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by Jacob Layton

We take a look at the Torque V2 seats from Beard and let you know what think about them!

Torque V2 Beard Seats: http://www.beardseats.com/shop/torque-v2-67c7g

















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(0:23) Hey, it's Nick Olson, Chupacabra Off-Road, and we're testing out some new products in the Can-Am. Got some new Beard V2 seats with some new two-inch harnesses. First time ever using Beard products and excited to check them out. Cool to have a different experience and a different brand. I got these things all installed before the trip and just got a few miles on them. We'll be kind of giving you more feedback as I get more seat time and in different environments. But one thing I really like about the X3 is they have some seat adjustability and then you've got a bigger cockpit than the Razer Turbo S I was used to. So first impression so far, when we mounted these things up, they mounted up pretty easy, but the plates had three different adjustments in the rear to kind of get the back of the seat how you'd like. And of course, with Can-Am, you've got the adjustment in the front to go up or down. So all that added together, I switched from the upright forward position to the laid-back position to make sure I had enough headroom here as well as kind of mix it up and just kind of get used to what a lot of You Can Am guys like, which is that low slum feeling. I moved the seat forward a little bit so I can see over. I'm kind of used to being on top of the wheel, being a little bit more in that aggressive position. But in terms of moving around and getting them all adjusted, that's one thing I really like. Now, the finish of the seats, there's a lot of nice shoulder bolstering. They feel really comfortable. I like these little tabs getting up and down on your chest straps here for how much pressure you've got and tension you got on them, so that makes life nice. The PRPs I was using were always a little bit more stubborn and especially nicer when taking somebody who's new to the sport or new to these harnesses to get in. So far, so usually I'm more of a fan of the three-inch wide. Sometimes those are a little big for people with narrow shoulders. I've got wide shoulders and so far they're feeling pretty good. So we'll keep getting some seat time on them and see how they feel. But first impression of the seat so far is they're comfortable. I think they have a little room if you're wider than me. I'm a 34 waist guy, so I'm not that big, but good bolstering, good comfort, good seating position, lots of adjustability.

(2:19) Now, I got the Torq V2 Beard seats back here in Arizona. Got a lot of seat time with them, different employees, different types of people, different body sizes, short, tall, and got them all broken in. And the harnesses, I really like these little thumb tabs. Our previous harnesses, the PRP three-inch, were just a little bit hard to get in and out of and move around. They just kind of always seemed a little bit stuck. That's very nice. I've always been a three-inch harness guy, but with the two-inch, these are pretty comfortable as long as you have them adjusted right. I'm about to spend 12 hours a day in this vehicle with these, and I think they're going to be good. So I've always considered the two-inch smaller for the rear for kids, that type of thing, for the four-seat guys, but I'd install these in my seats. So I'm starting to open up my opinion, maybe change it a little because these are very comfortable. I like the seat belt style latch as well. Just makes it nice and easy to find. Feels safe and locked in. And you know, hope you guys know if you follow the channel for a while, the first thing I do in any vehicle is put harnesses in if they don't come stock equipped. So it's a nice combination. Of course, these Torq V2 seats have pass-throughs, so they're in the right spot and quite a bit more comfortable than stock, more bolstering. I'm an average size guy, 34 waist, so we have some different size people, like I said, some bigger, some smaller. Asking a lot of my employees and everybody who rode in this car for their feedback, and feedback was good. So nice quality USA made product. I'd say the feature I like the most is how you can adjust it. So the bracket has three positions, low, medium, and high in the rear. And then with the stock Can-Am having in two positions in the front, it allows you to really fine-tune it. So we're in a different position here in the passenger side as we are in the driver's side. I've adjusted them a couple times. Like I've said, me being a long-time Razor guy, I like that forward feeling, being able to see over the front of the car, especially as we've been doing some rock crawling in Utah. Visibility is very important. Having that kind of aggressive sight path, which is a little bit harder in the Can-Am of course, because it's got a longer nose. And I know a lot of people have varied flavors and tastes on that. So that's a great feature with the mounting bracket kit here for the X3 is you have that adjustment because each of those positions in the back is pretty noticeable combined with the front, you can kind of get something that works for you. Me being a taller guy, I'm always close to hitting my knees. This is a roomier vehicle and some of the other models out there and based on how you've got it, it kind of adjusts. So easy to clean, easy to power wash, the quality feels good. It looks like they're going to hold up for quite a while. So again, these are the Torq V2 black on black. You have a few other color options on the website. I don't think they do full customization like some other brands do, but for a lot of you guys, black, blue, red, silver are going to work well for most of you. So if you guys want to learn more, we'll put the link in the description. Learn more about Beard V2 seats. And thank you guys for watching. If you guys like the content, go ahead, like and subscribe and we'll see you on the next one.

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