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by Nick Olson

Well, you never know what you are missing until you try it, RIGHT? We sold one of our Polaris RZR's and wanted to try out a Can-Am, so we picked up a 2021 CanAm X3 RC Turbo RR. I've driven a few of the X3's, both in the dunes and in the desert, but you can't really get to know a machine until you own one.


What's up everybody nicholson chupacabra off road and i joined the dark side long time polaris owner first time cannon owner i'm excited to see what the hype is about i've driven a couple of these in different situations but first time owning one so really exciting gotta give a huge shout out to nash powersports bill nash brandon nash the team uh run an amazing dealership they gave us a killer deal they stock our products they've been great to work with and very helpful so if you guys are in the arizona area and you're looking for a new utv honda yamaha can-am uh they do have some polaris on used here and there awesome group of guys three locations decided to go with the rc so we're buying this vehicle brand new here in early october 2021 there's basically almost no new units to be had luckily they had one of these rc's i might have gone with a different model i was definitely not going to go with the smart shocks or the base model because before i did make my purchase i talked to my suspension tuner wayne island of all tech and he said hey nick for what you like to do get the suspension dial the two and a half inch fox shocks are not gonna work as well as these 3.0 and honestly like the smart shock can-am stuff isn't as dialed as you would probably prefer so go ahead and get these which are the 3.0 of course that also come on the rr model and i'm excited to own a vehicle with all this adjustability if you guys have been following the channel you know i'm a suspension nerd so high in low speed compression high and low speed rebound you know got a real dual rate system so i'm excited to get these to wayne have him work his magic but also be able to fine-tune it but before we do that we're going to put a few hundred miles on it drive it stock see how it really feels so maybe you can articulate better when we do upgrade it so i know usually with all these new utvs everything feels nice and crispy for the first few hundred miles and you kind of get a real idea of what it works like so again we've got to go with the rc model i'm excited it doesn't match our tube colors but we'll be able to put something together but um most of you guys probably know this is the rock crawler version so you've got extra skid plate coverage you've got the front winch standard you also have a couple other things like the aluminum roof the intrusion bar 32 inch tires so you guys know me i'm all about having some real tires we'll run these we'll try them out before we switch them up maybe we'll run a 33 maybe we won't but excited to have a car that is really dialed right here off the showroom floor so you guys have been following the channel as well you would have seen that we launched the b2g rear storage rack so of course we're gonna be using this to test that out make some modifications continually improve it before we go to market with you guys here later this year for uh the consumer version of itself we're gonna get this thing loaded up take it back to our local desert thanks again nash powersports we'll catch up with you in a minute [Music] [Laughter] [Music] foreign [Music] all good [Music] [Music] so back from the first ride first impression was overall really good one of the things i mentioned earlier after you kind of saw some of the driving footage shots on the train that we got to uh go experience like i said it's got some ruts it's got some some moves that type of thing which which makes it good to kind of get a feel for it but i thought the power wasn't as abrupt as i was expecting uh the last time i drove a 2c can am it was a little bit older it was a 2018 and it was i think a stage two or stage three where you know it was clutched and staged just kind of had that horsepower hit maybe a little bit harder and being this the first time i've driven an rc edition you know a can am i come stock clutch with 32s i thought the power delivery was really smooth and linear so i didn't have that kind of throw you back in your seat feel which i actually kind of like because you kind of modulate the throttle a little bit more and it almost is kind of like what eco mode what i thought it was going to feel like versus sport mode if that makes any sense so that was kind of a first impression overall with the power not to say that it was slow it was just kind of very linear and compared to the the polaris it kind of felt like it almost you start to take off and the revs would start to go up like you're in low range but you need to be in high and then kind of clutch out and build speed so just like a little bit of a see the pants feel that might change a little as it continues to get broken in but uh power wise it was really impressive i do like the two different modes you know as you guys know if you follow a channel i can do all different types of riding so it's gonna be nice door in that eco mode that's smooth the power delivery when we are playing on the rocks so look forward to doing some more of that type of riding in this car and um suspension wise again like i mentioned really impressed with the overall small bump sensitivity i will be getting the shocks will be sprung and revalved um before that i'll just kind of play around with it drive a little bit more stock and then start playing around with the crossover rings as well as the high and low speed clickers uh if you guys know me know i'm a bit of a suspension geek i like toying with that type of thing so it's nice to have a car with all those adjustments good to drive it before we throw our new b2g rear storage rack on the back so i have a good feel and like i said it's it's good to kind of understand these things i can relay this information better to you when we do more tuning we do get these valve and re-sprung so i can convey to you guys really what you are getting for your money and how what i feel about the car so it's just kind of one of the fun elements of driving a new vehicle so like i said i just said the tires 12 psi left at bone stock we'll let that thing kind of break in maybe for another 100 miles or so and start to see where we're at ride height wise we already have some 32-inch tire stock so we've got a good base to go off of i might be switching back to some 33-inch tires and we'll kind of get those numbers all together as we get used to it used to driving and playing with it and seeing like what we like and what i recommend and what the of course what the suspension tuner recommends so that's kind of why with this first video was just set up as it was so okay so i'm kind of alluding to why i got the vehicle that i got nick first off a two-part question again a lot on social hey why did you get a 21 instead of a 22 and then most importantly nick why did you jump ship from polaris to can ham so it's kind of funny and i used to work for polaris the fact that i'm i'm kind of jumping ship and only my first non-polaris utv but to answer the question first this kind of question all goes together basically we announced a new product we've been working on for a while at the san sho called our b2g storage track well we want to keep iterating on that we've been selling some of those we're going to continue to sell more we want to make that that product as good as it can be which is really going to allow that to accelerate once i own a can-am i spend some time getting some seat time with that product in different conditions and we've got some trips planned of course for the next few months as starting to cool off we get into our riding season so that was a big reason honestly why we wanted to go with the can-am i've always had an interest in wanting to to own one and it's good for kind of making content at this point we've made over 200 videos on our youtube channel all with polaris and while that's good and well it's something i know really well you don't really know what you're missing and i'm always kind of i have that curiosity to know what i would be missing so basically with the speed being delayed however long it's going to be delayed we needed something to drive we're also working on products for you x3 owners so it's good to use these products to test them get a better feel in comparison you know as you guys know i spent a ton of sea time in polaris now it's going to spend some sea time in the canyon it'll make it better off in terms of me explaining how i think the speed compares to those things and how we talk about upgrading the x3 so we'll be kind of upgrading the can-am kind of part by part we're not going to do a complete build on it right out of the gate i don't really necessarily care to do that i like to kind of drive it and see how each kind of upgrade feels so kind of do something different than what i see other companies do in the aftermarket but um you know we actually make a lot of content as well so i want to relate the value of these type of things in addition to us adding all of our own products that we'll be working on and also using to develop more so that was kind of the short answer of why i decided to make the plunge and get a can-am um a couple people commented hey you got kids why not the four-seater well if you guys have seen some of the content on the channel i really don't like the max four-seater i hate how long it is i think it's unnecessary i don't think it's near as fun to own and drive and all the scenarios i like to drive and um you know if the speed shows up and it's not what i'm expecting what i would do is probably sell the speed and then get uh my two-seater i'd have a custom stretch to 117-inch wheelbase which madigan motorsports and a few other companies have done so that might be the holy grail utv if the speed doesn't end up to be all it's cracked up to be but i think the speed will just saying as we kind of move forward and try different things that's kind of what i'm looking at at the moment unless you know polaris has something amazing here in the next few months or years so that's just kind of how i think about it just wanted to try something different i the two-seater the the wheelbase is really good it's really good and i'm sure once you get the suspension the setup kind of dialed in um it's going to be even better in a big range of scenarios and i think with rock crawling i'm going to be a little more scared not having that longer wheelbase that i had on the polaris 4 which is why i kind of wanted to try those type of gnarly obstacles like we went to moab and i went for it i don't think i'm gonna try some of the gnarly obstacles like that in the canyon just because the two seaters don't have as much wheelbase of course which makes it more difficult and scary so we'll see who knows i got the rc i got the winch maybe i'll try to take that thing back to moab and get up uh pritchett canyon uh we'll see so it's fun to always try different things have different experiences you know and um see how it goes so in the meantime next trip on the docket is glamis i'll be going out with a couple days with my family so my little guy he wants to go for his birthday he'll be riding his little atv i'll be on my dirt bike and probably the wife and my youngest will be in the two seat cam am so for this trip and then in the future like i said hopefully we'll see the the speed four seater here in the next few months as we get into more of these like family ride type of events and rides and such so a lot of you guys ask hey nick why'd you get a 21 well i really anticipated being able to have a 22. i mean as history has shown us usually can-am will make a release 22s will be on the ground right about now or before well you know we're living in unprecedentedly different times and i spoke to one of my buddies that owns a dealership as soon as i got to the sand show a couple weeks back and he said hey nick bad news those 22s i thought were going to be getting in october well now can am pushed him back i might not see any 22s until december or january so it was a bit of a bummer i know i made some content you know the 22s are improved i would have liked to have gotten an improved 22 with 850 watt stator with the updated rear hubs but you know i didn't have the the time unfortunately to wait for two to three three and a half months to get one and once i started calling around i really realized how few two-seaters even exist you know in the entire state in the southwest so i reached out to a lot of people just has an idea you know i come from the sales world working in polaris i know how many units dealers normally had on the ground and i want to be realistic you know with what expectations were with pricing and whatnot so of course uh my boys at nash powersports took care of me those guys are awesome check them out here if you're in the area you're looking for a great deal on a can-am and they had an rc so it didn't match the the jive of the of the chupacabra teal originally i was going to try to find an all-black rr model but you know it is what it is the rc's rad it's kind of got some of those nicer accessories already like i said i'm excited to have a car with a winch and i've never had that before so we'll get into making it cool maybe get rid of some of the red i'm not sure we'll definitely incorporate some teal of course and kind of the flat color that chalk is is a really good looking color so it's uh it's a cool vehicle i like the uh additional skid plate protection on the trailing arm the front bumper i think i might go with something different you know you can't really put some lights on it i don't know if i'm going to do a light bar up top this time i might switch it up and just have some lighting on the top of the front shock tower of course on our new lights and we might do some additional lighting down on our front bumper if i decide that i want to or decide that we need it so stay tuned guys we're going to build this can-am out like i said kind of part by part a little bit slower i'm not sure what cage we're going to go with what doors all that type of thing but we got some some things in store to make it cool and make it unique and make it a of course a car that's equipped for all different types of riding that we like to do on the channel so if you guys like the content thanks for watching again go ahead like and subscribe share comment below and as always got a whole lot more coming your way.


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