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It’s not desert season without a campfire or chupacabra off-road now here’s your host nick olsen what’s happening everybody we are back the chupacabra around the campfire podcast after a long hiatus I got wes lother with me today what’s up wes how’s it going nick and we’re just two off-road junkies and we’ve got a really exciting topic man it’s been a while since we recorded one of these um and I’ve got this is a topic that I’ve been really wanting to record it’s been fun to finally sit down and do this and we’re going to do a two-part series about a couple topics that we’re both really passionate about and that is off-road racing and social media yeah it’s the world we live in yeah so a great discussion came up on social recently with a lot of people in the off-road community that kind of inspired us to want to make this and we already tried recording this pod once we tried to give our own flavor so we’re going to break it up into two parts so the first part we’re going to talk about this conversation are kind of our thoughts about you know what’s going on in the marketplace of social media of racers of you know adding value to yourself if you’re trying to get sponsored as a racer or a brand and then part two we’ll talk more specifically about chupacabra because you know we’ve been creating our own brand from the basically from scratch and we’ll talk about what we’ve learned you know now that we’ve been really grinding for basically three years of creating content and we’ll talk about you know what we think works what works for us what what it means to be authentic and for us and our brand and then I try to give some pointers too so I think it deserves two separate pods west so um a little background on wes here if you guys are new listeners wes and myself I’ve been long-time buddies for way before these side-by-side things ever even saw the light of day I’m talking pre-rhino days yeah pre-rhino days I think I think john deere had something for us back then but obviously we weren’t running those and we met mountain biking and mountain bike racing back in the day but either way um um we both are very passionate about racing um I’m racing myself my own race car I’ve only done it in my utv about four or five times and then wes is part of an active utv race team who races all over the place a lot of different series all over the southwest and also you helped chase for a trophy truck team that’s correct yeah currently I’m I’m racing for those who don’t know I I race with sierra romo and the team 991 with roman motorsports um and side by sides I love it navigating I feel it’s my little niche you know and being able to know what’s wrong with the car and being able to give directions and things like that but also be able to prep the car I’ve learned a ton obviously making myself know randy he’s such a guru of information when it comes to prepping and knowing things and then as nick said you know this year I’m helping out bryce menzies on his off-road program for all the mexico races um and maybe a couple others that he has planned so yeah exciting so basically wes when you’re not racing you’re at other races you’re at king of the hammers with the trophy truck team you’re going to go to baja you go to the best on desert series you’re basically everywhere and I know you’re super passionate about social you know you pay far more attention to a lot of the racers than I do the scene what’s going on what’s the word around the the street and the pits etc um and then also you’ve worked with with us I mean you’re part of the glamis video we did and with some really heavy content creating in terms of making more of a glamis lifestyle video you kind of had your hand in everything so I think it’s really fun to do this one with you you bring a lot of value to it and a little bit background myself I came from working in powersports for several years before I started this brand super copper off-road and I worked for fox on motocross gear which was a very fun job um it’s really interesting I learned I got to be really kind of inside the locker room as well in the motocross community and got to work for a company that’s tremendous at branding and marketing and all things with content and products so I learned a lot of valuable lessons with that company and then I moved on to polaris and worked for the big mydp for four years before I started my own gig so I’ve got a lot of perspective you know just because you work in the industry doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of perspective but I think I’ve learned a lot more in terms of creating my own brand grinding on content watching what trends are happening in the marketplace more on that side so man west like who’s really better to have this conversation than us you know I don’t know I I thought about people we could call or invite or whatever but I don’t think they would give the the best input that we would want to put out to our people you know what I mean people I mean none of them called us back either so no yeah that’s that’s another thing they all they all told us no too so so it is what it is so speaking of not getting call backs I’m joking we didn’t reach out to anybody but we had to get better at this podcasting thing before we bring guests on but there was a great conversation that that finally I said wes we gotta have this conversation so the conversation happened a few weeks ago there is another content creator in off-road the the FaceBook instagram social media pages fish justice and the guy who runs it is very passionate about off-road racing and he does a really good job kind of going hour-by-hour helping those of us that want to see what’s going on racing action particularly in baja and a lot of other races keep track of what’s happening so it’s really cool he’s really glued into a lot of the top racers in multiple classes particularly trophy truck um and he put together this cool video which was a great round table of the state of racing in off-road so he had one segment they were talking with a lot of the race promoters and he had another segment where he was talking about some of the builders of these guys who in companies who build all these amazing vehicles and then this third segment he brought on some racers in different classes and that’s where the conversation got you know really in my wheelhouse or like something was really passionate that I wanted to speak on which was you know a lot of racers talking about social do they like it do they hate it you know do they have to do it you know where do we think about um sponsorship nowadays and things that are happening in the marketplace that are interesting and unique because of social and things that are exciting and then also challenging so I’m just going to tee it up a little bit more wes and speaking of a point that’s exciting interesting different king of the hammers right dave cole is the promoter of this race for several years he’s been doing a lot of these live feeds the technology is amazing this year we saw drones following live race action I mean for off-road racing it didn’t get any better I have to agree I mean dave does a great job of putting on an event you know some of the people in the truffle truck classes and maybe the other desert classes might not think so much but when you look at the broad spectrum of what he does and bringing live footage to people sitting on their couches eating potato chips it’s amazing and I think it’s only going to get better and better and better I’ve seen it in the few years that I’ve been going to hammers that it has gotten better and better and you know what dave’s a go-getter he’s no mess around like you know I’m sure he makes money doing these things but at the same time I think he really really cares about the product that he puts out and he’s able to put your name on tv he’s able to get your trophy truck on tv or you’re even this year your class 10 or your 6100 even your class 11 on tv which other organizations they’re not doing that and if they are doing that it’s three weeks after the fact after they’ve done an edit and after you know somebody like cameron still or other people are sitting in the studio and they they do an overlay you know voiceover of the the footage but I gotta give him hint you know I gotta give it to him he does a good job when it comes to that type of stuff yeah so I want to bring him up for a couple reasons or the the koa event specifically that he created and going back a little bit back in the day you know I know you did I did we grew up watching off-road racing back when the factories were involved and espn did this amazing job of tracking down the baja 500 etc well fast forward to now you know we’ve got technology we’ve got social media we have the ability for anybody to create their own YouTube channel but like what dave is using you know the technology to make this sport which is very difficult to watch accessible to as many people as possible yeah I have to agree I mean growing up watching those that old footage and the espn wide world wide world of sports and seeing the cameras that they were using back then and duct taping those big vhs camcorders and cars and recording and it was amazing the little bit of little tidbits that we got you know of them coming in the infield and prim and doing a couple jumps and announcing telling us these things and those little types of things were amazing and now with all the technology we have we have the technology that you can go live inside of a trophy truck that second from anywhere anywhere wherever that truck is it could be 500 miles south of ensenada in the middle of nowhere and you could be live inside that truck it’s amazing and I I think it’s the future I really think that if people want to proceed to make this sport bigger and make it larger they’re going to have to use some of the big bucks that they get from their sponsors to pay for this type of stuff I think I think it is the future for sure so I’m glad you brought up sponsors because I wanted to start off talking about you know people being able to see it well we all know as a community being a small niche sport the more we can get our sport out there the more we can attract sponsors to sponsor a lot of these teams and events which helps our sport it helps you know drive more competition um guys can be more competitive if they’re getting some of these budgets from you know companies not only within the industry but hopefully companies outside of the industry obviously energy drink is kind of the first thing you think of those guys have been really involved in action sports ever since they pretty much launched with red bull really kind of setting the stage for for content action sports etc but you know we’re a small sport I think ultimately we always want the sport to grow in terms of racing specifically we you know I know guys like you and myself are so passionate we want to be able to share with people it’s like how I think about how we create content ourselves but you know there we’re talking about a couple big shifts we’re talking about you know more awareness of our sport getting it out there to more eyeballs whether it’s someone who catches a banger clip from the side of the racetrack and now can post on instagram right live during the race to live action to better produced follow-up videos and then now we’re talking about the racers taking the power into their own hands to market themselves to better their program their chances of winning their chances of success yeah absolutely um when you put sponsors into it I mean and if we’re talking let’s talk about the big ways let’s talk about trophy trucks it is very expensive race trophy trucks there’s no if ands or buds you can race a trophy truck and you can have a budget truck and maybe not spend all the money that you need to spend in order to win and go out and race it there’s no license there’s no there’s no spectrum you have to meet in order to race trophy truck but those core group of 15 20 trucks that are spending the big bucks to be out there to win a race and spending the time pre-running they have to have some big-name sponsors it’s very expensive um I’m pretty sure right around now I think a mason four-wheel drive is about a hundred grand to prep for a race so if you figure out five races you’re half a million just in prep you know and that’s so we’re talking about bang for your buck I guess for sponsorships you know I mean you’re talking about energy drink who who one of the big guys or who of all the big guys you know doesn’t have an energy drink along with a tire sponsor or something else but then you’re missing out on what it used to be in the old days with like toyota and ford and chevy all stepping in and throwing that that big big money at it and I think that’s what the sport’s missing right now I think that’s kind of what they were talking about um on the fish districts you know show a couple weeks ago how do we bring it back to that yeah I’m really glad you segued into that because you know now we’ve got these utv things which are selling like hotcakes and everyone’s racing them and we do have factory support from the two biggest in the game we’ve got polaris and canyon who are selling you know nationwide I’m going to say in terms of performance side by side they’re selling 85 percent plus particularly in the southwest it’s probably even more I mean there is some other participation on some level from some of the others honda cowie but really it’s about polaris and canyon putting in legit efforts to sponsor some top teams to go out there and win big events and 431
00:12:41,519 –> 00:12:42,079 that went away in the trophy truck class and that’s something like you said on the on the program that these guys were talking about hoping to get brought back um and we talk about a lot of things that encompass racing and um you know just a little kind of a bit of a sidebar making sure the rules are fair so that people are competing in different classes they have a fair shake at winning um you know where trophy chart class is an unlimited budget and you just said the cost well the costs just really have rose up quite a bit because now you’re seeing the new wave of four-wheel drive trucks which are on a whole nother level of cost to prepare prep maintain um and then go win exactly and when it comes to those factors you talk about the side-by-sides for instance you know polaris and can-am they have a big stake in those classes you know the rules are set that you run a ton of stock parts and stock components and and it’s actually a stock car they can say that it’s a stock motor that’s a stock turbo especially in in like the pro production turbo which is not even a limited class in side-by-sides it’s weird because every other off-road class your buggies or your trucks the unlimited class are your fastest guys but in the side by side it’s not the same thing yeah your pro production turbos are your fastest guys not your unlimiteds and um I think that’s what happened I don’t know when it exactly happened but like you said you know unlimited budgets you go back 15 20 years and this guy starts spending more money on his trophy truck and this guy starts spending more money and this guy starts spending more money slowly but surely they’re all up to this level and there was no rules to to limit that and then it dropped out to where I think most of the factories toyota ford and chevy they’re like why do we even need to be a part of this because they’re not really running the ford they’re really not running the toyota and they’re really not running the chevy so why do we need to do this and I think they just slowly but surely he’s like oh bang for our buck it’s not there that’s one of my concerns when it comes to the side-by-sides is that if we don’t have these rules if we don’t have these things where are we going to be in 10 or 15 years are we going to be driving half a million dollars side by side racing half a million dollars side by side and being like hey man are we gonna be complaining then all the polaris doesn’t do anything or can’t am not doing anything or yamaha or whoever is not doing anything is it gonna be our own fault because we we have such a drive to win and if the rules aren’t enforced how do you keep them how do you keep the interest of these big big dog companies you know these big manufacturers yeah you know um I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time talking about rules I think we can make a whole pot about what’s going on right now in the utv industry and the rules and and kind of some of the confirmation that’s being caused at the moment but um it does make sense to talk about it because you know what is the value of all of these brands being involved in racing you know to use the old motocross adage there was the old sell on Sunday excuse me when on Sunday sell on Monday right and with with the trucking world in terms of off-road racing that’s really gone away I think with utvs obviously there’s a tighter correlation people are buying this polaris they’re buying this can-am there is some bragging rights if if a one brand is winning a lot of the top events compared to the other they they keep each other accountable they keep you know fighting for those top race wins which is really exciting and it’s better for the whole sport but you know beyond that like you said you brought up a couple tire companies you know um bfg built its reputation at least in our community from off-road racing in terms of its brand and value as a product I think about this too as a company we sell products like how do we use racing to build brand equity prove that our products are race proven and what value does that have to some of these sponsors if you’re if you’re an oem like ford or can-am or honda if you’re a tire manufacturer if you make any type of widget associated with racing you know what is the value for these brands particularly in a sport that’s really hard to document you know just being out in the desert you know what is the value of their logo on the side of the vehicle of a race vehicle how often does it get seen and now we’ve got the world of social where no matter what you you can get seen in front of your target audience and I I think that’s why it’s changed so much I think that’s why the manufacturers have kind of stepped away because a lot of these trucks and a lot of these vehicles don’t have those types of parts anymore they’ve had to step it up so far past the stock parts that to keep them alive to keep up with the joneses I guess but then you talk about energy drinks you talk about tire companies and it’s like you know if if a bfg wins the bomb 1000 that’s good advertising and bfg’s been basically built off off-road like you said same with energy drinks energy drinks monster energy it’s easy for them to make a video and be like oh look at our guy he just won the baha 1000. did he win it because he drank monster no but they don’t care because they can see his truck they can see her truck or car whatever they can see that branding but in off road they don’t get that much they don’t get those things so then like you said you bring in the social media and I think social media is the way that I guess it’s level the playing field and not everybody believes that not everybody feels that same way but it’s a way for the sponsors to still write those big giant checks even though they’re not getting the the tv footage or the big return because if you can reach you know if you can reach a half a million people just by taking a picture of your trophy truck and posting it which takes five seconds sponsors love that you’re reaching a half a million people every time you do that now a lot of people are upset about the social media and that shouldn’t be the thing because there’s a lot of guys out there that win tons of races but they don’t have big budget programs um the greatest off-road driver of all time or the winningest off-road driver of all time rob mcgregor he’s a great example he’s fast you put him behind the wheel he’s fast he’s going to go for that win but usually that win is not going to mean much for him after the win except for the trophy that he gets yeah you know um it makes it reminds me of another motocross analogy you know um to use the old adage to win on Sunday well you know if you’re running up front or let’s say you’re an up and coming you know 250 f rider racing motocross or supercross if you start going towards the front you’re going to be on the air a lot more right you’re going to get more visibility for your sponsors which is like always kind of been this old rule like how much is it on tv how much you know how much are we getting what logo you know our logo and branding on the side of the vehicle and the rider the motorcycle how much is that being seen how many seconds and roll that up to sponsors to you know look for sponsorship for the next year well you know not only is off-road more difficult because it’s not like you’re you’re going around in the lap and everyone can see you all the time but you know whether you’re winning or not you might not get that much coverage compared to motorcycle racing and there’s another analogy another quick little story I want to bring up that happened in supercross a really prominent team in supercross just closed its doors after several years called joe gibbs racing jgr you guys are familiar with nascar they’re big in that world and they promoted a legit super cross team for years I mean I think over a decade well this 675
00:19:43,120 –> 00:19:43,440 this journalist from racerx jason weigant made a couple really good points about when teams like that go under another big sponsor also left super cross this season which was geico insurance which sponsored a honda race team for several years well these companies are having a harder time crunching numbers and finding the value of sponsoring a logo on the side of a bike or on their writer’s jersey compared to the money that geico spends on targeted FaceBook and Google ads and they can exactly they can extract the exact information how that money was spent how many impressions likes clicks you know engagement etc they can quantify what they’re getting for their money where it’s much harder to quantify um on a side of a jersey on a super cross track or the side of a logo of a trophy truck correct and you know it’s kind of scary I mean I think supercross watching it I’ve watched it you know many years and this year I think it’s pretty exciting I was worried about that is it is it going to take another dip like it did about 10 years ago and it’s going to dip off and um but they get a lot of tv time I mean one supercross race gets 10 times the amount of footage as one off-road race you know 10 maybe 100 times even more but it brings me back to you know the whole social media game the fact that that these sponsors need to get the bang for their buck geico doesn’t build motorcycles you know joe gibbs racing didn’t build motorcycles they erased you know a motorcycle that they was provided by a factory and I think in the off-road game I think that a lot of the big guys need to understand that when it comes to bang for their buck if you want these big bucks if you want to continue race on somebody people and somebody else’s money you have to have a plan to make your sponsors happy to make yourself more presentable to like you said push yourself to the front you know you could you could be a fifth place writer and supercross and you you’re you’re you’re set you’re gonna have a ride for years and years and years because they’re gonna see you on tv every single week and you’re gonna get paid big bucks for doing that that’s not the same off-road not the same at all yeah not to mention motorcycle riding is got a far bigger reach because it’s it’s far more relatable to the average you know a lot of average kids and customers people out there fans of the sport can go buy a motorcycle they can go take it out on the weekend and they can go ride themselves race if they like off-road racing is not that way it’s it’s significantly more expensive um I I do think selling utvs might be the closest parallel where like you know honda needs to develop a bike so ken rockson can win right and there’s that competition just like polaris can m have to develop a vehicle and beat their counterpart because that customer hopefully is going to see that race um that race results can influence their buying decision and they’re going to go buy that that new side-by-side you know um I think that’s maybe the closest parallel in off-road but also you know we’re still even though side-by-sides have exploded I think it’s a much smaller niche which I also think you know leads to this conversation of of how much more important social media is to use us compared to the motocross community and then just how much more important it is now if you’re running a business um if you’re trying to promote anything whether it’s you know your aunt sally promoting her new salad dressing you know you know wes you decide to become a rapper you want to drop your link on soundcloud you know like you can reach your target and it’s the most beautiful thing in so many regards but like you said I mean a lot of people hate it they’re they um they maybe hate it for different reasons if you want to talk about some of the the reasons that some of the guys brought up yeah I mean in the in the fish statistics show I mean they um they had some big names on there obviously cameron still was part of the show which you know he’s been racing for 30 plus years you know and he races a trophy truck currently then you have andy mcmillan who is one of the best off-road drivers there are he’s won the baja 1000 five times in his life and he’s still not even that old um ricky brayback who is the car champion and then also seth quintero who came from the who’s in the side-by-sides who also is the youngest person ever to win the stage of the dakar rally so you got big names I mean fish went all out and got some big names in there and um it seemed as though I think ricky brought up this point um about social media he said he doesn’t believe that it’s fair that he knows a lot of people that are out there busting their butts and winning races and they’re not getting the benefits of other people who aren’t as fast and aren’t winning races um because of social media and he doesn’t he didn’t believe in his opinion he didn’t believe that that was right um I think andy followed suit and felt the same way and he talked about how coveted it affected his um his financial you know backing that he had um with it with his race team and you know he had to actually he’s got to go out and find more money to make it work and I think they’re feeling the stress of it um I think ricky’s in a you know contract here this is this year also but looking at it at their perspective I mean I I don’t know what it what I can’t really relate to ricky brayback because that guy’s just on another level I rode dirt bikes for a short amount of time in my life and for somebody to be able to ride that fast for that long for that many days it’s just the respect level’s just off the chart um being around the trophy trucks for the last seven years and watching people grow and watching people get faster watching andy mcmillan the guy works hard he goes out and busts his butt he’s up in the morning he’s out pre-running and he’s pre-running his pre-runner he’s taking his older trophy truck and running his sections he he prepares he wants to win he is a a mind of of off-road racing and then I look at it this way he’s running around with about 66 000 followers on instagram and he’s he’s upset that he’s not getting as much as other people who don’t win now that being said I’d have to think that if andy with the amount of prep that he does in his off-road team and the amount of you know passion he has for the sport I mean he’s one of the leaders if he put that passion into boosting his social media and making himself more um advantageous to sponsors I think that money would be there now I get it people have a chip on their shoulder they don’t think that they should have to put their life out on just just to make a living but social media has this this name where people are fake and there’s tons of people out there fake um not super copper off-road we keep it real but there’s a ton of people out there fake that make these people feel as though they don’t they don’t want to be like that but then again I mean if he was just to go post some videos of his trophy truck or post some videos of doing things in his truck truck and or or making maybe hiring a camera guy and going out to aquitio and you know just filming a short video all that type of stuff is what other people do to boost their social media and they put themselves out there you know they you know they talk to their followers and and you can see the benefits of it I’m not saying it’s perfect but the rob mccacherin you know the whole thing you can win as many baja1 thousands as you want but if you if you’re not backed by a social media program that gives bang their buck red bull for instance and he’s sponsored by red bull um I mean how much is red bull getting back from andy you know I’m not sitting here I’m just using andy as an example because he is he is a he is one of the leaders of the sport and off road at the highest level you know he buys the best equipment he puts in the best work but I think I think those people that have the disdain for social media are looking at it at the wrong the wrong way this is a business it’s a business to race if you want to keep in the business this is what the business expects this is what your sponsors want this is what’s going to get you paid in the long run and honestly it’s it’s not that hard I mean to grow a social media page takes a long time um but if you put yourself out there just a little bit make some cool videos I think I think that would help yeah I think if you’re a high-profile guy and you um high-profile racer him or her and you live a really amazing lifestyle you know particularly if you have really cool vehicles like a trophy truck you’re going to get a following because who wouldn’t want to you know as an enthusiast want to see what it’s like to to the ins and outs of even driving a vehicle like that but um you know going back to ricky brabeck’s point you know putting on my racer hat for a second you know I was a mountain bike racer for a while and and back in my day you know I was getting to a point where I was beating kids who were getting some sponsorship help they’re getting some entry fees paid for they were getting bicycles and parts you know and I was this young kid this is before social media you know west we’re talking like 99 2000 but you know I just had this intention hey I’m going to go as fast as I can and I will get rewarded but it’s kind of like negotiating a salary right you don’t get what you earn you you get what you negotiate and um I think social media is kind of a lever like that and to keep my racer hat on for a second you know I love ricky rabeck’s comment I felt that way as a racer right if you’re really about racing it should be and um to take that hat off and to put on my business owner hat who’s you know launched products that we do sponsor racers to help promote and we’re going to launch some new products here soon um you know in off-road racing it’s hard I want to see the the the social media effort because you know the best prepared team the best prepared guys or girls with the best skills can have a lot of bad luck west you know you’ve been down you’ve seen guys leading races and all of a sudden a part failure an accident um not even getting gas ruins your race I mean when guys like you said like andy mcmillan some of these top guys rob mac they’re there to win they’ve got they’ve thought of everything as much as they can and still things happen in our sport so as a sponsor you’re left like hoping that hey there’s there’s content there’s value right we know that we sponsored this guy or this girl because we know they’re putting in that effort we like their image we like who they are who they represent which is kind of another point like who are they and how do they represent themselves and you know a lot of people um are more shy they don’t like having their whole life out there yeah I agree I think there’s a fine line that you can then you can go on I mean you don’t want to have to expose your kids or your wife or your personal life and things like that but nobody’s asking that I mean like I was talking about go get a video made of your trophy truck go jump your truck truck do some donuts on in the parking lot of the shop those little videos or those little niches those little things that you can grasp onto will make your thing grow exponentially I think you know for instance let’s talk about a few people that have good social media followings in off-road and see what they’re doing differently you know for instance bryce menzies they took it upon themselves to make it to where they have a live feed of their truck they they have a chopper that follows them all trophy truck guys have choppers and they all follow the race and they all you know are there for their trophy truck to assist you know and but these teams they’re not using it their benefit they came up with an idea like hey let’s get this live footage stuff let’s get it going let’s get live in the truck live forward live from the chopper and you follow that truck the entire time tell me that is not cool you know that that’s just amazing and you know you see him posting he posts pictures he posts a new thing that people started doing is the wallpaper post oh they’ll be like hey wallpaper coming up and they make it to where there’s nothing on there to where somebody can copy that photo that they’re putting on there from them racing whether it’s them jumping or at night or their lights showing or whatever and people can take that wallpaper and put it on their phone and I thought that I think that’s a really cool thing that’s going on right now I don’t know how it does with gaining followers but you know then we talked about other people like we’ll keep like wilkie pam you know real quick catch up before we get to wilkie I’m glad you brought up menzies right because it’s easy to say all right wes you know yeah bryce menzies does a good job he’s got this who knows how much expensive camera and a guy running on the side of a chopper you know following his million dollar truck and he’s making all this beautiful content but you know what can I do I’m not bryce benzies and what’s interesting right now is a lot of people are crushing on YouTube with shaky gopro content so like you guys like I would love to have bryce menzies resources to have that type of content where I’m followed in 4k right by talented people etc but there’s a lot of people crushing with a 400 gopro not even a microphone because there’s this voyeuristic um we just really want that raw unedited content you know so you know put the shoe on the other foot you already said wilkie but you know talk about rookie and then talk about maybe somebody else who’s like doesn’t have helicopters but just continually grinds with the content and you love following them or you think they’re just killing it but before I get to that side note there are trophy truck drivers or driver that is sponsored by gopro so moving on um blake wilkie the dude races the class 11 right now probably the best influencer in off-road like and it’s not even close look how he made his name big by driving his bug all over the streets and and actually ended up serving jail time in there but and grinding every day putting out a ton of content yeah but since then he he’s there like when you follow blake wilkie you feel like you’re one of his friends he he puts you in his little hyundai and takes you to king shocks and then he walks around king sharks and says hey check it out you know hey what’s up everybody or the patrick guy or he goes down to impede to pick up volkswagen parts or he’s going to get new wheel bearings for his trailer but then you see his hands are greasy his pants and everything’s dirty you know he’s working but he’s sharing what he’s doing with everybody and then he comes up with an incredible brand shreddy and he’s out of glamis he’s running his car and it’s not because he’s not out there running his car to get followers or anything like that or because he needs to he’s out there because he enjoys it and you you can see it’s genuine with wilkie everything he does is genuine whether he’s in the side by side or his or the megalodon or or the he’s building two trophy bugs now this guy is a go-getter and it’s not fake and he’s proven it to everybody that he can do it and I mean the guy’s amazing he he really is I mean I hope that the bug I can’t wait for it to get done or I can’t wait to see it raised and because it’s a big you know undertaking to build one of those vehicles from the from the ground up especially one that you know the volkswagen’s his thing you know it’s always been like his thing and um you know somebody else in the sport I mean who would you say you know and real quick real quick with wilkie another reason why I think love is like he he puts out so much content he’s taking us along with him on that journey like he’s building a trophy truck spec that looks like a bug and he’s just documenting it and the YouTube videos crush and the little updates on ig and you’re j he’s just like you and me and he’s doing it and he’s grinding and he’s making his dreams happen and he’s bringing us all along along like you said he’s just authentic that’s who he is and um it’s really really dope so you know you said realty I think yeah before we leave him though if people want to watch something really cool go watch the him building the slug shark which is the class 11 bug that he built he has a series on YouTube all the videos of everything that he did to build that car up it’s amazing I didn’t know how much went into these class 11s but I had a greater respect after watching it and it’s really cool to see the detail and everything they have to go through just to build the lowest slowest level race car you can race yeah but then he posted a clip of that thing just banging off whoops and he’s just on the gas to to win I mean I’m sure it’s super competitive and you know there’s only so much travel so your your back just soaks up the rest of those bumps it’s gnarly like some of those clips of how fast it’s exactly what we’re talking about it’s the content it’s the content you know you know if you want to if you want to create this content it’s not hard to you know go visit you you have a you have a truck or you have a side-by-side you have a race car build you you do all this stuff just a quick five ten minute clip of you working on the car or saying what you’re doing or how you do things you know it’s amazing yeah I mean um on a bigger scale I’d say been one of the best in the game who’s maybe not 100 off-road-centric is ken block you know like but ken ken block is a master at building a brand new dc I listen to it he was on the tim ferriss podcast which is a great listen of how he was this like you know snowboard bomb and trying to find his way from san diego and and obviously anything he touches is just amazing and he’s just like you know he’s always doing a lot of cool stuff which I wanted to use ken because I think there’s a little snippet thing that he does like ken rides mountain bikes like he’s known as a valley guy but I’m a mountain biker so he builds up these rad bikes and now he’s sponsored by specialized like and he’s riding bikes one day and he’s a real moto guy to the core and I know he’s got a huge um passion and um you know history from board sports like and then he’s he’s just doing sick videos of stuff like we’ve done just going out and we’re riding in coral pink like stuff you know you we’ve been in that place a bunch of times so he’s doing it all and he’s he’s authentic um you know and and he’s crushing it and obviously he’s got a big budget like menzies so it might be easy for me to say but um but he didn’t but he didn’t always have that big budget he didn’t always have that he’s built it you know I mean it’s not I don’t think I mean I don’t know him and I haven’t I don’t know a lot about him obviously I’ve watched all his videos and they’re super awesome and cool and he does a great job but I don’t believe that money was pushed his way through family or anything like that not on the level that he’s seeing now so what he has he’s worked hard for and the brands love him like you can see can him can’t throw so much money at him because he’ll build a car using every k n parts you can buy and make it look cool and then you’ll take that same car like you said go to coral pink and jump with 40 feet yeah which is far more relatable to to a lot of people um that kind of might get into a little more of our next pod we talk about our our ideas for content what we think is value but um we you mentioned brands it brings up a good segue to talk about brands so one of the guys on the the official um conversation was seth quinteros I used the lesson quintero quintero so seth is an up-and-coming superstar utv you know he’s he’s kicking butt he’s sponsored by red bull he’s probably got he’s got a very bright future in front of him and got to go to dakar already and some of the conversation talked about you know like seth is is how can we create more opportunities for young guys like seth was able to come up and and have the ability to go prove how talented he is but um I love a point seth brought up and he brought up brands and he brought up you know clean cut versus more of a party image now you know we talked about moto a little bit action sports will always have some brands and some of this lifestyle stuff where certain brands have built a reputation on being a little more party um you know if you have become the glamorous and I’ll watch any old glamis videos you know a lot of people always refer to glamorous as this party vibe right and it’s integrated freestyle motocross that we grew up living and being super fans of and a lot of brands were built on the back of that you know the mastermind vegan metal militia you know monster energy is a clear example that stands out to me so you know talk about um where do you think seth was coming from you know because he’s a clean cut kid he’s got a lot of top tier sponsors I’m sure that’s what he wants to do and make a living at it you know and um talk about some of the brands you see in the space like and more specifically off-road racing um and how it really leads to you know you if you’re trying to grow your social how you put yourself out there all right well I’m going to put on my like uncle smart uncle cap father figure cat because I know I know seth and I know um I know his dad and he comes from a great family his mom and they support him and you know he got his opportunity a few years back when he was really young I mean he’s he’s really young still um just 18. but I mean we’re talking going back five years ago and um and he won he wins some races of youth and and he’s out there and he’s fast he’s doing his thing and slowly but surely his his program’s building and it’s doing a great thing the clean-cut image is the way to go in my opinion you do have these guys that are a little bit more wild and maybe make videos here or there and they’re they’re a little partying crowd and it may look like things are going good for them because people are throwing money to them but in the long run especially with the big name companies they want that they don’t want the drama they don’t want they don’t want to have to talk about you getting arrested or you get in trouble or whatever so I think I think seth was getting a little discouraged about you know maybe some other people that he might know more information about that maybe he’s getting some money tossed their way and you know and he’s like he’s here trying to be this clean cut good guy I think that’s the way to go um I think seth is a great talent I think that as an 18 year old he’s had great great experiences and it’s only going to be more I mean the sky’s the limit with this kid he’s he’s very talented he’s moving up from the from the in a class you’ve moved up to the turbo class this year which is a big step um to come and race with with us and with a bunch of the other fast guys but in my opinion that’s the way you got to go I think that sponsors look that way I think that for our sponsors I know that that’s the way that they look they don’t want they don’t want that they don’t want the bad image because when people see that and he’s going to he’s on the world level already meaning the car if I think it would affect him negatively I I don’t know what your opinion is on a nick but but I think as a sponsor if if I was if I was west monster or if I was west red bull or whatever you know as wes polaris 100 I’d be like look you need to be a good person don’t be doing stupid things everybody’s going to make mistakes have some fun I understand but I don’t want to see videos of you getting wasted I don’t want to see videos of you jumping on a beer tongue table or or you know doing stupid crazy stuff lighting stuff on fire and blowing stuff up that’s not going to do anything for my brand but make it look like that you know what I mean yeah so I think I think seth maybe was just a little discouraged but seth if you if you’re listening if you watch this but I know who you are you’re a good person you come from a good family I would just keep pushing forward and you’re gonna see that in the long run it’s gonna benefit you tenfold of what those other guys or other people might be getting that are more of a party crowd yeah you know um I don’t know him but I liked I like to use him as an example because you know he represents probably the future of the sport you know um and he’s probably he’s got more pressure on himself maybe now he’s got some big sponsors these type of things and you know his his what’s going on in the sport right now um he also said hey you know I don’t have the biggest following you know compared to some other people right so a lot of us we want to live and die by these metrics right my following’s this big I got this many views and we’ll get into more of that part too but for the sake of this conversation you know the edgier stuff less right like we we know certain things and there’s other people that aren’t racers people that are doing stuff these the content that it’s going to get a bigger reaction right we all know we grew up in the world of the the reality tv kardashian era and it’s almost like all attention is better than no matter how good or bad it is and people are you know trying to figure that out you know so I just want to bring that up you know it’s hot topic right now like um people are your people utv guys there’s people that are doing things that like a lot of people agree and don’t disagree with and they’re saying they’re doing it for attention they’re doing it for the clout what do you think about that well look at it this way coming from a business owner you’re you’re chupacabra off-road what what would benefit trip or proper off-road more would it be would it be that person that would get those you know watch my glamis video I’m doing some stupid video or would you rather it be somebody that’s you know for instance like seth that’s racing all over and going to the car and and has your product over there and representing your product in a in a positive light what is going to benefit your brand more nick what would you represent I mean I mean you guys if you listen to the pod you probably wouldn’t know already like I choose seth you know all day every day um I like you know from afar um his presentation he was really well spoken on the pod um he you know has great sponsors he’s doing exciting things and he’s young so you know use a motocross analogy he could just be a light rider right now and he’s getting ready to hit his stride next year or in the coming years as he gets older and you know really and goes for taking over with all this experience already um that being said you know that’s me that’s my brand that’s chupacabra that’s what I want people to represent my brand look like now you know if I was selling dune flags west or doing whips you know what I mean like and it’s not and if someone wants to sponsor a guy like that then that’s fine like everyone’s got their different takes on it you know it might just be good business but you know um I would I’d be lying if I said like I didn’t want to be with people who are clean tech that’s more of like my personal take on it and and have people look more aligned with my personal interests you know and and that’s that’s how I’d answer it um that’s how I want my brain to be presented and I think as a side note so everybody understands it’s not like you know it’s like you have to be this perfect person or a complete square and you know you gotta you know it’s not that’s not what that’s not what I’m trying to say that’s not what I’m trying to get off but but you want something that’s going to represent your company in a positive light so I look at it you know the the big names in off-road that are writing the big checks you know your energy drinks your tire companies your your manufacturers like polaris or canada those people are writing big checks and giving you free cars and paying for you to do all these different things I would like to think I mean I’m not there when they do these contracts but I would like to think that there there is things that are written like you can’t do this you shouldn’t do this we don’t want this anything like this happens you need to call us immediately because they’re not just saying like oh hey man you did that was the coolest thing you ever did or that glamorous jump blah blah blah here’s 500 grand they don’t do that they’re checking your social they know they know seth they know how many followers you have they know how many impressions you have they don’t have all these likes you have they know all that but they’re still writing you the checks now look at these other people that you might be comparing yourself to is it the same thing happening or is it they’re really not getting as much as they’re supposed to or as much as you are I don’t know it’s hard to say because everything’s done behind closed doors but my point is is that bigwig companies they do their research if you’re if you’re getting sponsored by red bull polaris and bfg and other things set you’re you’re good bro you’re doing great those companies love you you’re great for their brand you’re a great representative of their brand and just keep pushing forward and as far as the other companies go that might be sponsoring other people there a little while and then oh well they got to put their money somewhere you know I mean maybe if you didn’t you weren’t at red bull maybe they would want to sponsor you you know so who knows you know they could be there’s everybody’s always looking at everybody others everybody else’s main drivers I guess you know like even though red bull sponsors andy don’t don’t think that monster and rockstar and nos or whoever else or any other drink don’t know about andy and aren’t waiting for andy to say I don’t think I want red bull anymore yeah they’re gonna step in you know what I mean so so I don’t know I I look at it this way my point of view clean cut good good brand representation well spoken he’s got it all going he’s young 18 he’s going to push forward and it’s going to be positive for him and you know get some give him some triple cover mirrors yes I’d love to um you know I wanted to kind of lead into this because you know there’s a couple names there’s there’s people in our sport in any sport that are always going to be daredevils right so there’s some people in utvs that are that are known for doing big jumps al macbeth um and then there’s a youngster russling grease hands right so he um just did a big jump out of glamis in the canal um he had a crash but he was okay I just want to make one point you know like um there’s a lot of people that think what he’s doing is awesome there’s a lot of people that think that it’s not you know I get what he’s doing there’s young kids at his age that are that are sending it gnarly on dirt bikes too um my point I’d like to make about when guys are jumping as daredevils and companies are sponsoring them you know let’s say I want to sponsor either one of those guys or another guy or girl who wants to be a daredevil whether that means jumps or high speed record or whatever I think the companies should help the athlete invest to make sure that they can do these things as safe as possible like you know there’s the one thing about going big with a roll cage and some five point harnesses but like there’s better safety out there right from a full enclosed seat um to a much beefier chassis dialed suspension right like over like you look at alba macbeth’s car I haven’t looked at it close but it’s obviously not a regular razor the shocks are are very tall he’s got bump stops it’s probably already engineered and that’s great but you know I’d like to see companies that are getting behind these air devils help them invest in their safety because if they’re daredevil they’re going to make it and and you’re getting all the clout as a sponsor if your guy does a big jump and and gets shared on instagram 50 times well then help that athlete be as safe as possible so something does go wrong it’s all good you know because these jumps are only going to get gnarlier you know we we live in this world of clout the you know it is going to be what it’s going to be I mean you agree with that point or no actually I agree and I I would like to separate those two for sure al macbeth um and ruslan I’d like to separate them just a little bit because I’ve seen on my best car it’s built it’s built for one thing it’s built to go big and go these big jumps and he travels to oklahoma oregon glamis idaho dunes he does that’s his thing that’s what he does and I don’t think for one second the polaris doesn’t know what he’s doing at all times and that he’s prepped and that he’s safe and things he had that huge crash at sand hollow was that like six months ago one of the gnarliest crashing ever seen now he walked away exactly and the car was built really good I mean no stock suspension on it I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the front of his car but his shocks are like eight inches taller than a stock shock he’s got huge hangers up top to get that extra suspension meant for jumping and I think he does a pretty good job I don’t ever want to be a part of doing that I don’t you know there is a benefit there people want to see it people want to see it at these these expos and at these dune fests and things like that and and he’s he’s got the guts to do it I agree with you that maybe the manufacturers could throw a little bit more money maybe on the aspects of ramp building or making sure their engineers are there to make sure that the geometry is right or maybe al’s got it all figured out and maybe you know some of the crashes you had aren’t really 100 his fault but when you don’t have a bunch of practice jumps and you just go hit a dirt to dirt jump I mean it’s kind of like it’s it’s a guessing game really you know yeah so when in that in that aspect I think that he has a good grasp on it when he and he knows what he’s doing and I’m pretty sure he’s a brand ambassador for players so so he does get that little bit but yeah you’re right they can absolutely help I’m just saying too like if I want to sponsor him per se for mirrors or whatever we’re doing you know like giving him money to help keep him safe with more because more resources maybe he can hire one more safety technician and we can scientific lee break it down like the way nitro circus has and the things that we get to enjoy nitro circus do all the time with minimal injury is amazing and there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes especially if if you guys you know I don’t even know I don’t even know behind but another part I know that they’re they’re really as planned as they can be for as gnarly of the jumps and tricks as they’re doing but another part of me is wondering if maybe they you know brand like polaris knows what he does and they’re like hey we can offer you you know some cars to build and things like that here you go but then he signs on the dotted line that whatever he does after that is on him like you you have our car you jump our car that’s great but we’re not responsible for when you crash or things like that because you’ve got to imagine there’s a lot of liability when it comes into something like this you know and you know going over to ruslan um he’s 12. he’s already jumped at once the and that’s a big jump we’ve been out there several times canelo yeah the glamis canal and the first one I have to say um like you said there’s half people like to have people like how dumb you know whatever but he made it the first time my biggest concern was like you said the safety that canal is deep there’s always water in it and there’s concrete edges if you would have came up short or if the suspension would have bucked and it would have been upside down in the canal there’s no divers there there’s no safety divers there’s nothing because guess what you can’t get a permit to jump the canal it’s illegal you know I mean you can get arrested for it which is a whole another issue people had a lot of problem with like how we’re gonna get our areas potentially shut down or get in trouble by exactly um technically was it going on federal land right yeah but that jump even though it and the first one I’m talking about not the second one but the first one even though it ended on a positive note it had a lot of negative feedback to the industry there was a lot of youth that were affected by that through sponsorships that might have got sponsorship cut or sponsorship lowered or stuff because of liability because when you have a 12 year old kid jumping your brand of vehicle and he has a bad crash and gets hurt or he’s jumping something and these other kids are like man is that what I have to do to make money or to be a big wig you got to stop it you don’t want you don’t want a bunch of these little you know youngsters that are fast racers to all of a sudden feel like they have to go hit a big jump to have any clout so I see that side of it too now the second one was terrible when I saw it I was I was again upset um there’s more people there obviously um he was able to get medical attention and it seems like he was okay but I don’t know man I don’t I kind of want to don’t want to say everything but but yeah it upset me because it’s like where did they measure did they do why why is it that the car drifted far left you know all these different things and then the last time it was an a car now he’s in a full turbo like you know it’s like 60 horsepower more he obviously overshot it and bottomed out his suspension and so I don’t know I would just say that it’d be hard to be a big brand and and watch somebody do that at that age because it’s scary because let you know I’m glad he’s okay I’m glad that everything turned out okay he got checked out he’s fine but what if he wasn’t yeah what if he really got injured what if he end up paralyzed because flat bottom you know that’s a lot of times what happens when you flat bottom like that you can just crush your back and paralyze what would have happened then you know I mean I think they would have that the pros the cons outweigh the pros in that in that situation it could really hurt the industry if somebody gets killed in in a side by side it could really hurt the industry like to talk about writing areas could be shut down um they could change all all types of things so yeah no I think um the only thing I’d say on the other side of the coin is that there are sponsors that have got behind a lot of daredevils the red bull’s the one that comes to mind and most all of us probably listening probably seeing a lot of those robbie madison jumps where you know and I think utvs are evolving and there’s going to be a robbie madison maybe it’ll be ruslan maybe it already is or or l macbeth or somebody else that will because right it’s just kind of part of our culture like from evil knievel to like travis being the gnarliest guy on planet earth there’s going to be a couple daredevils and it’s kind of a sponsors I’m absolutely fine with that type of situation because robbie madison’s jumps are not just like oh hey let’s just go huck it over this river let’s go jump the grand canyon I mean right you can see that it’s been well thought out and planned and obviously he’s probably jumped those jumps 15 times before we see it on live tv that’s fine and that’s and that’s kind of like like saying was separating ruslan from all macbeth because al macbeth seems like his or you know he’s going to the dune fest or huck fest or whatever those things are set up jumps to where this is just hey this looks like a good spot to jump the canal let’s do there’s a huge difference you’re right no you’re totally right that’s a good point so um let’s wrap this up with a a hard question I’ll let you answer first then I’ll give you my two cents I’m not going to um give you my answer first but I have some opinions so you know kind of putting a bow on this thing um a lot of conversation with social media let’s say you’re an up-and-coming off-road racer you want to get more sponsorship you want to you know that you need to be putting in work on social media we’ve talked about a few examples of people who are doing it really well what are your tips you know let’s say you’re a guy or a girl you don’t you’re not really into putting yourself out there a whole lot what how would you look at it how would you give someone a pep talk and what maybe tricks or things you would think of in terms of maybe some things you see you like people you love to follow and what they’re doing really well and how to grow their social media to help their off-road program exactly all right I guess my advice would be first things first and foremost sit down and on a piece of paper write all the good things you’re all things you’re good at whether you’re talking about public speaking talking on camera being comfortable talking on camera um making videos you know you can even mention your driving skills if you’re if you’re the good if you’re a good driver if you’re a novice driver if you’re a really really good driver all these different things most most people have a problem not everybody but most people have a problem talking on camera and putting themselves out there because when they watch it they feel like they look dumb or they they’re afraid of that feeling of looking dumb enroll yourself in a public speaking class go out there and just put yourself out there and just try each day try when you’re in the car alone you might look like you’re crazy than people next to you do an interview while you’re in the car ask yourself questions and give yourself answers and and practice speaking on camera and being being fluent and talking a camera we mentioned seth montero great at speaking he can answer your questions but it’s over time I guarantee 13 year old seth quintero didn’t answer questions correctly so that’d be one thing for sure then I would find some brands start small find some brands that believed in you and promote those brands promote them until you’re blue in the face get people sick and tired of seeing you posting this or that or whatever and get creative about it different settings if you’re if you’re a side-by-side writer be it glamos be out in the desert take photos spend that day that Saturday riding be in different elements other than racing and then also mix it in with your racing let people be part of your program bring them in pull your phone out go instagram live or just your your insta story do a couple 30-second videos while you’re prepping the car explain what you’re doing and show your shop show your lives you know bring people in just a little bit I think as you do that you get better and better and better as you learn how to talk you get better and better and better and it’s only going to make people like you more and and feel like they’re you’re part of them or you’re part of their their day I guess you could say and you know be sincere don’t be fake if you’re not good at it and you’re a fake person if you’re a total a-hole or or the other way then I I don’t I don’t have any advice for you but if you’re a sincere person who’s trying to grow your make more money because you’re not going to get sponsored exactly that’s my answer okay good um you know you kind of alluded to one I’ll start off with and I have a couple things that we’ve learned just growing choop that you know that you can do anybody can do without being you know mr youtuber kardashian so um first step you talked about I mean authenticity is no matter what if you are an edgier partier guy or girl there are brands that will support you and are down with that you know um that could work really well for you um but no matter who you are I think you got to be authentic because with social we can tell so much about people people can extract so much about us west just in this hour conversation of our personality you can’t fake the funk and and honestly I love that about social so people that have the the hutzpah to put themselves out there and they’re cool people they’re they’re killing it right now you get every big celebrity you know they’re putting a lot of energy into their social responding to comments you know just being on social very carefully thinking about their following because guess what you know wes gets a couple million followers he can launch a salad dressing you can look you know what I mean you the possibilities are endless these days it’s it’s really bizarre man like you saw the skateboard guy the cranberry juice guy I don’t know if you heard but obviously his life got changed his house got bought he got a new truck he is selling an nft an unfungible token of the video of him skateboarding and opening bids a half a million dollars talking about getting that new age digital cheddar you know and this guy was living in a trailer it was like basically homeless with a broken down car so one piece of content can change your life so all right so here’s a couple tips that I’ve learned just from social so um we talked about ruslan grissan’s jump right or or a big moment that that just covers everybody’s feed people have this problem mate about reposting oh I post all original content I don’t care you know if there’s a great repost give your two cents on it you know if there’s a big jump like oh dude like you know al macbeth and sand hollow I mean saw the sand so soft and he got the take off like really firmed up like you know I hope he’s a you know like just give your two cents like I’ve ridden out there or like I would have you know maybe I would like if you’re at a race and there’s a crash video or something interesting that you can add your two cents that’s a good way to take a repost and then start a conversation with your community and get some con some engagement because you know we can talk about likes and followers but engagement is like really what it’s all about right so that’s a quick trick another trick that’s really dumb I do all the time that’s really basic is I go on FaceBook a lot of time and you see a lot of these memes um from the various FaceBook groups you know wacky memes funny memes but when we repost them on our instagram story they get shared quite a bit I did one that I didn’t think was particularly funny I got shared 26 times you know instagram is pushing stories and reels a lot more because guess what tic tocs already taken over that’s right I already said it if you’re not on tick tock you need to get on tick tock you need to figure out the culture because I’m already seeing off-road brands who I don’t really think are with it trying to make tick-tock type content we’re trying to learn the same where the vibe and the and the the you know the of what tick-tock is the songs and all that I’m trying to figure out myself but you know that’s what’s going to win that’s the trends and you know they’re promoting reals so posting reels posting memes are two easy things that you can do one thing you said about another point you know no matter what you do talk about it what is your favorite video game you know you probably have some followers that play that same game I get all giddy when these off-road guys start talking bicycles and moto those are the worlds I come from those the worlds I know that’s what I’m super passionate about it’s easy for me to connect on maybe something interesting maybe maybe west goes off road racing but you know he moonlights he he enjoys making um french cuisine you know for his wife on Friday nights like that’s interesting to me you know I’d watch someone I’d watch you know one of these big influencers play golf especially if they were bad at it or pickleball like you know and I need to take some of my own advice and shoot more content that stuff myself but you know like I just bought a new drone so I’m kind of trying to document myself learning how to fly it some things are like new passions or interests I think people find that really relatable because we’re very multi-dimensional as people you know like even the absolutely the presidential results prove that you know not to get political but people are far more dimensional they care about very specific things they’re not labeled in one bucket or another you know and that’s I think the kind of a byproduct of the culture we live in the way we have access to media absolutely those are all great points so those are free everyone no charge next time we’re going to charge yeah free consultation I mean it’s just it’s elbow grease and it’s hustle like I think justin lofton is doing great with his YouTube channel it’s really dope yeah one thing I’m seeing to west like there’s just raw gopro of trophy truck guys running baja no no music just a bra and they’re getting a lot of views so I’m gonna start doing some raw clips of our race car we’re gonna maybe mic up us inside of it and just do those stuff as raw videos a lot of times people hate when we post music over the sound of the vehicle so we try to mute that on a lot of our videos yeah something else we’ve learned um you know and then I think you have to document your process man like I try to document our racing process as much as possible oh the car broke down again oh I got taken out by a squirrel this race you know oh like yeah you know our motor blew up again because we use a tuner who is a joke you know so I won’t say names but um not your container no my current tuner he’s the razor whisperer but um you know you have these ups and downs and I think that makes you more relatable and it makes people like what I started with my whole racing is so you want to go racing which is like this coming back to haunt me above all the ups and downs yeah but honestly that’s racing for a lot of people and if you’re a racer I think documenting the ups and downs when things don’t go well and you can do that in a tactful way without saying I got a flat tire and making your tire sponsor mad you know it’s just like hey we had a technical issue we’re trying to figure it out we tried to get to finish right here to get this finished you know um it didn’t work out for us so those are some some things that I’ve learned and then things that I try to implement and some things that I I will try to implement more in my own day to day awesome yeah I think I think it’s good I think I mean I love all the chupacabra social media stuff and you know I love all the posts watch all the videos and I think I think people see it too is that we’re relatable um we’re out there making this content for people not just to make ourselves look good or trying to make it low look at us but but also promoting a great brand you know it’s it’s fun it’s fun and you know obviously couldn’t do with all this out all the support of everybody out there but at the same time you know I can’t wait to hear a little bit of the feedback about this and what we talked about today yeah so um thanks for bringing that up wes um that’s reminder tune in for part two of this pod and we’ll talk about chupacabra but some tricks that we’ve done to grow our following how we think about growing our following things that we choose to post things that we don’t um you know and more of the brand side of social media which would maybe give us a little more context into the racer side of things and just off-road and where we’re headed as a culture and why we think it’s so important why we’ve invest so much energy in it so thank you guys for listening if you guys like the content please like and subscribe if you’re watching this on YouTube um check us out subscribe if you’re listening to some podcasts and as always guys got a lot more coming your way


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