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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad takes on Dragoon Mountain Range in Southern Arizona with Can-Am Crew! For more information about the group, visit: www.can-amcrew.com


what's up everybody nick olson chupacabra offroad getting up early this morning had to leave my house around 3 30 to get down here to a riding area it's going to be a poker run today hosted by the canyon crew of Facebook group cool group of people put on a good ride so I'll be managing one of the checkpoints for the poker run gotta get the car unloaded and head over and cool to check out this area I've done a little bit of off-roading here when I used to work for polaris I picked up a demo unit an ace and I unloaded it it was kind of nearby near fort oaxaca and did a little exploring but it's pretty cool down here in southern Arizona it's really green higher elevation cooler temperatures it's gonna be under 90 degrees today so that's going to be nice as I'm just hanging out waiting for people to come by so I can give them some swag and hopefully a winning poker hand so let's go see what's going on the event [Music] all right I'm here at my spot which is stop four for a five stop poker run hosted by the can-am crew can-am crew is a Facebook group that started a little while ago the german who started the Facebook group his name is demas kilby he does a great job in terms of a moderator and keeping the group going organizing rides you organize a ride in conjunction with a dealer that he works with named dmp performance in cedar city Utah so if you guys are in Arizona southern Utah you're looking to join a ride particularly if you're a canadian owner jump on their Facebook page can-am crew I decided to sponsor and come out just had a big group of utvs come by and say hi gave him some stickers gave him some swag and just a good day to be out here it's nice weather it's not super hot and a good day to ride and kind of support YOU KNOW the local riding community down here in southern Arizona [Music] [Music] my name is demas kilby this is the first annual tombstone poker run this it's kind of a unique area with all the rocks and the the formations not well known lots of mines along the trail basically about 85 miles of trail with a cover for a seven point poker run so it's a it's a good time good family event to come to put on by can-am crew by dmp cochise motorsports joe to go chupacabra off-road and and just everybody else who comes out makes this possible it's it's been a great time it is one of the better riding areas down here in cochise county so we do spend a lot of time out here what we like about it is we can go into tombstone spend the day we can head across the mountain and see the ghost towns and just being able to explore all the abandoned mines throughout the throughout the hills it's just kind of unique you got a little bit of rocks you got some fast YOU KNOW some fast desert sections just yeah just great tj's bar and grills on the back side of the mountains in sunsite so we always like to go support them a small very small town but good atmosphere.


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