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Boxo Unboxing – Tool Roll for SxS

by Nick Olson
Boxo Unboxing – Tool Roll for SxS

Today we unbox the 57 piece tool kit from BOXO USA. This product is in the high end market for SxS tools, however quality and convenience was not skipped in it’s creation. This kit is tailored to fit the needs of most UTV enthusiasts looking for a simple, lightweight solution that has everything and can be mounted in the vehicle. Is this a must have for any SxS owner?


Hey Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and today we just received a box o USA 57 peace Universal tool kit specifically designed for side by sides let’s open it up and see what’s inside all right so we have the tool pouch which is pretty cool I like these type of kits because everything’s gonna fit in its own pouch so it’s not gonna be rattling when you’re going down the trail so here’s everything looks like once you get it out of the box you’re gonna get everything out of its wrapper and make sure it goes in this right spot and see what came in the kit it’s my first time touching and owning box though tools it definitely like the really nice quality I’ve kind of always been like a closeout husky tools die so definitely a step up in the quality Department nice feeling there drivers and one thing I’m also a big snob about as Allen wrenches unless mountain bike geek and have used on Lynch’s all my life I hate when you get a full pack and a half to half sizes you don’t really need them but these have all the sizes you need from one and a half for adjusting our mirrors all the way up to eight and ten millimeters so nice to have those and similar with a little hand torque set and I actually needed one of these last weekend at their at our race so these side-by-sides may Polaris NK and they’ve all got Torx screws all over the place so definitely needed this caught my eye I like how its really cool lightweight they see on the website it’s only 500 grams so one thing about this pouch I like having something of course has everything you need but hopefully it’s not too big and too heavy the length of the pouch is about 18 inches total so not too big and has a lot of room so we’re gonna get into that once we put these in but I like how they they kept this lightweight obviously a hammer you’re gonna need that at some point or another this caught my eye too I always carry a breaker bar if you guys saw the video we did of the tool kit that I’ve been using both on our race car and on our big trips love having a breaker we got a half inch with a half inch extension and a half inch socket wise you have the 17 and the 19 so 19 to remove your wheels and then most of suspension components from most these common side by side use a 17 or an 18 I’ve got the vice grips you never know when you’re gonna need these but of course they’re a lifesaver when you do I haven’t owned a decent set of vice grips maybe ever so it’s nice to have when it’s nice and high quality and then all your box wrenches you got 19 all the way down to an eight with your most popular size so 19 18 17 you’ve got something to put on the back of taking off shock taking off a radius rod that type of stuff for you or your buddies are gonna break when you’re on a big draw ride so good do they have those sizes couple nice screwdrivers and then of course needlenose pliers so you’ll need these if you are soft an automatic all kinds of various things cutters you know getting some a little basic electrical work good to have a set of needlenose and then looking at all the sockets I like how they’re all attached of course so they’re not coming to rattle around and they’re all organized 17 and 19 again on the half-inch drive and you get into your little and your three-eighths you’ve got 17 all the way down to an eight and then in your quarter-inch you’ve got eight nine ten and a 13 so you got two tens and you got two eights which I love because you’re always using those and most kind of we lost I like having some torques to here on your quarter-inch which is nice a couple extensions and you’ve got a couple spark plug wrenches so a lot of valuable stuff you’re gonna need let’s open up the pouch let’s throw them all in and see what it looks like so here’s everything looks like all laid out everything’s got its own little spot not too cluttered there’s some extra space I’m gonna carry the clutch tool which for me of course is a little l-shaped razor turbo tool and then using a 3/16 allen key which is specific to my race car and specific to the windshield on my turbo LS to remove the Zeus tab so plenty of space to throw those in maybe add some little lectures like electrical tape let’s put it in roll it up and show you how big it is [Music] Sears it looks like all rolled up like I said about 18 inches long should fit under the front seat for your x3 guys gonna fit in the back on my tool box for my razor turbo less I like how they let the straps longer so you can use it to tie it down in the underneath the seat and we’re gonna throw in my toolbox with a couple of other basics in extra belt my half inch drive gun and be testing it now we’ve got a couple big trips plan for this year the first coming up will be the Arizona peace trail lower half followed by a Baja trip this summer and then also Moab going the rock so mix that in with what we do racing we definitely need tools we definitely need something that’s going to work for vehicles not only our players but for our buddies MX threes and we’ll be testing it out and give me ice and follow-up feedback on how.


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