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by Nick Olson

Looking for a bolt on storage solution for your Can Am X3? You can purchase here- Available December 2021.


Hey Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and I got a special treat for you x3 owners we have a new product we just debuted at the sand show but I had to give you guys a closer look make a video for the YouTube so we can get some feedback we want to come to market with it if we think that we get some interest we're going to sell a few of these so let's get into it and let me know what you guys think so this is a new bolt-on storage rack for can-am x3s model year 2017-2022 we're calling this the b2g storage and tire rack b2g meaning baja two glamis if you guys follow a channel you guys know we off-road pretty much everywhere and we want to come up with a solution that would work well for the sand dune crowd as well as the hardcore adventure crowd and anywhere in between first off this design is going to work if you've got any aftermarket cage or stock cage two-seat or four-seat vehicle the only thing we really have to do to install it is we have to install a new exhaust that mounts only on the side you can see here we've got an exhaust from a small company out of Florida called kfab we're talking to some other manufacturers from some other options at the moment but we need an exhaust that's going to provide enough clearance for this thing to mount up and of course not have an exhaust is going to draw any heat toward it and beyond that the only thing you have to remove is the stock bed one of the design goals of this project was to keep the weight low and centered we wanted to offer something stylish that has some race dna so we went through several renditions there's a lot of engineering time before we kind of started bending up our first tubes or actually the process started with making a box so this box is aluminum and it's handmade this product is built here in the united states we're also looking into potentially manufacturing this box out of plastic versus aluminum so let me know what you think we can drop some weight we can maybe get rid of some of the tinny sound and we can maybe get rid of of course things like this being dented but we're going to explore both options of course aluminum is more expensive and it's a little heavier so keep in mind this is our first prototype we're going to be making some improvements already by the time you see the next one you'll see a couple other refinements a little bit more style and one thing you'll notice we've got a full-size spare tire here which is also part of the design this is a tensor 33 inch tire and our design goal was to really only accommodate for a tire about this big after a lot of consideration we decided to put the tire up top because a lot of you might not even carry a spare tire at different parts of the country or if you're like me you want to go out to the dunes it's easy to pop your tire off you still have all your storage so that's really kind of how it germinated and we took kind of some of the race inspiration to then call it a b2g meaning YOU KNOW this would be ready for a big baja ride it's also just as ready for glamis so speaking of atlanta speaking of the dunes lightweight is definitely what a lot of duners want I see some of you guys are just looking for horsepower go for a bed delete kit to kind of drop some of the weight off the back of the vehicle of course these vehicles are so small dropping some weight really helps but by removing some of the stock components going with a much lighter weight muffler taking the bed off and particularly if we decide to move forward with a plastic storage box we're definitely going to drop some weight and we're going to be close to or maybe even below the stock setup by keeping all your storage low and in a tidy position in my opinion a pretty stylish position we will get some exact weights as we start to take this thing apart and test it and make some revisions it's on a couple gas struts so easily pop up here with this latch one of our biggest design goals storage wise was to be able to fit a good size cooler a lot of you yeti fans are going to recognize this this is the big yeti tundra 35 this is a good size cooler I don't even do all day rides with a cooler this big but as you can tell it fits in there and you still got plenty of room for a tool roll tools sweatshirts anything of course you would need extra belt etc and you don't see a little bit of weather shipping right here like I said we just literally got it done for the sand show but of course we're going to have some rubber molding to prevent any type of vibration and give a nice seal one other design goal is to keep as much of the elements out of this box as possible so here it is lift up again  we've got a nice little movement in terms of our gas struts where they're up high enough this is a 12 inch gastrut that lengthens to about 20 and a half inches big enough to get your cooler out or in and if you look down here bracing wise you're going to see this get stepped up in terms of production quality we are tied into the upper radius rod and we decided to do that just to give it as much robust YOU KNOW bracing and protection as possible of course we want to over build this thing we know the customers are going to do things with this that we would never intend or YOU KNOW it's not so much a cooler full of beer but completely loaded down so the product does bolt on here at the upper radius rods it bolts on here on the big flange which is used for the stock exhaust and then of course it bolts on up here at this front cross brace we created special tabs here to mount the rear tail lights one thing you might not really notice unless you look close is that we did bring the tail lights in a little bit just to kind of go for a cleaner look kind of prevent any some of this gap at all but like I said we're gonna have plenty of clearance for any type of aftermarket or stock roll cage so you're gonna see some adjustments out of these you're gonna see me using one of these out in the field on rides as we kind of test and make some better improvements as we get ready for production here so if you have an x3 you're looking for something like this let us know the msrp on this is 15 hundred dollars and the msrp and the exhaust is 700 so what we're shooting for is a 2200 total package we're gonna get a rear bumper storage box and a tire rack all in one and a stylish compact bolt-on setup thanks for watching if you guys like the content go ahead like and subscribe and we will see you on the next one.


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