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What Can Am Needs to Do to Build the Perfect SxS in 2020

by Nick Olson
What Can Am Needs to Do to Build the Perfect SxS in 2020

At the moment, Cam Am is the top dog in the Sport SxS market. The amazing horsepower & clutching, combined with long stroke Fox shocks, killer styling, and a great fit and finish make this vehicle hard to beat. But us off road enthusiasts always want more, and we are no exception. Today, if I were buying a 2 seat SxS, I’d go with an X3 XRS. But, there is some improvements that can be made. The market is very competitive, and here’s a list of changes I’d love to see CanAm make, and if they did, I think it would make this SxS the top dog (no matter what the competition does) for model year 2021.


What’s happening Nick Olson Chupacabra off-road and today we’re talking about can-am what do they need to do to stay on top of the side-by-side game in 2020 so I’ll just say it can M is at the top of the heap right now and the sports side-by-side market I think they’ve done a great job with the x3 lineup you’ve got the mud models you’ve got the rock models you’ve got some really good colorways good price points too and for Cedars it’s a great looking machine it’s got a lot of great things about it and I don’t think they need to do a whole lot to stay on top I don’t think they need to do an all new chassis I think they just need to do a couple refinements and that’s gonna take a km from being a really good machine to being an almost unbeatable machine so here’s what I think they need to do stay on top of the game in 2020 so first and most important km you guys need to be felt the frame on the x3 having to buy a brand new bulkhead before you really go take this thing off roading having bolts that are wallowing out and just having a lot of cracks and a lot of customers that are really once the abused these things they’re having some serious issues it’s just scary and scary having a vehicle that can go that fast in the desert with that much horsepower that much shock stroke and the frame is the weak link and furthermore that these are just really expensive things to upgrade when you first buy it this is kind of a dirty secret of owning an x3 there’s a lot of attention and some money you need to spend on the bulkhead on beefier radius rods potentially even a gusseting kit so I think by far and large that’s the most important change vehicles awesome you know like I said so many good things about a great horsepower really reliable transmission and felt great suspension but it’s really really scary how many of these things you see with the front ends folded in and the fact that the front end museum isn’t even double sheer make those changes off the showroom floor a lot of us are always gonna bump up to 32 33 inch tires plus a lot of canonize of course our ECU tuning their vehicles you know I know that yeah theoretically it’s not canons fault they’re engineering the vehicle for the stomach twenty-nine thirty inch tires but in the real world this is what we want is what we expect make the frame a little bit beefier go off some beers with the Kawasaki engineers see what they did with the Care Act’s copy it make the suspension beefier as well and everyone’s gonna be happy next up can-am please address the bump steer on the front now shock therapy a lot of other companies have addressed this with a Tyrod kit where they can seriously mitigate the bumps here which is measured to be almost 4 inches and that’s when the front wheels are moving around as a suspension cycles instead of being up and down this adds to a lot of feedback in the steering wheel and it’s just not it’s not good it’s it’s definitely something on this high end of a vehicle this expensive of a vehicle should be fixed especially when a lot of aftermarket fixes are under $300 so can-am I’m not even saying you make the tie rods beefier but just adjust the geometry as much as you can maybe you change the knuckles to mitigate that bumps here from the showroom floor so next up customers just love the XR C model why not give us a four seed Edition a lot of us down in the southwest were only gonna buy 4 Cedars why not I mean everyone’s willing to pay the money the XR C looks amazing kme really knocked it out of the park with the new colors come a stock with the 32 inch tires the skid plates and all the upgrades and for C guys love that premium version so I think Cammy should launch a 4 C version next year and I also think you should change the color halfway through the year so when you launch model year 2021 come something really cool like that orange and then around January switch it up you know make it a little bit more limited harder to get so when you rolled through orange your roll back and do a matte in blue I think it’s a beautiful side-by-side it’s a great branding piece people love it every time we post it on Instagram people just love that a vehicle so keep making it keep doing what you’re doing just add a couple more flavors to keep people excited next up can-am I think all 172 and 195 horsepower models need to come stock with 32 inch tires this is just the expectation as we’re in 2020 this is the tire size that this vehicle needs at least and it makes a lot of sense have it come off the showroom floor clutched in tune big reel tires get a bunch of those liberties that you guys are already selling on the XR c put them on all those models keep the smaller tire on the base level 120 horsepower x3 and Aaron will be happier you’ll be adding some value you’ll really stack up more aggressively to all the Polaris offerings and it’s everybody what this also does is it kind of kills Polaris’s actual real travel argument which argues rightfully so that you’re gonna bottom out the x3 before the suspension bottoms out because of the design of the suspension well with bigger tires you seriously mitigate that you give Polaris less room to come up with a problem with your design it’s just a win-win so 32 inch tires all the big Black Series let’s see it from all 2021 year release next up can-am I really do think you guys should be offering a live valve version high-end version of the x3 you guys have the high end customer the live valve technology is exciting it’s the future maybe even go crazy and have the live valve version of King shocks for your high high-end version I think the customers would love it I don’t think you necessarily need to do a whole touchscreen GPS ride command like what Polaris is offering but as long as you’ve got that adjustable suspension in a 2 and a 4 seat model as your new flagship maybe put it on the XR see with the big tires with all the upgrades I think it’s a win-win I think a lot of your customers would happily pay the money for it I think it’s exciting that this live L technology is being offered in more OEMs we saw it earlier this year with Honda which means that the exclusivity with Polaris is a done deal fox is investing heavily with all their other offerings mountain bikes Ford raptors jeeps etc so it’s where the world’s going can’t offer it to all the potential customers and finally this is just a ask I don’t think you guys are gonna deliver but can make us a max that’s much shorter make the max about 10 to 15 inches shorter than it currently is get that wheelbase between 120 125 inches you know a lot of us don’t have passengers in the backseat that are gonna be that tall I’ve written in the backseat of my 117 role-based Polaris many a time you know yeah it’s not the most comfortable but it works I think that the max is too long a lot of people who ride different environments tighter terrain mountain terrain tighter turns it’s gonna work better you’re gonna sell more units the desert guys are gonna love it too I don’t think you really would lose any sales I think you’re just gonna pick them up you’re going to give all of us a four-seater that works Ben a lot of different situations can-am shorten that thing up about ten inches let us know what you guys think comment below and if you like the content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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