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by Nick Olson

Interested in the Chupacabra Offroad Cuero Pro Side Mirror? Take a quick look at how to install these mirrors perfectly to your UTV or Off-Road Vehicle!


Hi this is chupacabra offroad we're going to be doing an unboxing and installation of the quaro pro side mirrors these mirrors are an evolution of our customer favorite quarrel side mirrors and the new pro model is even better than before to mount up the mirrors pull out the driver side left mirror which is marked with an engraved l on the face of the mirror the clamp size is also engraved as well to ensure that you purchase the correct size for your side by side first step is to use a four millimeter allen key to tighten the inner ball socket arm you'll want to determine which way you'd like the center section to face the rearward position rotates the clamps to clear most windshields while the frontward position rotates the clamps to clear window nets if you are running an a plus or b b-pillar style roll cage most of you will be installing these on a standard a-pillar roll cage and the rearward position is ideal for this setup once you decide how you'd like them placed take the tube clamp and begin installing onto your roll cage you then take out the four supplied clamp screws and secure the mirror onto the roll cage snug enough to hold in place but loose enough to allow for a small amount of adjustment now it's time to jump in the driver's seat and adjust the mirror to your preference loosen the two five millimeter allen cap screws that grasp onto the ball socket which allows the mirror to rotate to your desired position for final adjustment you can move the mirror forward and back with the six millimeter allen key on the breakaway hinge the coil pro mirrors are designed with the breakaway in mind so adjust the tension on this screw based on your riding conditions the tighter the fit the sturdier the hold secure all screws once you have the mirror in the desired position if you want to install the light tab to mount an led light first remove the six millimeter hinge screw and use the longer supplied hinge screw washer and nut to mount the light tab these brackets are designed for small led lights like the baja design squadron which are about 12 to 14 ounces various brands of lights will mount properly on our mirrors but we do not recommend any lights above 14 ounces in weight or larger than 3 inches in width and depth simply repeat this process on the passenger side and you're ready to ride if you have any other questions please reach out to us on our website chupacabrafroad.com


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