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by Nick Olson

So you want to go racing?? After our incident at the Parker 250, we got the racecar up and ready for the next race! Or so we thought… Watch how we went from race-ready to back into the shop – yet again.


What’s up everybody nick and brent chupacabra off-road getting a little deja vu back where the race start build all started here at american engineering yeah a couple years ago yeah it’s been a long while ride um speaking of wall rides last time you guys probably saw this car she was hurting she was pretty beat up after we got rammed at parker so onward enough um come to find out brandon a squirrel can actually take out a chupacabra if they hit it right exactly right and they jump across the track and hit you in the back so um brent’s done most all the heavy lifting i just came here to shoot some video and it looked like i was doing a little bit but um starting off with the front of the car we’ll get to the back um full prep going down for our next race which was going to be best in the desert uh utv legends and waffle this weekend but unfortunately due to covid got canceled yep so now we’re uh off to california for the dp4 race in uh johnson valley so something different uh should be exciting and uh see how this does um starting off before the car broke the only thing i noticed that parker that we were playing with suspension a little bit we did lower the car and it was a little on the soft side without some high speed compression i felt like i wanted to stiffen it back up so we’re gonna try the same ride height as parker and we’re gonna go test it do some shakedown miles but we went a little bit stiffer on the high speed compression like i said just because it felt a little soft we’re hitting those big rolling g outs at parker which is kind of more of a parking thing right so it might not be so bad at this next course yeah it might yeah it’s a little different terrain than parker so uh i think we’ll be okay so starting off with the front of the car brandt um got the whole prep going down we got some new hardware in the front um most important the big thing was our front differential started leaking yeah so i noticed the uh uh seal was uh starting to come out and leak so uh yeah we uh pulled that and took it over to sandcrafters and they did their whole billet uh deal they do to it and uh rebuilt it and uh it’s like the beefy race upgrade or something yeah and put better deals and interlock in it and uh so uh yeah and better seals and everything in it and uh thanks to those guys they got done in just a couple days for us so um did that and then i went through the steering rack and noticed a little bit of play parker so rebuilt the steering rack and got that uh done and yeah all new heims and uniballs and hardware in the front so uh we’re ready to go yeah i mean our front differential was just a stock 2017 turbo so yeah first off front diff it held up pretty well yeah i got a couple years on it so it’s we can’t complain yeah so yeah we do need a bigger siren though this doesn’t doesn’t seem to get people’s attention very much yeah this bigger bigger horn and uh i think uh we’ll see how that works moving on to the seventh car not much nothing really yet but our seat belts uh are basically expired now so we order some new ones from makes sense prp of our sponsors get the new prp seats we really like so those are going to show up tomorrow we’re going to throw those in yeah and uh this basic prep inside clean it up basically you know change the proper filter clean that up and uh inside’s ready to go so pack tool bags and go yeah so then moving on to the back of the car that’s where we had all of our drama um starting off with our first issue at the race um we lost our secondary bolt we didn’t lose it but it came off so right either way i melted the outer clutch cover to get a new one of those we decided to replace the secondary with a brand new one uh we had to take our helix and our spring out of our race one and put it in now we’ve got a spare and our primary look really good we cleaned it all up stuffed it up it looked good um new clutch cover on it and then beyond that i mean i think clutching we were we were good we were maybe nervous but it felt really good during the race yeah and then yeah after that little incident we had with the bolt i mean the clutch uh the belt temps were awesome so i mean i felt really good with that and uh everything looked good so yeah just prep it and ready to go except for this time i actually use a torque wrench 100 foot pounds on the primary i watched 43 pounds on the second year so yeah watch them so we’re good uh moving on to the back of the car um i’ll go ahead and just grab the camera it’ll be easier to see yeah so we had a training arm go down after the crash basically we had so much damage right we think that the heim came out of one of the radius rods and from there it was broken shock and then twisted a arm excuse me twisted trailing arm which you can see the front mount right here prove i don’t think anyone’s sold or made more long travel kits for utvs and lone star and we uh obviously this side had new brake lines new calipers uh we put all new hubs and bearings in every side uh with the bearings have been in this in in there since we built the car so we put all new bearings in it um a couple new uh sorry so a couple brand new super atv rhino 2.0 accents yep brand new axles these axles have been really great for us new drive studs uh wheel studs for everything and then one thing we did is uh put a little heat wrap on here to keep some of the heat uh in the engine compartment and on the stuff and on the lines and we put some more protectors on the lines and new shield so just uh update a few more things on the car so yeah one of our mud flaps i think was the casualty luckily we had an extra set so yeah right like all new hardware like you said we broke one of these heims as well when things came apart and luckily as bad as the car looked at parker i mean there was no damage to the frame i mean there was no excessive damage really even to the skid plate as soon as it came apart on us we stopped and pulled over um expected the fluids everything look great right brent yeah everything’s great yeah first thing i always do when we come back is you know drop the trans fluid make sure there’s no chunks or anything in it and uh everything’s yeah everything’s uh great so it’s just uh some this side right here had some uh little problems from the hit and absorbed all the energy and uh now we’re all good to go yeah so basically i got a couple fresh tires we’re gonna mount up so i have some fresh rear tires for the race um we’re gonna install these belts like we mentioned uh we’re gonna go out and run it brent did also the new air filter in addition to doing the fluid so yeah just keeping everything fresh and breathing well and like i was saying earlier every time we race this car we figure things out and the car gets better and better yeah we just keep evolving it and it’s exciting and uh you know the more as you say the faster we’re going it’s uh it’s it’s great it’s it’s exciting rear bearings i mean this knuckle got damaged and we’re rolling around three wheels obviously new wheel bearings but the wheel bearing on the driver’s side looked pretty good after quite a few races on it yeah it was uh i just decided to have everything all the same you know the mileage on it all the same and uh yeah the bearing looked good so which is interesting because i’m doing a bearing prep on my play card two thousand miles the bearings are pretty bad so i’m gonna replace those we’ll shoot another video on it but um i do think maybe the offset of the wheels probably helps prevent a lot of that would you would you agree with that i agree with that these and they actually help absorb some of it so um it could have been a lot worse so so i think we’re ready to go guys uh car is looking really good we’re gonna do some shakedown miles so we will catch up with you later and um we’re ready to go back at it man we got to get back on the horse and uh we were robbed of uh what we thought we had a really good chance have a really good result and have a good race for us at our first best and desert race but we’ll be back and uh excited to get back on the in the car this weekend and like i said she’s running cool with the new uh improvements to the cooling and man she’s looking good so we’ll catch with you guys tomorrow out of geyser and i’ll see how she goes so yeah so just double check the actual thing first um you can just check the box because the boxes you’ll be able to you’ll be able to know just by what was on the box um but it looks to me that might be the case but i’m you know i’m not a hundred percent obviously plus you know i don’t know what that guy was running that kit on but those are those are those radius rods sucked all the way in on all four points no we’ve got on the center radius box i mean 3 8 of an inch so you still got you still got a lot of room for adjustment on those yeah i mean not much i would double check those axles for the first day no yeah not much but it’s i mean this is where it’s straight well here’s the part number on the axle that could have been the wrong axles in the wrong box or like you said they could have shipped us the wrong ones either let me yeah let me know just let me know and you can call me back or whatever and i’ll log in i can see my order history of all the part numbers we’ll double check at least the part number’s there so matter what the box says even if the box was wrong there’s that chance right that’d be really nice if it was as simple as the wrong axles were put in the box or i ordered the wrong ones or there was a running change on this trailing arm that caused this all right so follow up from that test session out at geyser loop unfortunately we missed the dp4 race that weekend we realized that the issue we had couldn’t have been resolved in a couple days to make it we got on the phone we figured out that the trailing arms that we bought which i bought a whole replacement long travel kit from a guy out of colorado was in fact an older generation lone star trailing arm with a geometry that didn’t really like the axles the axles got spit out and you could see they’re both smoked there only three laps out of geyser loop so we weren’t sure if we had ordered the wrong length axles as well uh there’s a special part number four lone star axles which you know luckily you can kind of track your order history on super atv’s website but it was really about the geometry being different of this older style trailing arm which we thought we had a newer updated style lone star trailing arm so missed the race bummed out we’ve got to buy new axles but could have been worse that’s why we test so we wouldn’t have had those issues out at the race because it wouldn’t have lasted long anyway and spent a whole lot of money and time and effort just to get out there so call lone star um unfortunately our trailing arm that we possess is you know they have to make them it’s eight to ten weeks on back order we found a guy who races who has a set of spare turbo s trailing arms now the geometry is a little bit different but we should be able to make those work with our radius rods with an updated axle so i think that’s the direction we’re going to have to go just because most of these kits these companies that make kits are going to the turbo s obviously it’s been around since 2018 and ours is the generation before that so we’re gonna track those down we’re going to see if if lone star can maybe change our order from the older style trailing arm to the new turbo west and just make sure our radius rods and our axles all sync up with it really important that you test axle plunge as we learned from our friends and you know before this we had no issues our geometry was great the lone star long travel kit with those rhino 2.0 is it was perfect we got the plunge dialed so that when you’re at full droop or you’re at full bump you’re not using a axle it’s too long or too short it’s really got to be close there so once you get it dialed you should be good i know a lot of people have had a lot of issues you know can admin polaris so i’m bummed that we didn’t get to go racing i’m bummed that it’s a 10-week lead time but we did find somebody who’s going to help sell us a set of these trailing arms or hoping we can make them work so we can get back out on a racetrack here sooner rather than later so that’s where we’re at that’s how it goes sometimes it’s a bum deal but it is what it is so you want to go racing these are some of the pitfalls that happens when you’re trying to find replacement parts and um you know companies make running changes it’s just something that happens so until next time guys we’re gonna get this thing all dialed get it back testing get some more uh good footage hopefully of our running good thanks for watching uh thanks for supporting the channel thanks for supporting our brand check us out online chupacabra offroad.com we’ll see you next time


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