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Vegas 2 Reno 2019 – Too Tough For a Stock SxS

by Nick Olson
Vegas 2 Reno 2019 – Too Tough For a Stock SxS

Chupacabra Offroad headed back to the longest race in the United States, 505 miles this year to be exact. Unfortunately, our team ended up not seeing the finish line.

I received a call from my buddy Chad Borino, who was slated to drive the middle portion of the race, and needed a Co-rider. After Co-riding the 2nd half of the race last year, and building my own race car this year, I had a lot more knowledge and experience to contribute to the team. The team owner Bill Hermant, is the owner of Reno Cycles & Gear, a successful Polaris dealership in Northern Nevada. The team races regularly, and has races V2R 3 times before. They had a good game plan and a solid team. We were racing in the Sportsman UTV class, which only had 4 entrants.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get in the RZR, and after the radiator fan went out, it could not be repaired, and we had to call the race.No one in this class finished, so maybe this race is simply too tough for a stock SxS.

Racing is tough, and V2R was brutal- congrats to all the finishers and team that won their classes. We will be back!


So this just goes to these clips like this all right you want me to stay here take you back here go like this right what do we have here another Chupacabra they went for more than alien look hind legs looks pretty cool good luck Cuba Cobras 2 to 3 we looking for you guys hope you win your class what he’s pushing you too hard for orders stuff like that he knows he was a rep when I’m a tough customer because I met my I’m at my shop literally sensitive way yellow it actually the eyeballs the yellow and stuff that looks really connected we get back to we’ll have to put him in your sea because we might have to adjust this for him and everything else oh yeah co-driver mine otherwise you didn’t have to drive you Memphis it that’s it hey I’m okay with that too a water I got I got a hater and a half all behind me but it’s all BLM behind me too so stick your head let him threaten at night yeah right there okay that’s the bonus driving at night I got Tygra last year front of you and him all are watching your videos Nick nice to meet you they called you with some stickers you know what give me one second laughs I am a half for you I’ll be right back is this your car yeah that’s okay I’ll be right back my dad said watch what we did ya know I’m gonna get a fresh one do three good ones that you guys keep the robber down Chupacabra off-road back in the desert you guessed it vegas Sereno again two years in a row first road crossing on the way to pit one got the call for my buddy to co ride in a sportsman UTV we’re racing in a pretty much stock turbo s owned by Bill Herman owner of Reno cycles so super excited to be back I love this race as you guys know if you watch the footage from last year then there’s a couple times over the years chasing on a bike second time on a side-by-side and it’s gonna be a hot one until we get up north basically I’m gonna be jumping in the car around mile marker 208 running to about 420 so I’ll be doing about a half of the race the middle section so we’ll probably get in a little ways before it gets dark we’re in the sports pen UTV class so we’re starting like second-to-last row so I think it’s been a long day for us I don’t see us coming into the finish line before 2 a.m. so hopefully I have a clean run just excited to watch these fast guys come through before they all go away and we’re gonna be at the back waiting so I’ll be co-writing with my buddy Chad who’s driven this race a couple times the race car owner Bill Herman owner of Reno cycles his races race a few times he’s also raced in a trophy truck spec so team is really prepared excited to be here I got my dad with me helping me chase and follow us along and I’m about to go get things going with Ferrier and squared the comps are they out of a painting area there how’s the birthday guys how’s it going well can we request that safe go back forward s 9 9 1 we’re right out there as well yeah yeah we saw that one okay was it a doozy razor razor yeah we have we saw its American flag on the roof okay they said three miles out we saw nine nine one I couldn’t see who they were because we were dealing with them but I saw them sitting on the side we’re just overheated so if we get back we can finish no problem yeah as long as it doesn’t have a broken where it needs to be the pipe that lifts them up I’m good I can go get them and we’re okay we’re legal we’re not gonna get a DQ because you guys are doing awesome thank you so raise up date drama pip3 we’re dead in the water right here on the dry lakebed just checked out the rulebook we’re okay to keep going as long as we requested we can help safely for my best in the desert official we’re not gonna get DNF so we’re going good we were started off in 4th place had a flat tire before pit 1 and then one guy went down another guy broke so got up to 2nd place before pit 3 here but going 75 miles an hour on this silt bed and then overheated so we’ve been stuck for probably 15 minutes and that’s where we’re at so I’ll bring in a tow back cool the car down and get back on there yeah take the cover off well we got as far as getting our suits on fans toasted we’re still here at pit three burning out our welcome to pit three and got the car going we thought I got five miles out and heat it up again car overheated so brought it back in we tried everything we had some wired actually hardwired and fans toasted so before – this is how it ends try again next year brutal race cars wasn’t staying cool enough but try to do what we could do to get it running.


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