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Vegas To Reno - # 1983 Race Vlog

by Nick Olson
Vegas To Reno - # 1983 Race Vlog

Chupacabra Offroad joined the # 1983 Arizona Specialty Elite Raceworks team of John Estrada and Ryan Ottersberg to tackle the longest race in the United States - 530 miles of Nevada desert. We had ups and downs, started 33rd, and ended up with a top 10 finish in our class. Here is our story:

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Another 2000 ID what's happening back in Vegas Vegas Torino 2018 I'm going to be racing second half in the 1983 elite race works non-turbo razor excited to be here to be my fourth time participating in the Vegas arena one time racing on a bike one time chasing for a class a truck and another time chasing for motorcycles so grew up in Vegas born and raised really excited to be back loved seeing all the race cars the atmosphere and excited to get it going tomorrow we've got 530 miles the longest race in the United States so speaking of racing I've got a new race chassis in the works built by fab Works which is the same company who built this chassis right here so I'm gonna spy on it I'm really excited I haven't seen finished photos or even it's getting really close I think I'm gonna pick it up in about a week or two hopefully I'm not a real big time best anneza racer but I'm excited to get a race chassis built do some local races learn more about what a high-end car feels like provide better feedback to you guys all the viewers and just learn become more educated about the nuances morning everybody just outside Beatty Nevada here at pit 1 Vegas Torino race day our car is either just about to get off the line or has just taken off line got some other turbo class entrance just coming through we're here at pit one we had to get ahead just to get a visual thing give a chance to get a video of the car starting but ready to go here all right back in the race truck headed to pit you are actually going past a tune up in three car look good had some issues with that Pro fenders coming off but all good I think we passed seven or eight vehicles at least Chris and Matlock got around us she was right behind us everyone knows she's fast and solid so hopefully we can just stay behind her and keep it running all right we're here at a pit for about a desert ghosting got through pit three everything's all good now now we're back car was working well I'm gonna jump a few spots I estimated maybe 15 16 backed about 2/3 in our class so hopefully we revived back on pace but race still far from over so that fire came out of nowhere that was just a little bit of gas hitting that break loader but kudos to Hall motorsports they were really safe a lot of other teams pitched in and then not being that bigger than this half they still got to finish line unfortunately I have a whole lot more video until II to the very end things started to happen they're really high rate the new driver and I are supposed to jump in at 11 we get to pit eight and after deciding to do a new primary clutch change because we've been struggling with power loss all day they we just decided to jump in at that point and do that last half of the race so the car was only doing around 55 60 I think the first driver in co-rider said and then once we got in the vehicle we had some issues we got to like 25 miles an hour going up the hill so we stopped and pulled over got out of four-wheel drive in the car ran better so immature in the last part of the race and two-wheel drive which which made for some eventful moments going through some of those those silt beds and whatnot but awesome course very well laid out I thought getting to cover all a different type of ground was really fun except for the last 30 miles was was really rocky as you can tell I claim but if you didn't hear it claimed a lot of tires and and broke down vehicles so we took the vehicle over in about 17th and rallied up tonight so kudos to Nick Hui the driver jumped in he was he was killing it we we would get going we would see a little bit of a blue flashing light and a little bit of dust and then from there it was just reeling in you know over and over and we did that to at least seven or eight or nine vehicles so a very fun experience no real flats no real issues just some gas and girls from that point on I they ran into a drive and was really an awesome and awesome experience so the car I thought work really really well and and usually bad for navigation in the trade so enjoy these last few clips hope you guys liked the movie if you did know what I'd like and subscribe and got more very content coming [Music] all right who's driving they accurately race works make an awesome car gets through this rough terrain there to the militia helping us authorship while erasing KMC method wills B of G tires here one flat for this whole thing everybody all right good job take a picture another Chupacabra sightings of their own across a few notches do you believe in the chupacabra.


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