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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad enjoys the Arizona spring weather off-roading in Crown King, Arizona. Whether you enjoy a little bit of rock crawling or a quick day adventure, we recommend visiting Crown King.


Yeah buddy we’re going on the cranking run what’s happening nick olson chupacabra off road and uh today we’re doing a fun little ride out my back door basically in my backyard near lake pleasant in um northwest corner of the phoenix valley we’re going to do the crown king ride which is a classic it’s a favorite i’m going with a couple buddies one of which uh who’s leading us who knows this area really well so i might adventure off on the path there’s a couple different ways you can get up and down the hill to crown king which is a small town which is a cool spot to stop and grab a burger there’s a little country store and all that and then kind of head back down so i think mileage wise it’s maybe 60 miles round trip not super long but fun got a little bit of everything it’s it’s pretty good if you’re kind of new to off-roading so i’m gonna go ahead and start the gps tracker from where a lot of people tend to park there’s a bunch of places you can to get the ride going it’s usually on the back side here of lake pleasant catching with you later so all right so we made it fun little ride going up we hit some traffic not uncommon for crown king here during the springtime when the weather is good um hit some jeeps that kind of slow down for it’s a little bit more technical that way we’re gonna take a different way down the hill but always a fun ride pretty dry this spring fairly dusty but there’s only five of us so it wasn’t too bad once you space yourselves out but grabbed a burger here at the saloon and i’m gonna head back differently back down the hill and uh hopefully the faster way to get back down less traffic and kind of late getting up at it there was somebody who had a flight for life unfortunately right in the parking lot not sure what happened but i kind of slowed us down to get the ride going fun ride one of the most popular rides in arizona and uh as you guys can tell from a lot of the footage good to test it out if you’re new to rock crawling some sections you can try if you want to some cut off so you can kind of stay on the main trail which isn’t that bad just a couple of little sections that are a little tricky you saw my buddy in the uh cowie with if tires a little bit smaller than 32 inches you might drag here and there you gotta be a little bit more careful about your line selection but if you’ve got some decent-sized tires 32s and above you don’t have to worry about it it does get a little hairy i’ve heard when it snows or when it’s raining a lot um it’s a lot more water crossings and whatnot so we’ll check in with you guys later on so you.


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