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by Nick Olson

We had a lot of great footage of race cars from last year’s UTV world championship race. And since there hasn’t been much racing, and we love watching the SxS’s of all types in motion, we wanted to show you some clips of our race car, and what we’ve learned, and we have footage of our race car when the spring rate was too soft and the valving was off, as well as it now, which is set up properly for our specific RZR and driving speed and style. We’ve learned a lot and hope that this video explains in detail, what good looks like, and what very good looks like. Speaking of very good, the top race teams have dialed in setups, as you can see from the video footage. The “Fox Proving Grounds” was a great place to watch and pay attention to the lines the racers use, speed, and what their vehicles looked like in a 3.5 hour, 10 lap race, one of the biggest races of the year.


Yes what’s happening everybody welcome back and today we’re talking about dialing in suspension I was going through a bunch of old footage and we’ve learned so much with our race car I want to show you guys some footage of from last year when this car was really really soft and it looked good and it felt pretty plush in a sense but you can kind of really really see it was really really off from where we’re at now and the improvements we’ve made so I just want to show you some cool clips that we had and um you can see the car kind of bottoming over this kicker and compared to my regular play car here doesn’t go through the travel near as much but that’s something that you learn along the way and um we had this race car re-sprung and re-valved and took it to the suspension guru and really got it to the next level and that’s really what it takes when you’re trying to get a race car going and up to race pace and have the confidence to really push so as we’re working through everything else on the car from the motor to the trans and all that the suspension I think has been the biggest um advantage that we’ve made in terms of advancements and and performance so that was last year moving forward at the beginning of this year we went to placer city here with wayne at all tech motorsports wayne israel sen the magician and you can see the car was kicking pretty bad and we spent all day ripping that thing apart we went through a lot of issues spring rate being far too soft and valving being way off so you made a lot of improvements and then after this day kind of got the shocks running okay but then we mailed them in and here you can see after getting those shocks back back in placer city April 21st the car is just on a whole new level so he um really went through changed everything out that needed to be replaced added high speed compression and just my confidence the ability to drive fast and in a straight line for long periods of time was was remarkably improved so with that here’s some really cool footage from utv world championships a lot of racing’s been on hold but I love looking at this type of footage here’s um you know some some real cool clips from the pros and see how they do it obviously some of these guys are the fastest here’s phil burton who won this event last year um here’s what he looks like going through the fox proving grounds and a bunch of other top competitors I’m sure these guys spend far more time and energy tuning their suspension and learning how to go fast than most anybody else so it’s really cool I love watching you know 2c can am versus a 4 versus a polaris watching how these cars react of course there’s there’s a lot of driving that goes on of course and different styles and all that this is a really cool section to film we had a lot of really good slo-mo as well as some full race speed but there’s a you see in a second here there’s a lot of lines as well so it’s cool to watch what the guys were doing this is a few laps into a 10-lap race here in laughlin we raced the same track we went backwards at a range at the river you kind of see all these wide lines or multiple line options kind of funneling there’s a good drone shot right you’ve got 10 different line options and then you get into some big kickers um as evidenced here by this guy so again just kind of really cool to watch and see how the cars react I’m no expert but looking back and learning what we’ve learned the race car I think it’s really cool to kind of pay closer attention to what our vehicles done and know what improvements we’ve made and then just kind of see how other people have their vehicles set up one thing you have to consider too you know each racer might have a different strategy some guys are going for the individual race win with a checkers or records pace others might be chasing a championship this is a really cool spot where the course comes through the high speed whoop section and then comes right back up through here so really cool spot to watch a lot of great race action I think there’s over 50 plus turbos just in this race it was really exciting at the helicopters even at that event it was cool so like I said there’s a lot going on it was still a pretty long race the race winner did it in three and a half hours you’re dealing with dust you’re riding racing at night and um this was one section of the track where you you had a chance to really kind of differentiate yourself from the other racers a lot of the other sections were kind of fast flowy like a short course where it would be a little bit harder to make up time I think so it’s another thing look at how these guys come through so here is cognito motorsports justin lambert always a top competitor I remember seeing this razor come through and it was just so quiet and smooth and flowy you’ll see a clip here a second this thing at full race pace and obviously really dialed race team ton of race wins one of the fastest guys in the utv game right now here’s dustin jones running the big long four-seat can-am at this race so like I said this section I think a lot of racers are looking forward to it hey what line can I take where can I make up a little bit of time certain sections of the course you can’t really pass but this is where you could push it push your vehicle you know to go for that race win or go for a top five like I said when I raced this event or this track at a rage at the river same track we kind of went backwards through most of it I’m some of the track was different but um this is I think really cool would be more fun to go this way because you can see you’ve got all these line options into this rough section where we kind of came out of it the big moon bumps if you will into this and became a little bit more one-lined it’s another four-seat have looking good murray racing these guys did really well got a podium really balanced 2c car randy romo solid top five alex nichols here 7th place this is a really good looking car this I love how this rhys milling car looks and looks like he had a really dialed set up like the the back end looked like it was kind of squatting where it needed to and it stayed level through those bumps cold Friday top 10. it was running really good [Music] definitely thing I’m seeing so far is a lot of the vehicles you’ll get the roof line it stays really flat and consistent and you can tell these racers have spent some time as well as you know they’re driving and being smooth I think it’s the balance of course of of ripping and then um not breaking off the car I want to slow this down this is a holst chassis sven elstrom here he was the top contender and you can see what’s unique about this chassis is it’s got longer stroke front shocks that go all the way down to the lower arm like the new speed utv and one thing that wayne is wilson taught us too is you have to think about the front suspension is going to impact the bump first which is also going to affect how the rear suspension handles the bump and changes how the vehicle is handling so interesting little nuance I never really considered and you can see this chassis works really well a lot of top competitors are running it here’s the fabworks chassis which is just a little bit older version of my current chassis on the race car here you saw the beginning of the video again you can see most all the polaris guys have gone with the longer four seat chassis you can really tell it feels like the two-seat can-am to the four-seat razor is really the sweet spot that everybody’s going to for a race chassis I don’t know if any of these longer four-seat can-ams have won a big race I think the it ends up being a little bit heavier and maybe you’re dealing with more issues on that regard obviously these things can probably handle them hey yes lambert in third place [Music] this car kind of reminds me of mine looks like it might be a little on the soft side you know just from looking at it kind of hard to tell he’s out on a different line as well another thing think of two line choice I mean the main line is going to get hammered with this many laps everyone’s running the same lap over and over so a lot of guys could have been searching for a faster line as well um this may or may not have been their fast fastest lap through you know so a lot going on there potentially having issues you know you never know built temperatures all those type of things they were kind of climbing up the hill to get up to this point and then after getting through this upper section they were gonna really haul and get close to 100 hour going back down into the main pit area but for the purpose of this video I think it’s really cool to watch like I said hope you guys enjoy watching these clips and seeing how the top dogs have their vehicles set up and I’m sure they’ve all learned a lot a lot of these guys have been racing for quite a while and they have learned a ton and when you do want to get into racing it’s a really steep learning curve and luckily like randy romo here is a friend of ours and been able to help us out a ton and ask him for a lot of advice just getting trying to get our car set up to be um reliable so when we get back to racing here we can have some solid runs because you know if you don’t get your car dial there’s no point in really even showing up randy here top five and what was interesting it reminds me of being out of the motocross race or even at a moto track the top five guys you could just hear it in their vehicle I couldn’t even I didn’t even need to see who it was but you can just hear how they drive and their intensity and their aggression level compared to most anybody else so same thing you’re out at a moto track I mean I don’t even need to see the rider but I can tell by what their throttle sounds like that they’re fast they know what they’re doing this looks to be a narrower x-ray I want to throw it in there and kind of see the difference between a narrow car and a wider car shot of sierra she’s having a good run until last lap or so this is a really good looking I think that’s komski long lsr can-am it’s a really good-looking car so if you guys like this just kind of look at this footage you want to put something together um you usually don’t see this much nathan mcbride our videographer shot all this stuff he’s amazingly talented I’m excited to work with him more in the future you guys are going to see him for sure awesome guy who’s really passionate and got us some banger footage he’s an amazing drone pilot as well thanks for watching guys please like and subscribe check out our products online and we will see you on the next one.


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