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by Nick Olson

Polaris launched its 2021 lineup today, and with no new models or variations (think a 72” XP Pro) they did make some nice improvements to the existing models, even though there were no horsepower or tire size increases.

While this sounds pretty boring, some leaked photos have EVERYONE in the off-road community with raised eyebrows: the RZR XP Pro R has surfaced! Remember those prototype photos from a year ago? Well, see some teasers of real photos of a production unit (in our opinion).

Let us know what you think below. Polaris improved the existing lineup and teased a potential “game-changer” unit that is well over 1,000 cc’s.


So polaris launches the 2021 razer lineup today along with a couple leak photos that show us that they’re ready to take the side-by-side industry to a whole new level let’s get into it so polaris has a huge model offering here for model year 2021 so we’ll talk about that we’ll talk about some of the upgrades that they made and then of course last and certainly not least we’ll speculate on these leaked photos that’s got the internet going crazy so the razer lineup’s really big this year and I noticed when on the website there’s different sections there’s trail there’s extreme performance and then there is wide open now wide open is where the turbo s models are classified and I guess it makes sense as it’s their only razer model so far that are offered in a 72 inch wide but it also kind of lets us know or kind of makes the customer think that this is their top dog model for nasty terrain which we agree with being here in the southwest wider is better but it gets a little convoluted because of course the pro xp is their top level brand new most high performing vehicle in the lineup so what’s interesting and mentioning all this is that I thought polaris would launch the pro model in some 72 inch flavors they would get rid of the turbo s lineup and they would keep the older existing xp 1000 and turbo lineup because at a certain point we’ve got so many models it’s so hard for dealers to stock all the different models and all the colors especially they can stock multiple brands like can-am and it might get a little bit confusing even for us to explain to one customer this is why you should buy a turbo s over a 72-inch pro but we have to worry about that because all the pro models are going to stick at a 64 inch width for now so you look on the website you see a bunch of new colors basically a bold new graphics but there have been some enhancements and updates and we’ll get into those let’s start off with the pro xp so it’s good to see players make a few running changes I didn’t really see any price increases but nice to see some more value added in for us future buyers to get more for our money so starting off they updated the tender spring so most of you guys know these have either come collapsed from the factory or they’re just low quality springs here at chupacabra we’re huge fans of upgrading your suspension better springs better valving no matter what side by side you get we pretty much suggest that you should budget for that because it can drastically enhance the quality of your ride but it’s good to see the polaris either went with a higher quality tender spring or at least a better spring rate so it’s not going to sag its ride height after a few hundred miles like we’ve seen with a lot of models in the past the stock wheels have a new design which looks pretty clean for a stock wheel and they’re also 18 lighter so nice little value add and the audio for the rockford fosgate has been updated where it’s going to perform better they claim that it’s two and a half times louder has more tunability and better overall sound quality so for those of you that are interested in the higher end model with the built-in audio this is nice news from a reputable top brand like rockford fosgate in addition to the audio being increased they’ve also updated the ride command like the update we talked about on our previous video on our channel there’s some cool updates that allow you to kind of customize the gauge cluster and it also sounds like they’ve enhanced the ride-along feature of a group where a leader can have other members in the ride command app or group easily follow along so I see that they keep iterating on ride command and when it came out it definitely had some issues it’s cool to see that they keep making it better each year they mentioned that there was an improved clutch alignment which a lot of us saw some photos running around as soon as the pro was released of guys blowing up clutches some weird issues I don’t think it was a huge problem from what I heard but either way it sounds to me like they’ve addressed that there might have been an issue that they corrected for production and it’s better now so hopefully some of those issues with the clutching should be a thing of the past they did some better door bumpers and this is a little baffling because all the previous pro xp models from 1000 newer have really great doors and a great latch system that just works well and it never vibrates or rattles well when I saw the pro xp was released there was this chintzy little bumper that would easily fall off it just seemed like a cost cutting measure and now they’re having to update it again so at least it’s updated but it’s kind of a head scratcher why it kind of got downgraded from the existing razor in the past but either way they got it resolved here for 20 21. and one cool little feature on all 20 20 razors is there is a trickle charge port in the dash so that just makes it really easy to plug in and preserve your battery life like a lot of us in the southwest sometimes we’ll take a break from riding when it gets hot what have you but it’s nice to know that we can kind of very easily get in to keep our batteries charged so nice touch player okay moving on to the turbo s and turbo models not the 1000 it’s nice to see that they have updated these models to the pro xp clutches now if you’ve been following the channel you’ll notice that we purchased a new transmission and clutches for our race car because we’d heard so much good about them the system just simply works a lot better it uses the existing same belt for a razer turbo s but it cools much better lower belt temps all the people who are fast in terms of polaris on the racing front are all using this transmission very few belt failures reported compared to the past so to me it’s just a step up in terms of technology and kudos to polaris for making this happen so if you’re talking 168 horsepower or more your 64 inch turbo as well as a turbo s this is a really nice welcome addition and definitely worth something considering if you’re looking at a leftover 2020 or a used model versus going new in 2021 it’s a nice value add so two thumbs up polaris all right guys so we cannot make this video without talking about these leaked photos where they leaked on purpose I don’t know but either way they’re very exciting they’re very exciting to me because they look like the vehicles already production ready if you guys remember a lot of prototype photos were running around on the internet last year of these vehicles being tested out in the desert let’s say standard wash can have a sue parker but either way we saw a couple things that were really exciting five lugs on the hubs suspension of the front suspension the lower shock mounts found on the lower a arm and most importantly a new motor and what appeared to be a non-cvt transmission so now we’re seeing photos like I said either leaked intentionally or not the vehicle looks production ready already in the photo shoot all these other vehicles are in which means polaris has it ready to go it’s just a matter of when they have it maybe covet has caused some delays with some supplier issues but this thing is production ready and you know first glance first off the roll cage looks really cool it’s got a huge radius but it looks much better than the other production razor which is really exciting and then when you look at the side profile photo here you can definitely tell that it’s got a big motor sandwiched in it and my guess is that it is the 2.0 liter motor out of the slingshot now that motor in the stock slingshot revs up to 8 500 rpms and puts out 203 horsepower so a lot of us thought that the utvs side-by-sides would never go above 1000 cc’s well polaris is about ready to say yeah well we are and so what are you gonna do the rest industry so this is really exciting this is game changer um you know the game changer thing gets thrown around way too much and and um I would say it probably is a game changer because even if it does have a cvt trans we have gone to a new level we don’t gone to a size of a motor of an actual car or a dune buggy sand rail that’s gonna change the classification of this vehicle in many states who knows it might be street legal in some states with the right requirements like windshields and mirrors there’s so much to speculate and I don’t I don’t really know at that point but it does make sense that polaris would develop this pro star motor for the razer now polaris sells slingshots they don’t really sell that many of them I think they they sell enough to keep them in production but you know they might sell five to seventy five hundred five thousand seven five hundred units a year top so it would make sense polaris invest all this money in a motor that would see its way into the off-road line so um all of you tuners I mean I’m sure everyone’s really excited what can we do horsepower wise what’s the base horsepower going to be what’s it going to be after it gets turboed I mean guys this is crossing a whole nother bridge we’ve never seen so um kudos to polaris you know we’re really excited we’ve all known polaris is the giant you know I made a lot of videos saying hey we think can m’s on top well I think this is something to show that polaris is saying look this is our game we took it to the next level and we’re here to take the throne back so let the speculation begin guys it’s really hard to tell from the photos if this has a cvt transmission or not I’m assuming it will not have one which is kind of weird for me to say because this is a company that was bred from the snowmobile industry polaris knows cvts better than anybody they are amazing at being very practical and pragmatic that’s why their atvs have gone from being something that no one would consider to the number one selling atv in the country the cvt works really well in a lot of these applications and if there’s anybody that can figure out how to make the cvt work I do think it could be polaris even though they’ve had some issues in the past some of the razer models so I’ll let you guys speculate below in the comments I don’t know my two cents is it’s going to be a full transmission but guys you want all this technology be ready for a big price point I can guarantee this is going to be the most expensive razor probably the most expensive side-by-side on the market and it is what it is so you know you can’t expect all this technology without expecting the price to go up and I think that’s going to lead into what the transmission will be maybe they’ll launch two versions who knows but um it’s really exciting um and we’ll see what they come out with when they make the official announcement here which I’m assuming is going to be in the next few months speaking of price guys you know I know a lot of you a lot of comments all over the place hey this market these vehicles are getting so expensive but I think if they’re delivering the value the customers will see I think there’s a lot of us that have been owning these vehicles they’ve been in off-road for quite a while and if this vehicle is 36 40 000 as long as it’s delivering the value of what a comparably equipped 40 000 side-by-side would have with upgrades the customers are going to be excited about it we saw the same thing happen with can-am releasing the x3 back in 2017. at that time four seat racers were going for 22 23k 27 000 on a 4c turbo ken am stepped the game up sold their four seat x3 max at 30 000 but it delivered so much value 72 inch wide essentially a stock long travel kit had great power had a stylish looking stock roll cage great seats and cam sold every single model they made so that just goes to show you the customers have all really leveled up we’re really all kind of understand what a a 30 000 side by side will get us with upgrades we all know the game we have a good idea of what the value is much more than we even did a couple years ago so don’t be too scared of the price don’t get mad at polaris for releasing an expensive car because this is a step up in performance and technology that everybody’s been asking for so you know like I said let’s get excited about it let’s not worry about the price until we know all the specs so check out this photo of the vehicle from the front now this gets me even more excited you can see how wide this thing is you can see that the lower a arms are boxed and they’re very beefy you can see that the front shocks do in fact mount to the lower a arm if you look really closely you can see that the lower shock mounts actually have the front drive shafts or axles going through them so an interesting design is going to be really interesting to see how much beefier this vehicle is structurally of course this is a huge selling point for the speed utv and I’ve got a front suspension design similar to the speedu tv um and I have to imagine they’ve got to beef everything up because the motor in general is going to be quite a bit heavier so this thing looks really aggressive the stock roll cage looks really good in my opinion the thing looks amazing so you know polaris everyone today on the internet could get mad and they just have some bold new graphics but these photos show us that hey polaris is working on something really exciting please I hope polaris has a 4c version of this thing ready to go as well and you know we’ll see what the width measurements it definitely looks wider than 72 inches right here but um hard to really tell with these photos but again the front looks really aggressive the pro xps never looked better it’s never looked more aggressive um I’m excited it’s game on guys all right everybody thanks for watching let the speculation begin let’s start it off down below in the comments are we going to see this thing at camp razer is camp razor even going to happen I’m sure covets really kind of thrown a monkey wrench into what the marketing team wants to do for releasing the pro r in my opinion I think this will see the light of day it will get released this year I don’t know if it’ll be camp razor might be new year somewhere in between maybe when they can get caught up and get some vehicles produced I have heard due to covert there’s been a lot of production issues for both can-am and polaris so I think unfortunately a lot of customers looking for 2021 models are probably going to pay a little bit more than what they were used to because it’s going to be harder for these dealers to get enough units to satisfy the demand it’s going to be hard for these manufacturers to spit them out so we’ll see how it goes let us know you think below in the comments tune in next week we’re going to do a full breakdown comparing polaris verse canada verse speed who’s going to be the king of this desert season as we roll into 2021 thanks for watching if you guys didn’t know we also make products check out our website chupacabraoffroad.com or follow us here on YouTube FaceBook instagram tik tok see on the next one.


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