the Train I wrote at Ocotillo quite a bit when I used to live in Southern California and I feel like this area I hear in Placer Super’s has definitely got a lot of rougher terrain and it varies a lot by which parts of plaster you’re at according to Andrew and I’ve got a lot of everything definitely real desert racing kind of makes me want to do one of these on my bike mrs. marked as a dangerous drop-off and although the over marked in my opinion it wasn’t really that bad I mean obviously you would want to go off that going 70 but we picked up the pace on that little section or the next couple laps [Music] a little jumper and photographer there it’s pretty cool this section was cool is pretty choppy leading into a left 90 underneath via the bridge and then back toward the pit this is kind of a conclusion of lap one like I said this last two-thirds of the course was just super fun there’s the turn I miss the racecourse goes to the right I’m just cruising down the trail whoops okay time to go through the cackle berries and get back on point definitely lost a good 10 seconds there which is funny because you look at the lap time was actually at a pretty good first lap you can still see first and second place are in their dust the whole lot so here we are coming back into the pit after lap one that’s kind of a rough and dirty of the whole layout of the course like I said get to the first eight miles and then get a look for a little bunch of lines because it’s just so wide open that you can do what you want to do 15 miles an hour through the pits so they ended up being 23 miles for each loop so theoretically we should have been able to go the whole race with our 26 gallon fuel cell we were completely topped off but we’re doing these races to learn so we wanted to watch our fuel gauge and the plan was to come in to pit two and get some fuel which is what we did so we ended up only getting 5 gallons are our fuel setup is not ideal or actually having the radiator moved on the vehicle as we speak to increase the cooling capacity because we were still running this race at 215 220 degrees which is fine for a raiser turbo but we got some friends that are running you know 180 190 tops and the hottest races of the year so we think that we’re losing out on a lot of airflow and then also we need to open that up so we can have some quick fuel stop so we could quickly dump 10 to 15 gallons in a in a real legit race situation like we’re planning to work on like this year we get to Parker good first lap kind of saw the whole course now we’re excited car feels tight you know everything feels pretty good so now it’s like okay let’s remember some of these good lines let’s push a little bit harder and I’m sure a lot all the competitors are thinking the same thing because most all of us hadn’t seen the course you know until that lap car sounds a little squeaky but Andrew put all new bushings or the suspension and everything so it’s just squeaky of course from the dust it’s almost impossible to get rid of but everything is still really really good right now and somebody’s Yellin at us tell us to go faster this really seems to be the game here of course pushing hard through this really rough terrain you’re gonna see up here in a minute we get passed by a kid in an RS one who was the eventual winner so at this point we’re probably third on the road in third place and then this kid watched his pass right here look on the right hand side pretty wild in the air watch his back end kick so this kid Mikey passes us right there I’m like his car is gonna disintegrate there’s no way he’s gonna be able to do that before laps and beat us obviously he’s going for that goes to show you we got a full-blown desert card the big fuel tanks guys in a stock RS phone with no wheel base just hammering through these pumps you can see Andrews getting a nice pounding he’s holding on to the roll cage this is for sure the most I’ve ever punished a co-driver in any any ride or race I’ve ever done like I said that’s really the game we’re trying to figure out how hard how much hard do we need to push the car I kept asking and you go faster go faster we’ve been using those crews armor protectors for our windshields man they’re totally worth the money a little spendy but two races now several rides you can just see always getting hammered with sand rocks a little bit of mud at the last race and no scratches on those lenses which are 75 bucks apiece but impact helmets so not endorsed by that response or by them but I think you should buy some if you’ve got a helmet like this it’ll definitely give you several years now that your windscreen we have to weld in a little bar handle for Andrews who’s got something to hold on to poor guys just can’t bounced around Rita a footrest two for his left foot so he can kind of brace himself sections like this this section are definitely not many other lines you kind of just gotta stay in this groove you’re not gonna make up any time and some of these washes are nasty trying to go across so if you try to get outside the line we definitely bottom the car our hardest going slower through some of this real tight stuff so kind of fun you did our suspension tuning and didn’t bottom going fast but you know we’ll really tune or test for that type of stuff and it just really blows to the stroke what’s happening well we got to the finish line we’re two for two and just enjoying the sunset I hear superstition awesome place great weather today and a major 638 put on a really erase as we saw go phone course is like 23 months or the first year cause the really rough and nasty and then after that I had some big bumps some fast blowing stuff car worked really good so we’re excited to get a finish we definitely pushed it harder and rougher train and we haven’t had the protest feeling a lot more confident I think we’re running a second or third in our class we might have got top three we’ll see we sent over all good-day the only issue we had was about eight miles from the finish our exhaust started to come loose and we lost some pressure we basically had no turbo horsepower the car was getting warm so we milked it in we didn’t get past and got the finish so super excited and you killed it on the prep and you know I think we learned so much more we had some more issues this morning just dumb stuff I didn’t have a cover for the the new Turbo S inner clutch so took one of those off my other car got it in scrambled a couple last-minute things we’re bleeding the brakes last night till 1:30 in the morning but we got it done and you know excited we learned a lot I think we’re gonna move from here and only get better so Andrews gonna get into some wiring we’re gonna upgrade the switch system Brendon American engineering is gonna help us get some cooler temps by removing our radiator around a little bit so we’re learning you know no burnt belts we do have some hot temps our clutching was off where we’re gonna go with the new tuner the chin I’ve used before I’m not happy with them and we didn’t get our new tune for this weekend so once we can tune in clutch and get above 70 miles an hour I think we’re gonna be able to push a little bit harder on the fast sections too so all in all really excited and love it out here trains really rough it’s a real off-road course you know there wasn’t much that was completely smooth and and I think these guys put on a great race stuff here I think I’m putting your toe in the water this is a really good series 150 bucking tree feet 100 miles so most likely you’re gonna have to do a pit stop and you know we were kind of in dust all day and it was kind of hard to make up time on guys and it’s good a good race course and a little bit of everything so thanks you guys for throwing the race thanks for watching yeah it’s like the content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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