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What's In Our B2G?

by Jacob Layton
What's In Our B2G?


Check out what we store in our B2G for our day to day riding adventures!





















(0:00) Hey everybody, it's Nick Olson, Chupacabra Off-Road. We're here in beautiful Sand Hollow, Southern Utah for the Trail Hero event and doing a little bit of off-roading, selling some product, getting our brand out here to all of you guys here in Utah and further. The purpose of this video is to talk about what's in my B2G. We've been selling a bunch of these and I want to show you guys what we put in ours, how we accessorize it, how I think about it, and give you guys some ideas. I'm excited to see some customization that will be happening as we sell more of these as all of you guys use this as a tool to customize your setup for your type of riding. I love riding in Sand Hollow. This is similar to what we'll do. We're a little different because of course we do so much content. We carry a lot of camera gear with us, so let's get into it.

(1:15) Alright, so being here in Sand Hollow, like most riding spots, we're carrying our full-size spare tire. For me, that is a Method 407 bead grip wheel with a 33 inch Tensor DS. This B2G will accommodate up to a 35 inch tire. This is a set of I run and of course we've got it secured with a SpeedStrap Y-strap ratchet. So before we get into what is in the B2G, I have a little trick to get even more storage once I take my tire off.

(1:48) I've got a little hidden bag. This is a PRP inner wheel bag and what I like about this is that there is some dead space and there's something that is easy to throw in and I'm going to carry with me on most all my rides. I can throw it in the B2G, but this is my little bag and inside of it I've got a couple important items. These are something I hopefully won't use, which are some ratchet straps. Those come in handy when someone breaks a front end off of their car or they rear end off of their car. Had to use a few of those myself. I have a belt up here which is nice. I just like keeping the belt out of the way. You can't see it out of the elements and then I've got a SpeedStrap. So I had this on my race car. You guys know if you're a racer and you have to carry one. I've got a big Bubba Rope which I'll take on other rides. Maybe if we're talking Moab, I've had a couple wild experiences in Moab and needed a bigger rope but it's nice to have this. It's fairly compact 30-footer. We used it to tow my truck out of the sand last night. I'll share the video with you on that, but it's rated for a lot of stuff. Stays out of the way. You can loop it through itself. It's got that elasticity so you can get a lot of momentum. Awesome product. Just another little way to gain more storage before we get into the storage box or something.

(3:03) Alright, being that we're different than a lot of you guys, a lot of you consumers might not be carrying as much camera gear as we do, but we have a backpack full of camera gear for content. Got a nice heavy duty bag here. We can get our drone off of and land. We've got GoPros, lenses, SLR camera, batteries, charge packs, etc. We use a lot of the GoPro stuff for running and gunning with RAM mounts, but that bag is big. It's nice to have being out here in Sand Hollow. We can do a lot of shorter runs grabbing content from kind of the popular spots and things, and that goes with us on Glamis trips. I like the box so we can kind of set up trip by trip. That's one of the things that for us will go most of the time. Even if I did do a big ride like Arizona Peace Trail, we always need a camera gear because of course we're always documenting almost every time this car touches the dirt.

(3:51) One thing that always comes inside of the B2G is a cooler. Now this cooler isn't anything overly fancy. It's not as nice as a Yeti. I believe it's an Orca. I initially bought this because we made a storage box on my old race car to fit in the diameter or the size of it. But what I like about it is the shape of it, being that it's tall and upright. It's got enough storage for a full day. It tends to work pretty well. Actually, it's a Polar Bear. So I thought it was an Orca, but it's kind of a cheaper brand but works good. I'm a big fan of the soft cooler, especially for the application here. They take up a little bit less space. They tend to not damage anything inside. They're soft, of course, and that's why I'm a fan of them.

(4:30) Got that. Tool-wise, something I've experimented with. I'll show you my new tool kit. I don't work for these guys. I don't get paid on commission, but I went to the Sand Show and these guys had a special. I've been eyeing this kit. This is the Speed tool kit. So for a while I've been using Voxel tool rolls, which I love that product. It's great to have a roll. It's soft, it doesn't rattle around. I bring it with me all the time. I want to have a couple of those. If I get another one for my truck, I can take it to the dirt bike track with my kid. But a Speed tool kit just seems to be on another level. I like what it has. They were on special, so I kind of splurged. 700 bucks, but when you're talking about having almost anything you would need, you're getting all the wrenches, you're getting all your sockets, knee pads. You can check for electrical issues. You've got a lot of things to really make sure you're covered. I'm doing a big ride, an Arizona Peace Trail type ride coming up soon, so it's nice to have this. I've got a 27 and a 30 for taking off an axle of a Polaris or a Can-Am. You can fit any clutch tool you've got for this, and I know I'm gonna have this for a while. So I guess a little bit of a splurge, but I think they've done a good job with the kit.

(5:48) The one thing I'll say I like over this kit more than Voxel tool roll is that with the Pelican case, it's going to keep it waterproof. The only thing I didn't really like about the tool rolls is inevitably they get wet. Water leaks from your cooler or you pressure wash your car without taking things out, and those tools get a little bit of rust. They're high quality tools, they still work fine. It's just a fact that I like having a hard case. Being that it's heavy, I don't want it banging around, pounding whoops. Use the inner plate here on the B2G to weld on some nuts. We can make some nice hook washers and then securely tie it down so we can use that for that application. That kit is a little bit overkill for a lot of day-to-day riding, but it's nice to have when you're really gearing up for long rides. A lot of you guys are going to be purchasing B2G or similar to me in that regard. If you want something that's ready for Baja and you've got all of your bases covered.

(6:45) Got the drain plug here, of course, which makes it nice and easy to wash out. Still plenty of room for other things like a sweater. Now going riding up in Northern Arizona, flash floods, flash storms come out of nowhere. So bring a tarp. We'll put it on the bottom, put it up top because if we do get stuck in a flash storm, we can just put it over us. We can wait it out for 20 minutes or so. That's something you can easily add in here. All different types of things. When my wife goes to Glamis, my wife has a little portable pop-up potty shade. That thing folds up. We can put it in here as well. So it almost gets to be ride by ride. If I'm taking one of my kids with me, I might have another little pack of snacks, that type of thing. So it just really depends. But that's, it's versatile. I'm excited to see what you B2G owners are going to do. We're gonna probably get into some pretty cool stuff like making a custom bracket down here to mount in a Milwaukee pack out. It might take away some space, but a lot of guys really love that product. Either pack out cooler, etc. Other things I'll probably throw in for a big Baja ride might be my little inflatable Makita portable air pump. I've also got a little jump start jump pack as well. So extra ancillary things that I've seen and people use on the trail. You might have seen a video we've done before where we talked about all the tools I carry. I also have a small pack which I carry at times too. It has extra hardware, so common stuff that might break on this or anybody else's car. I've seen a lot of random things and we'll link the video below of what I'd carry in that pack and what comes along with it.

(8:13) So that's a little quick and dirty. A lot of ways you can accessorize this. As you can see, it holds a lot of things. We'll also show you below in the description the inner dimension so you can plan accordingly if you've got a cooler you already like or think about how you want to get this all set up.


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