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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad shares their Top 10 RZR accessories from Amazon! All links listed below…


What’s happening everybody Nick Olson Chupacabra Offroad coming to you guys back again with some tips on how to accessorize and outfit your new razer yep we sell a lot of products on amazon we’re on amazon all day every day so we think there’s some things there’s some pretty good deals some stuff that we use some stuff that we would recommend some of the first items you’re going to need after you do pick up that new razor you load it on your trailer you want to head out for your first all-day ride well you need a couple things it’s going to make it a much more enjoyable ride okay so let’s get into it starting with the first item on the list this is something that i absolutely believe you should buy with any utv vehicle and that is a good set of harnesses now this is what i’ve been using in my razors for the past several years these are by brand called prp we love their products we use their seats as well and these are some three inch four point harnesses which are called the sb 4.3 now you need to get that four point threes because they have sewn in the upper chest straps with the waist strap so this makes getting in and out of your vehicle particularly if you’ve got somebody new in the razor much quicker than normal so highly recommend those um easy just one clip on the front similar to a seat belt of a car then you cinch down your waist you cinch down your your chest straps and you’re good to go i’m such a big believer because these vehicles are so fast they’ve got so much performance now you need to be locked in things happen things happen fast and being safe in your vehicle for you and all your passengers is is not something you should be worrying about in these uh these new side-by-sides so do yourself a favor for you and all your loved ones make sure you’re safe pick up a really good set of harnesses i highly recommend these prp 4.3s easy to get in and out of really comfortable with the 3-inch on your chest over your shoulders it’s nice and comfortable if you have little kids riding in the back get the 2-inch width they’re a little bit narrower they’re very comfortable easier to get around the kids car seats wouldn’t want to even go on a first ride with anybody without those all right moving on to the next uh number two on our list well if you’re gonna install some harnesses your razor’s gonna be limited to 15 miles per hour unless you buy one of these switches this is a little seat belt bypass and that’s a safety feature that is built in to all new razors basically saying hey if your seat belt is not latched the vehicle is not going to go over 15 miles an hour so what you do is you buy one of these um online on amazon they’ll sell these in a two pack but you only need one only six bucks and um snap it right in you’re gonna have to remove your stock seatbelt harnesses and plug this in so you can get the full power of your vehicle so don’t forget about this otherwise you’re gonna try to go riding get your harnesses all set up and you’re not gonna be able to go anywhere because of that quick and easy six bucks keeping on moving down the trail full power all right moving on number three that’s where we come into play chupacabra off-road we make accessories for razors all side-by-sides and we sell some items that come in really handy for safety and for storage so first off you need a good set of side mirrors we have several different options we highly recommend our quarrel mirrors second we also recommend a nice center mirror this deluxe center mirror works really well we sell a ton of them it’s really wide angle so when you get it adjusted for your height and where you like to sit in the vehicle you can almost see out of each side of the car like a side view mirror 1.75 is what most all razors fit so it’s an easy 38.95 you can see all a bunch even your co-writer can even see a little bit out of it and then third are some door bags so here’s an image of our front door bags these are on our razor these are on some custom doors but they fit in most razor 1000 turbo 900s and then also we have make a different set for the razer pro xp which is a totally different door design so we’ve got some storage options that fit most all razor options out there on the market we also have some rear door bags which fit most four seat vehicles and these are awesome because they’ve got a pad in the front here so you’re not bouncing your knee all over the door you’ve got a spot to put your cell phone you’ve got a spot to put a bottle of water you can latch your keys inside safely you can fit all different types of things in here from tools to snacks to sunscreen and you can reach all of the stuff when you’re safely secured in your seatbelt harnesses so man about the best 70 bucks you can spend right here on some front door bags check us out here’s our storefront we’ll link it in the description you can see what else we offer got some different color options um different storage options for different types of vehicles check us out so that would be products three four and five so let’s move on to product number six all right guys if you’re gonna go on a ride you have to have an extra drive belt most all these popular utvs particularly can-am with the x-ray and polaris with the razer use a drive belt this is what i use it’s the 321202 this fits on the razer turbo the razer pro razer turbo s we’ll go ahead and link some other belts if you have a non-turbo which is different make sure you clarify which razor you own so you get the right belt that you need what i have linked here is the oem belt this is what i use is what we use in our race car we’re a big fan of just keeping it simple and using the oem belt we think it’s the best engineer belt yeah you can save a little bit of money on something else there’s some other options out there but i think you’re going to save some heartache by just sticking with your oem belt they run about 200 and you do not want to burn a belt on a ride and be caught with your pants down without having one so buy one of those when you did buy your razor it does come with the tools you will be needing to at least remove your your clutch to get it open and replace it should you have a belt failure all right speaking of which i mentioned tools well you’re gonna need somewhere to put them you’re gonna need some storage and this is a budget way to set it up this is kind of what i’m doing right now in my turbo s what i’m using right here is a rubbermaid 8 gallon black storage container that’ll run you about 50 bucks now the reason i like this is because it does keep all of your contents dry it does keep them pretty much water resistant and it fits very nicely in the back of your razor storage it also fits really nicely with the next accessory i’m going to mention which is going to be a cooler 50 bucks really simple you can fit most everything you need if you want to know more about what tools we use to fit in this box and what we use on all of our rides we’re going to send a link in the description of a full rundown of what we take things like a toe strap a jump pack what tools what tool roll we use etc we can find out more with the link in our description but uh pick this up 50 bucks you can thank me later all right so you got the storage box for 50 bucks here’s another nice option that’s going to fit in perfectly with this storage box and that is an ao cooler it’s called a stow and go cooler now with these two pieces together they fit almost perfect this don’t go cooler has worked well for me in all day rides they have a couple different versions in addition to different color options they make an hd version which i have also had so starting off at 90 bucks this version works really well like i said you’ve got about a 35 pound capacity so i have used this on a 12 14 hour ride you can fit drinks for all day as well as some food i’ll put some sandwich and some other stuff on top and you can pretty much like i said get through a long 12 16 hour day if you had to in the desert now the hd version costs more it’s 148 bucks it has a harder plastic bottom and this is also designed for utvs because you are putting this stuff right on top of your motor and there’s always going to be heat there so this is an additional layer to keep those uh elements a little bit cooler on those long hot days and just kind of mitigate some of those engine temperatures so there’s a million cooler options out there guys this is a product that i’ve used i believe in them i think they’re good for the price arctic has another brand that i’ve used a nice discount cooler it’s a little bit cheaper than yeti you can go with yeti if you want make sure you check your sizes but this mixed with the the box i gave you is a great one-two punch in my opinion it gives you the perfect amount of storage you need and the perfect amount of cooler space you need for an all-day ride all right let’s move on to um something simple and cheap and you need some anchors now both the products i mentioned are just going to float around in the bed and the cooler tends to fit pretty snug but to be honest guys if you’re running on some bumpy terrain with whoops you’re going fast this is the rear end of the car this part of the car gets bounced around a lot you need something to tie those down so this is a little basic six pack of lock and ride coolers now the polaris lock and ride system are essentially a bunch of holes where these rubber grommets fit in snug and they will lock in and allow you to use a tie down ideally or some type of string or basically a motorcycle tie down at least i recommend something a little bit sturdier like a ratchet strap to keep your stuff from bouncing around you don’t want to lose your cooler if you’re going up a steep hill climb if you’re bouncing through whoops that would be the worst or losing expensive tools so make sure you at least secure these again this is a little bit more of a minimum setup there’s some heavier duty options out there but this is a 10 accessory to get you going to get you on the trail that’s going to work in most situations so definitely secure both of your items there for a long ride and you have to worry about losing any of your valuable contents in the back all right tenth and final this could be first on the list and this is a fire extinguisher with a fire extinguisher mount now this is the most expensive item on the list but you can’t put a price on being safe you know it’s really important that you think of safety just as much as buying things that are going to look cool on your side by side and are going to add some value to your to your razor what comfort safety is is up there above that on all of those so this axia brand they’re a little more on the expensive side i’ve been using them myself which is why i personally recommend them i’m running two of these on my race car one of them on my play car they pull out really easy they’re nice and clean the mounting options really nice they make clamp sizes for every type of razor so if you do have a razer pro based on where you mount it you’ll need the 2.0 inch size clamps they make them for all the different makes and models so nice simple way this is a two pound fire extinguisher you can also put a 2.5 pound and if you did want to save some money there are some other options on amazon but i definitely had to put a fire extinguisher and a fire extinguisher mount in the top 10 of what i think is the most important most recommended products for you guys to go out there to be safe remember think back to that first item i recommended the harnesses so i want you guys to be comfortable want you guys to be able to have everything you need for a full day no matter what you’re going to encounter make sure you’re hydrated make sure you’ve got food and of course most importantly make sure you’re safe so hope you guys like this list it’s quick and easy we’re going to go ahead and link all this on our website so if you don’t have a razor we’re going to have some other recommendations for other vehicles as well as what we use list for camera gear things we use to shoot our content other suggestions of quick finds you can find on amazon so you’re set up for your next ride thanks a lot for watching if you guys like this content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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