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by Nick Olson

We’re sharing with you our Top 10 Amazon Accessories for your CanAm! Everything discussed in the video has been linked below…


What’s happening everybody it’s nick olson chupacabra offroad coming back at you guys again this time with a top 10 list of the best finds for your canon mx3 off amazon now we sell a lot of products on amazon we are on amazon almost all day every day so we’re always seeing a lot of good products some stuff that we’ve used stuff that we recommend that are good price stuff that’s going to help you get your brand new x3 all set up so you can go take it out on your first long all-day ride adventure wherever you’re headed and be comfortable be safe and have some storage for everything you need so you can get through any experience or situation you might have so let’s get into it first things first now we don’t make these but we are a huge believer in four point harnesses our brand of choice prp these are prp three inch four point harnesses they are the sb 4.3 now i love these harnesses the three inch is really comfortable on your shoulders for you adults on all day rides i recommend if you’ve got a four seater and you’ve got little kids in the back get the narrower two inch size harnesses they also make but the 4.3 are awesome because they’re stitched together down here at the bottom so when somebody new in particular is getting in and out of the vehicle it’s just always easy all you have to do is find the right side find the left side and go ahead and latch around your waist cinch yourself down and you are solid and safe um i i can’t recommend these enough i put these in every single vehicle before i even go out on the first ride yes can-am does have some pretty good harnesses in some of the x3s not all but they’re not as good as these they don’t move around i mean some of these can-ams are coming off the showroom floor with almost 200 horsepower guys so make sure you’re safe get some really good high-quality harnesses take the stock ones out sell them throw them away put in some solid harnesses here prp is our recommendation all right moving on you’re going to need an override harness switch now like polaris you’re going to be limited to only 15 miles an hour because of the safety built in from the factory so buy one of these you only need one they’re only six dollars you go ahead and clip it right into where the stock harness goes and that’ll allow you to go above 15 mile an hour which is of course what you want to do so don’t forget it it’s quick and something that’s easier to forget about six bucks can’t have it really without the harnesses one two punch get it ordered and you’re good to go all right moving on to items three and four this is where chupacabra cut off road comes into effect so we make side mirrors and we make storage bags we make center mirrors also which we currently don’t have a centromere for the x3 stay tuned but if most of you guys have owned an x3 or sat in an x3 you would know that they’re very difficult to see out of and you need to get some side mirror so we make some quero side mirrors they work really well they bolt into two locations of the x3 first off in the stock location which is up high and then also in the second location which is a roll bar mount which you can mount those up or down wherever you would like so here’s the set that we make for your x3 they come with two mounting locations they come with the round tube roll cage mount and they come also with this direct mount this direct mount allows you to go ahead and mount them right up high in the stock roll cage location this works out really well if you’re going to do a full windshield so you can still mount these out of the way and they also come with long enough screws where you can use those to mount light bar tabs if you want to mount a 40 inch light bar on your stock roll cage so we make it quick and easy for you go ahead and buy the these that are designed for your stock roll cage the stock roll cage mount diameter is 1.875 inches so it works really well there to mount up and down if you prefer to get that set up so quick and easy on those storage wise we have the front door backs we also have them for the rear for the four seater these work really well they mount in with only one screw on each side they’ve got plenty of storage for your cell phone you can go ahead and throw some of those other items here in the front keys we also have a little carabiner clip on the inside a d-ring so you can securely lock your keys in go over some bouncy trails you’ll also notice some drain holes so if you’re getting these things wet and muddy they’ll drain out easily some of the best money you’ll ever spend because once you are secured and safely with your harnesses you can still get to all this stuff with the fingertips reach highly recommend these guys put some snacks in there put some tools in there go ahead and put some sunblock whatever you need thank me later all right moving on to number five you guys are gonna need to make sure you purchase an extra drive belt now all can mx3s are a cvt clutch transmission which means this drive belt is what keeps your x3 moving forward so make sure you grab an extra one make sure you go ahead and throw it in your vehicle and we’ll get into more where you can store that in just a second but you don’t want to get into a situation where you get out on the trail you break one of these and you don’t have anything to get you home you’re going to be dead in the water you should have an extra one of these in your vehicle at all times we recommend sticking with oem you can see here about 150 bucks not too bad grab one you’ll be safe for no matter what happens all right so now you got your drive belt where are you going to put it well storage is fairly limited particularly on the 2z model these x3s this center shoulder bag is a nice option it’s about 90 bucks and you do have a fair bit of space in between your shoulders this vehicle is a little bit wider than some of the other side by sides out there you can fit all different types of things in there you can fit some storage and some basic tools here you can see it’s pictured i definitely recommend a hacksaw in this photo i recommend some other elements if you’re interested in learning more about what we take on our rides what tools things we use like a jump pack or a tow strap etc we’ll link that in the description but you’re going to need some basic tools and you’ll need a storage place to put them so this is a nice solution right here that’s quick and easy to get to throw your belt in there some basic necessities and you’re good to go okay moving on you can’t go on a utv ride without having something to drink without having some snacks and some lunch particularly if you’re gonna go out for your first long all-day adventure this is a cooler that we’ve been using we really like it really seems to be designed well for utvs now this size is almost perfect for an all-day ride even if you’re out here in the desert it’s got enough storage to pack plenty of drinks and keep them cool you can also throw some sandwiches on top and some other cold snacks snacks for the kiddos and it’s a really good price so as you guys probably know there’s a million cooler options if you want to go high-end and get your yeti you can do that if you want to go with an arctic or even something lower cost like what you can find at your walmart you’re more than welcome but this ao cooler works really well they’re about 90 bucks they also have a higher end version which is 148 now it’s the same size but this is called the hd and the reason it is because it has a hard plastic bottom and with these utvs these coolers are going to be stored right above your motor which is always going to be building heat especially on most all these x3s which are turbo powered so not a bad idea to spend a little bit more and get the hd version i’ve used both of them it’s hard to really tell how much cooler it kept the drink kept the drinks but they do make that option it is out there if you want to spend a little bit more and i’d recommend i think they’re really good value for the money all right moving on you’re going to need a way to safely secure this cooler and this company utv inc and make a nice lot of little bells and whistles for utvs these little anchors tie down right into your bed and they’re 25 bucks so you can get these then you can simply use a tie down i recommend a ratchet strap to safely secure your cooler so you’re not going up a steep climb or pounding some big whoops and losing anything off the back of your car believe me the terrain that you’re going to hit on your first ride if you’re new to off-road is bumpier and rougher than you might anticipate and the last thing you want to do is lose all of your food lose all your cooler of drinks accessories and you lost those 20 miles ago so get something to securely tie down at the very minimum you’re going to want to tie down kit like this with some ratchet straps to keep your stuff safe all right moving on to number nine this could arguably be number one and this is a fire extinguisher with a fire extinguisher mount now we can’t stress enough being safe which is why we suggested harnesses for your number one item pick up a nice axia alloys fire extinguisher mount like this we use these on our race car we’ll use these on our play car they make different size diameter clamps based on wherever you’d like to mount it and a two pound can is a bare minimum you can do a two and a half pound can if you’d like or even if you don’t believe me you want to go with something a little bit cheaper than the axia there’s some cheaper options on amazon i really like the fit and finish of this buy this hopefully you never need it we believe that every side by side should have a fire extinguisher on it you know this could be back on the back of your vehicle so it might be used on somebody else’s if the time comes but do yourself a favor do everyone in your group a favor have one of these on the back of your vehicle and make sure everyone else that you ride with has one of these as well all right number 10 final on the list this is a quick little trick something that’s a good amazon find and this is a rear tail light harness now this is only 16 bucks and these are cool because they will link right into your rear taillight harness and this allows you to easily wire in some lighted whips or add some additional rear safety lighting whether that’s some amber lighting some chase lights or some additional tail lights now when you’re in big groups in the dust that’s hard to be seen and having some extra lighting is a good idea in the dunes you’re required to have a flag and a lot of guys like to step it up and go ahead and get a lighted whip so it adds to safety you can be seen easy you can customize your vehicle and this is a really quick easy way to do it you don’t have to run a power wire all the way to your battery or to your front bus bar pick up one of these little harnesses for 15 bucks plug it right in it’s really simple and clean and it’s a quick easy way to add more light to the rear of your x3 that’s going to do it that’s our top 10 list of course there’s probably 10 more things we could have listed if you want to learn more about some of the items we suggest we’ll link below in our description check out our website gives you some ideas of what we use in terms of what we use to shoot our videos so all the camera gear that goes along with mounting a gopro to your can-am or utv or other items you use in general to have a good first experience when you’re out in the desert so if you guys like the content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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