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by Nick Olson

Just purchase a new RZR, or considering getting into the offroad world with a new RZR? Check out this video for some tips on where to start. We’ve owned many RZR’s, and tried a lot of accessories. It’s essential that you add a few accessories to your new RZR for safety, comfort, and convenience to make for the best experience possible. Many of these items are not overly expensive, and with thousands of options in the market place, you can pick exactly what you need for your riding environment, the first time. If you’re interested in spending money on accessories that add value, not just “bling”, this guide is for you!


Are you the owner of a new Polaris RZR make sure you check out these seven accessories to make your off-road experience even better hi I'm Nick Olson founder of chupacabra off-road at the top of the list you need to strongly consider some four or five point seed harnesses most of these vehicles are doing over 70 miles an hour stock and the standard three point seat belt similar to in a car it's just not going to cut it you're in these vehicles with your family friends and loved ones the vehicles have so much performance is something you strongly need to consider because it's all about having a safe ride second on the list are lower doors or door inserts it's nice to go on a ride and stay clean keep the dust and mud off of you as well as having the peace of mind of having a complete enclosure down by your legs it also adds an element of safety for protruding bushes or rocks as well as keeping you clean another nice feature about lower doors is they do keep you a little bit warmer on a cold or high-speed ride a lot of people will keep the factory upper doors because the latches tend to work really well and not rattle but you can go completely custom if you choose there's a lot of lower door options there's complete door replacements lower door options start off at $89.99 third on the list are mirrors both side mirrors and Center for a lot of people side mirrors are most efficient because if you've got storage in the rear of your vehicle a spare tire being shorter it's always more difficult to see out of the rear so the side mirrors come in handy the mirrors are especially helpful when you're strapped in with four or five point safety harnesses because your movement is restricted and it's very important to be able to see what's behind you whether you're in the dunes checking up on a riding buddy behind you or simply backing your vehicle out of the garage or loading it into your trailer most side mirrors including our Chupacabra off-road mirrors have a breakaway design so they will move out of the way but not break if you're on a tight trail and they are struck by brush trees or branches fourth on the list to go inside of your doors are some nice door bags door bags are so nice to have that storage right at your fingertips again being strapped in with four or five point safety harnesses you've got some snacks you've got sunblock a microfiber rag to keep your vision clean a quick access to your cell phone if you want to snap a quick photo of a buddy or a pretty sight storage is really important but I'm telling you door bag storage just makes life a lot easier and it's just great to have a lot of your necessities within fingertip reach next on the list is a windshield you've got a lot of options half windshields full polycarbonate or glass the beautiful thing about windshields is gonna keep you warm when it's cold they're gonna keep the dust out of your eyes and I'm just gonna make the experience a little bit more enjoyable half windshields are a great option they really do keep the cold wind off of your hands and keep you a lot cleaner and they're inexpensive and a lot of them will pop on and off without tools a full glass windshield is preferred to keep them clean and scratch resistant if you're gonna choose a paly windshield make sure you go with a hard coated polyurethane surface which is up to 30 times more scratch resistant than your standard poly next on the list is a storage box for your rear bed if you're gonna go on a ride you're gonna need some drinks and snacks and you're gonna need some storage for tools and spare parts like a spare belt it's really important that you go with something that is sturdy and ideally waterproof so it's gonna hold up whether you get caught in some rain some mud and also not get your contents wet when your pressure washing your vehicle off after a long trip one point you want to consider when you're shopping for storage bags or boxes is an easy release and removal so you can quickly get to your air filter because it's really important to clean out your air filter after every ride an ideal set up will have enough storage for your tools and necessities as well as your cooler without restricting your vision finally on our list if you're going to be riding in the sand dunes or in hilly areas with a lot of blind spots a whip flag is a necessity the whip Flags provide a great field of vision just to keep you safe from having any collisions with other riders particularly in the dunes but a lot of other environments as well the standard stock locations of the whip flag mount are a pain to install I suggest you go with a universal billet machine mount that you can mount onto your roll cage a quick-release setup so you can easily remove to put them out of the way when you're loading your vehicle into your garage or your trailer and also you prevent you from damaging them all the products are linked below in the description or if you have any other additional questions send us an email sales at chupacabraoffroad.com


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