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Bought a New SxS! Which 4 seater is Best? Can Am X3 XRS Max or Turbo S 4

by Nick Olson
Bought a New SxS! Which 4 seater is Best? Can Am X3 XRS Max or Turbo S 4

Thanks to winning a RZR at Tierra Del Sol, we won a RZR 2 seater Velocity, but sold it so we had budget to purchase a new Polaris Turbo S 4 Dynamix, 2 to be exact (our other Chupacabra Andrew Garvey also purchased a Turbo S 4 Dynamix). Most of you in the Southwest are going to buy 4 seaters, so this video is for you.

If you’re looking to buy this season, at the Sand Show, and are trying to figure out which model, 2019 vs 2020, check out this video. We break down some Pros and Cons of both vehicles, and give you some food for thought if you are a duner, wheelbase snob (like me) or trying to figure out if a 2020 is worth the extra dough, given current rebates and incentives, this video will hopefully help you out.

Thanks to Travis, Josh, Chip and the crew at Coyne Powersports, their new store is beautiful and they stock a lot of great accessories, and are the closest Polaris, Can Am, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki dealer to Glamis, Ocotillo, and Superstition. They went big on inventory for the Sand Show in Mid-September, and have 2 locations in Southern California.

Here’s the link to the EVO Powersports 2020 CanAm XRS breakdown, there are some nice upgrades this year for the undisputed horsepower king!


Don’t think I’ve seen you like two years it’s been a while I think since our Baha I think oh yeah yeah I watched you drive away – guys a real Markkula Chupacabra probe back in the desert everybody saying how to Andrews Park chupacabra what’s going on guys we helps part of the team on social media here and we’re back in the desert it’s 115 degrees where they’ll central red coin power sports picking up our new cars I got the gray one Andrews got the blue turbo s 2019 fours awesome day man Jupiter Road twins coming to you soon yeah we’re gonna load these things up go back to Andrews house there’s a little bit cooler and talk some shop so Angela can help me load this thing up I think when it comes off the internet I’ve got like two inches it’s gonna fit my trailer so, so here’s a part of my trailer while your good guy we’re doing a custom cage and a roof rack so I’m hoping I have any issues when I get it all done the race car is no big deal but now I got this what’s the mirror cited by thought so all good got the razor back home in the garage and amazing feeling thanks again to Kira del Sol for making this even possible for for us here to have another vehicle on a fleet this season it’s gonna be awesome so they give me a lot of questions and DM is about hey if you’re gonna buy a new 4 seater what would you pick most stuff on the internet sell for the two-seater number argues brand loyalty blah blah blah but well I’m going to talk to you guys for governments about why I chose the turbo S 4 and what my thoughts were having them two-seater would’ve been an x3 for me I was really wanting to try a new vehicle you know I think about like this vehicle purchase well what would made the most sense for what we can do provide more value to the viewers here on the YouTube channel and me having a different vehicle would definitely add to that I’ve only owned Polaris but like I said a two-seater I worked on x3 there’s some amazing rebates on 20 many teens I think the smart lock is legit I love the longer stroke shocks and plenty of horsepower options to get up above 172 and I think honestly the can a motor and transmission is just flat-out better and more powerful and obviously a lot more aftermarket tuning options in the range of turbo but we’re talking for Cedars in the southwest most of us are under four Cedars if you’re like me you’ve got kids my littlest guys just turned 2 so I’m excited a lot of family rides and even following the channel you know I love doing a lot of bigger adventurous rides Baja airs on the peace trail and then going to my lab for me was a really big deal I would love to get back and when I was there love how the 4 seat wheelbase just made life a lot easier a lot less sketchy trying some of those gnarly obstacles so I had to go for cedar just for all these reasons I love the space family when I get etcetera so then it comes to come to terminal s velocity Turbo S Dynamics can-am x3 actually a little twist I was going to put it I wanted to try something bad so different I got a couple quotes on buying a 2 CK mx3 stretching it to the same 117 inch wheelbase which on paper would like my dream side-by-side I think the cams longer shocks drove the motor trans we’ve been the perfect wheelbase so you know to touch our wheelbase that’s the main reason why I didn’t choose the can-am but I got a price quote from Madigan was a really well-known cage builder we’re gonna use a Madigan cage for this bill coming up here soon but the price was pretty reasonable it’s just I have to deal with all the drama with my racecar of getting down not a whole rabbit hole of custom everything the last thing I wanted to deal with was something that was custom that we’re stretching the wiring harness I wanted stock reliable you know great performance out of the box and this is just the magic wheelbase it just is like you know I think a lot of you guys would agree with me and pile on you guys are like me if I rather get the can-am try something different but that vehicle is just too long you know I’m Altima Lee this is a toy I want to have fun with it I want to be exciting and nimble you’re already not nimble you know as you would be in the two-seater and then when you extend it for all the different riding types that I like to do I just I can’t get over that you know it’s too much for me do you watch our gladness video we rented one I spent about four hours driving one of the do’s great power really like a lot of things about the car and I think if you’re just mainly a glamorous rat or your ass and you guy especially the model year 2020 I can’t am as a no-brainer you know after seeing the XP Pro come out and less power no seventy-two adoptions like you know that makes total sense if if you really are about the doom life but I like that but I like it also I try to think about what I’m going to be most happy about two years from now like I said all over the southwest so a couple pros I want to talk about the can-am really quick if you are on the fence I’ve made a little list right here so looking at the Cameo force either the longer stroke shocks I love the shock that leads to more suspension travel to properly better suspension travel when that thing can really just eat up some loops like slush stop not Wyatt’s it’s amazing I think that’s definitely design advantage just got on the Polaris motor and trans flat out there like I said I think I’ve heard a lot of good things about the reliability of the transmission in the can-am had a couple buddies lose some razor transmissions I think to use higher-quality bearings and components and we all know these kam specially to them they really run like a rigged ape so that’s definitely a strong point and then you know still better seats so you know a lot of nice big finish touches all in the canyon that Polaris has been lacking until we got to this model and of course the new XP Pro which is already designed so a couple of cons you know obviously the wheelbase killed it for me I really have a viable option to have a Madigan build that 117 car like I said I didn’t want to go on the customer have a hole it’s really pretty reasonable if you want going on that I would encourage checking them out or I’ve heard of some other guys know central other areas doing that so not out of the question if you really think about it for as much money as you spend on these things a lot of guys in here and do a Cajun custom doors anyway it’s not that big of a deal one big detractor I’m hearing too is just the long-term ownership of a can-am x3 and that leads to of course having to be felt the bulkhead having a potentially Gus at the frame you know a lot of guys have had issues with steering racks and bumps Drive I’ve actually recorded video and seen a front-end bump steer when it gets off the ground see it sounds like some people have that issue some people don’t you know I know shock therapy a lot of companies make upgrades to get over these things but that’s more money but I think what a lot of guys do when they are going with the max xrs Bend of goal of thirty five inch tires like look sick a lot of ground clearance but then you’re talking about at least a 45 pound tire which in my opinion is definitely on the heavy side and high a little bit too much for these vehicles and you’re accelerating the wear these things coupled with some rumors of the x3 having some some brakes that are up to snuff for that type of thing we know wallowing out of the frame guys obviously Bennett radius rods and then beefing up the rear of the car so that couple with also a guys saying that the Staters don’t push a light bar or accessories there as many accessories as the Polaris does this dynamic shock vehicles got a 900 watt stator so you know those type of things I think you do not eventually spend more money if you’re going all the way up for a fully built XR s probably will work better and be a better vehicle but you know you’re talking upgraded steering racks $2,000 all these other type of things if you do want to go get into the bigger brakes so you know I thought about all of that and from what I’ve heard or what I’ve seen the turbo West like it really seems like Polaris has learned some valuable lessons and this car seems to be beefy and when an OEM is stocking a car with the 44 pound right off the showroom floor they’ve got to make all this stuff hold up otherwise they’re gonna be dealing with you know their flagship model basically until very recently having a lot of issues having more bad case in the consumers mouth so I love the fact that this cars already clutched and set up everything is beefier the rear radius rods on these thing finally are super beefy the new front differential also uses the RS won’t hurt nothing but amazing things about it so to me it feels like this vehicle I’m not got to think about a steering rack worried about gusseting the frame and even these stock radius rods may be changed offers because those are always the first to go but you know I just feel like it’s it’s gonna work better I’ve never really had many dishes I won by 2018 that made a lot of noise but I think off the showroom floor without spending a lot of money the turbo was for the Southwest is the best car so that’s it guys I hope so anything value I hope this gives you a couple things to think about if you’re on the fence there’s some great deals on can 20:19 we’re gonna link a video on the description I watched a really cool walk around video with the guys at Evo going over the 2020 improvements of the key ottoman it’s impressive it’s not just a little ECU flash with a bigger intercooler and how they’re making the power and how they we clutch the the clutching everything is really impressive actually maybe one except to the whole 95 even though I’m not a huge horsepower phantom or this is AG geek so check that video out it’s very informative if you’re really thinking about 120 20 versus 20 19 km I’ll help you make your decision you’re gonna see a full detailed breakdown of this build the parts that we’re gonna get into and why I’m gonna change up pretty much the tires cage doors adding a radio heated seats more aligning of course you know it’s gonna be awesome really set up for some long adventures down in Mexico Arizona wherever our trips may take us so one quick tip if you’re looking at buying a four-seater here pretty soon coin power sports has a lot of the four seat velocities with Polaris as rebates and then in price reduction it’s an amazing deal I want to say they’re under 22,000 before fees so honestly if I had not won a free vehicle and had that head start up I would have gone with that because now you’re talking $6,500 roughly cheaper than the dynamics it’s really compelling I think that’s the best bang for the buck I mean dealers are going to only have inventory probably Intel sansho so if you’re really thinking about buying call coins because they’ve got the most and I think that’s a stellar deal it’s a great builder car and you’re getting all the beefy important stuff that I just went over so hope that helps you guys and finally kam guys sorry I really wanted to buy a kit and I really try something different you know we’re not really that biased but you know we think at this moment in time for me especially turbo less is where it’s at will for sure on a can in the future another of the competitors vehicles it’s an exciting time the industry super excited about what Kawasaki has got to unveil my first-ever dirt bike was the county so I got a soft spot I hope they come on something that’s a turbo that’s exciting for us in the southwest thanks again for watching the guys like this content please like it and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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