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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad takes a closer look at the #SpeedUTV Pre-Production cars at the 2021 Sand Sports Super Show in California this past weekend. Seeing these cars come to life has been a wild adventure and we are so excited to get ours here soon!


What's up everybody nicholson chupacabra off-road we're here Sunday the final day the sandsport super show we're tired we've had a great show so far thanks everybody who's come by check out our booth check out our products but we had to get away for a second come check out the speed car YOU KNOW we love making these speed videos finally we've got a great update we've got some pre-production cars to check out they look good it was finally awesome to go sit in them see what the leg room was like look at some of the final detail pictures look at it close does everything look like it's in its right spot we're not that far away from being able to get some content of driving or riding in the vehicle but as a speed owner I talked to a lot of you guys over the weekend we're all excited I mean we're all been really patient and I think we're gonna be rewarded I feel like what you're seeing is just a lot of value for the money and that's the type of content I always kind of try to make is talk about hey what are we getting for our money and there's so much about the car I like I'm really excited about my decision to go ahead and buy it so we'll do some walk-arounds gonna show you some of the things that I noticed what it feels like seats all the way back right here pretty roomy just a little more than the razor check out the interior clean like how they integrated the dashes right here I like it shifter feels really smooth let's see what it's like when it's driving check this the out thing moves pretty cool some six three this is pretty close to my razor turbo s I'd say  I think these seats are a little bit smaller but YOU KNOW I love the magic wheelbase 117 120 so I feel like this is great my kids are small I think if my kids were big would be more of a challenge but I think it's good I think it's roomy back here I like the carbon treatment carbon finish it's cool to finally see the inside and see a lot of these finish details you know the doors there's little cubbies down here in the doors these are the upgraded suede seats I believe a lot of headroom so this is what gets me probably the most excited it's just seeing how beefy the front end is the whole front knuckles I mean these shocks are massive 12-inch stroke I mean this front end is so beef adjustable sway bar all the hardware is dialed like cars looking really good so here she is I got to hold this thing when I ran into robbie at the utv world championship stop the spring so 3.25 man the thing I noticed cool to see the final air ducting and then air box is right down here so it looks like you need a lot of airflow right in cool to see the production clutch cover of course with the double shear all aluminum adjustable of course rear sway bar and you got a little bit of adjustment with the heim pretty cool stuff it's looking good I mean it's all a tube chassis and setup I mean that's huge it's really cool to see what it's going to look like I mean everything looks like it's in its right place looks like I got some nice hoses up here for the radiator and you actually have some final takeaways are the beds big YOU KNOW it's roomy it's kind of like everything I said it's it's just YOU KNOW all the details of it I've watched basically every minute of every of robbie's videos but to see it in real life I mean if it's cool to see it come to fruition I mean two years ago what they had to what they have now I mean it's pretty amazing and I'm just excited to get it and run it create a lot of content and and see how she goes so I think it'll be a good family wagon with the 4c model I really love the wheelbase the rear seats saw felt a little bit bigger than my turbo west but kind of what I expected because it's about the same length car the big shock so maybe the reason why I'm buying the car with the chassis it's just beef YOU KNOW the front knuckles the the wheels the way that whole thing came together I just that that makes me really happy it's more like a car like a real true built YOU KNOW off-road vehicle so it's cool they've got them here back-to-back with the competition but the quality fin finish I think is looking good it was cool to see the interior and they've kind of been maybe a little more in the dark of seeing what it looked like so the finish of the paneling and just what it looks like sitting in it I think it's great I think the fin finish is good the doors don't kind of adjust right they've got some things they've got to work on but YOU KNOW they'll get it sorted out but I think I'm really happy with the interior the shifter felt smooth we'll see what it's like we're actually working in the car driving with it but yeah overall it's good I know there's a huge crowd here on Friday all some of you guys I talked to were really excited as well so good to finally have an update and I will catch up with you guys here on the next one if you guys like the content please like and subscribe we'll see you next time.


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