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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad takes on the DJI FPV Drone! Watch the full video to see how we did on our first flight.


Chupacabra off-road is going fpv what’s up everybody nick olson chupacabra off-road back in the desert with a new toy this is the new dji fpv drone we just got it we are figuring out how to use it I’m really excited to have some new video gear to make our videos better thanks you guys for watching liking subscribing promoting us it helps us to take some of that money reinvest it to make better content for you guys so why do we buy the fpv well there’s so much cool camera gear out there we have a pretty good collection if you’re interested in knowing what we use we’ll put a link in the description we’ve already created a video of course a lot of gopros we have a slr camera we already have a drone after spending some time with the videographer we’ve hired who’s extremely talented nathan mcbride nathan’s really gone full bore into the fpv scene over the last year and he’s also a creator for dji so when we hired him to make our glamis new year’s video he already had one of these prototype fpv drones that he was flying out in glamis and after seeing what the footage looked like how much more captivating the content looks how much it gives action sports a unique and fresh and exciting perspective I was pretty much well sold so we’re a small business and we’re trying to create the best content we possibly can on a limited budget there’s definitely a lot of other camera gear choices we could have made for this kind of money first off I really wanted a canon 1dx this is a beautiful slr camera the quality is amazing it shoots in 4k we currently don’t have an slr that shoots in 4k every time I see some footage or hire one of our videographers that shoots with it I am head over heels I really want that camera it’s not cheap it’s a four to five to six thousand dollar body even if you search used it’s still not much cheaper this fpv drone is not inexpensive and after we bought some extra batteries and the crash replacement for two years this thing ended up being almost 1900 bucks so not cheap investment and also it’s gonna be a big investment in time and expertise to learn because this isn’t a regular drone now if you guys been watching the YouTube channel we’ve been creating content for just about three years and right when we started I did purchase a drone it was my first drone it was a dji mavic air now this was a great little solution it worked really well for a couple years it was small it was only about the size of a turkey sandwich you could throw it in your backpack I took it with me when I was mountain biking of course all over to the desert scenarios it was pretty quick and easy to get up in the air to get some content and really add a whole other level to our YouTube channel we didn’t just have gopro you know now we had some aerials we go all over the place and I just love drone content I if I’m watching YouTube I want to see drone footage especially in action sports especially in our niche and you know what they say be the change you want to see so being you know when I was looking at the YouTube landscape I just thought this is what our channel is gonna be we need drone footage I’m gonna go buy a drone and I think our content has grown in terms of our production quality just from seeing what a good shot looks like and then also working on being a better pilot so moving on from that drone more recently I did purchase the mavic air 2. now this is a new version of that mavic air they made some significant improvements and to me the improvement that was the most significant was the battery life grew from about 20-21 minutes to 34 minutes so huge game changer guys when you have that extra flight time one battery can kind of get you through two good scenes or sequences that I’ve noticed when I’m out shooting you know in the desert I have three of those batteries so I can pretty much go and do full day maybe even two full days of shooting if I I’m pretty quick with my battery the camera also got better it’s a little bit heavier so maybe not as total as the original mavic air but it didn’t really matter because I think it flies better when you have some breezy conditions and overall I’m really really loving the dji mavic air 2 drone okay so before I bought the fpv another drone came onto my radar that I was really excited about and it’s called the skydeal well I’m excited about the skydeal because one of my favorite mountain bikers on YouTube he documents all of his mountain bike riding with it and the skydio definitely has the best technology on the market from what I’ve researched for following somebody particularly action sports I think what they’ve got is the best solution for following somebody and this brings up an amazing value prop because I can’t film and drive at the same time we’re a small business we’re trying to make cool content you know it’s easy when we go out to glamis or we go to a race we’ve got a lot of muses we’ve got a lot of other people to film there’s action happening all over the place well it’s not so easy when there’s just one or two or three of us in the desert because you’ve got to have two people one two people driving and then someone who knows what they’re doing to capture those shots to maximize the time energy of going all the way out into the desert spending your gas money loading up trying to get those clips let me tell you guys I’ve been doing it for almost three years it’s very difficult I mean for my race car breaking down multiple times to having some issues with not getting the right shots dumb things like not having your batteries charged or having a videographer that wouldn’t even shoot with a monopod creating shaky content there’s so many things that can go wrong when you’re just trying to get out there and capture really good content really good clean crisp images that aren’t shaky so as you can imagine the downside for a small creator like chupacabra off-road I’ve now gotta learn how to fly an fpv and then of course I can’t fly this thing and drive at the same time it’s also not the most portable drone where the mavic air 2 mavic air they were small you could quickly get them up in the air yeah I’ve got to set up the headset I’ve got a carry a headset so even with a smaller size backpack it’s just all for this drone so taking a mountain biking dirt bike riding is going to be a little bit more difficult and of course that’s type of content I really want to get higher speed higher action stuff that only an fpv can really deliver so why did I buy it after watching nate use this and then use other fpv drones and knowing a little bit about them previous fpv drones would only fly for three to four minutes tops with a gopro strapped onto them with rc car batteries that you had to charge and believe me I’ve seen this whole process as well um three to four minutes is not that much but now dji gives us a solution that an average drone pilot like myself can set it up and now I’ve got a 21 minute flight time I’ve got three batteries and yes I’m gonna have to learn that’s right here today I’m gonna practice I’m gonna go through some of my drone footage then we’ll watch it we’ll see what it’s gonna take my goal is to get two to three to four flights per week and then just keep practicing working so I don’t crash it I crash it less I learn how to get in because really I feel like to maximize the value of fpv footage you’ve got to be a good pilot so you can get close to the action be able to move around and get where it’s going to be so that you really can maximize the value of having this so I’m a big believer when you see this content you guys have seen it on our YouTube channel check out some of these clips from our glamis video that nathan captured it’s just amazing it’s exciting to me it’s compelling it really shows that hey chupacabra is really taking content serious these guys are making rad content you know these guys are really trying to capture the essence and the and the authenticity and the excitement you know we want to create content that you can show to your buddy who knows nothing about off-road and your buddy or your friend or your spouse or grandma says I want to go to glamis wow that looks exciting wow that looks like you guys are having a great time and you know it’s hard to put a value on that that stoke level that excitement that passion as you can tell I’ve got it we love putting it into all the content that we create and the fpv is what’s going to take us that next level all right so enough talking let’s get this thing booted up let’s get up in the air let’s try to fly it talk about what I learned and how I’m going to get better so we can put out some amazing content with this new amazing technology so this drone has three modes it’s got a normal mode a sport mode and a manual mode now dji has a simulator that I’ve been playing with it’s essentially like a video game and I think it’s helped a little bit this is going to be a big learning curve I’m going around kind of like a little burnt in desert motocross track and I’m really trying to not hit anything now the manual mode is just wide open aerials and flips and stuff that I have really no interest in trying to learn anytime soon so I’m going to focus just on normal mode and then sport mode a little bit what you can’t see in the goggles is when I get close to something it does give me a warning there’s also an emergency brake button in case I’m getting close to hitting something I can push it or if I’m disoriented and it’ll stop within a few meters which is really cool [Applause] it’s just hard to figure out how close is close right I’m not ready to chop my own head off I’m just cruising around in normal mode right now there’s a canal over here there’s a cool berm let’s go check it out all right let’s try this thing in sport mode whoa okay come right over our head this canal we can run alongside it so in full manual mode this thing does almost 90 miles an hour crazy all right first flight that was pretty intense yeah I’m not anywhere near ready for manual mode um went through a battery about 20 minutes it’s really breezy today I think that’s definitely affecting it like just comparison from my other drones but getting the hang of it’s really cool very sensitive it’s got a cruise control mode which I tried just lets you kind of just get in on a pace and kind of focus on doing your thing so as you can see I kind of went in between a couple cactus I got a little far away so the image started getting really blurry in my headset as I was going through cactus which made me really nervous but we’re gonna throw another battery and get a little bit more practice while we’re out here in a good safe environment and then see how she goes so let’s get it going the last landing was scary I tried to grab it and it went up and a lot of these drones that’s just kind of how they are they you think they’re going to land but then you try to go grab it and it won’t let you a lot of times I never want to land on the dirt so you’re not getting dust in the impellers but are the propellers but I caught her luckily man this is pretty intense it’s like a video game so let’s pack everything up let’s head back home let’s check out some of the footage as you can see I was really just trying to practice flying low following some of those trails like I would be following a side by side or you know a bike or whatever and just get that action shot where you’re close right on it because this drone has the speed to stay close to 80 90 in terms of speeds of what we would travel and of course there is that manual mode for going really really fast which maybe one day I’ll graduate to but big learning curve so you know I want to try to just get these flights down so I know that when I take it out I’ve got the confidence in the heat of the moment to not run into a tree and it’s really hard to tell when you’re going near a bush or in between those cactus how close you are I catch myself going to obstacles taking the goggles off double checking it’s like I don’t I want a couple feet and it doesn’t slow down as fast as you think it would even though it is pretty quick there is that emergency button I told you about so man it’s really intense I’m really trying to have a bunch of good flights without putting this thing down so so far so good that was two batteries let’s go check out the footage let’s go see how we did okay so um got some clips that I shot from the desert threw them in premiere did a basic color correction on them but um when I pulled them into premiere the coloring looked pretty good almost as good as I’d say as my mavic air too but pretty close so this is the hard part that a lot of youtubers don’t talk about is yeah you go buy the cool technology but then you’ve got to learn how to fly it in a way that is going to make for some good interesting shots at least to add to your content so here we go


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