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RZR Turbo Goes Into Limp Mode – Code 520615

by Nick Olson
RZR Turbo Goes Into Limp Mode – Code 520615

This code isn’t documented in the owner’s manual, so I thought I’d make a quick video so if anyone else has this issue, they can figure out what’s going on. i was in Glamis when this happened. The check engine light went on, and the motor didn’t get hot (206 was the highest) but I lost Turbo power, and thankfully, had enough power to get through the dunes. It would go back and forth, it hit the limp mode 5 times, and started to get annoying.

After my trip, I took it into the local Polaris dealer, and had them plug it into the digital wrench. This is a Polaris dealer tool that can read everything (and I mean everything) that your RZR experiences. We found out that the limp mode was caused by the Fox Live Valve suspension, which was weird. I had the shocks resprung and revalved back in October, and have had many trip and trouble free rides. And since the codes have been cleared, no issues either. I talked to the suspension tuner, maybe the changing of the spring rate and valving through off the ECU, RZR’s are pretty touchy these days.

My ECU is 100% stock, stock clutching, and after inspecting my belt & clutches (which I initially thought was the problem), it looks great. MY local dealer only charged me half an hour of labor, and it’s been great.


Welcome back everybody got a quick one for you today regarding a code that I had which put my razor turbo into limp mode the code number was 520615 it’s a code that’s not documented on the owner’s manual so I decided make a quick little video I had some text our website so any of you guys have this issue it’ll pull up in the in the Google land so what’s interesting is this code was more related to the turbo dynamics with the live valve Fox suspension which I realized once I took it to a dealer so take you guys inside here here’s the here’s the ride command so going over here to settings here’s the vehicle I’ve got almost 12 hundred miles but where the code popped up it would have been here on the vehicle tab vehicle diagnostics so what happened was I was in Glamis President’s Day weekend and the car started going into limp mode I turned it on turn it off you’d kind of go in and out of limp mode and it got a little bit annoying I think it did it about four or five times but just a point where even though would go into limp mode I still had power I just didn’t have turbo powers so I could still make it up the dunes kind of barely keep up with everybody in my group and like I said it just kind of went in and out throughout the whole trip so first I thought it was the belt the belt clutching ECU to never things 100% stops so what I did is I got home and to get to a Polaris dealer I’m not sure if you guys know but players has a digital wrench where they plug it in and it’s got all the diagnostics of the vehicle and because it’s got the live valve suspension you even get more data like I’ve made a thousand more right turns than left turns and this thing and the shocks has been completely topped out or airborne for 0.8 seconds so well I’ll show you the code here put it up but you can see some of the codes that I took a screenshot of when I was at the dealer and it’s related to the dynamic suspension so just wanna let you guys know if you have that similar issue that’s what it is they cleared the codes that hasn’t happened since what’s interesting is I had the shock sri sprung emory valve back in October put several hundred miles on them before this issue happened if it happened to me out again in the desert I’d probably take that battery terminal off and reset it but hope it doesn’t happen to you or if so you guys know that it’s a kind of an easy deal here’s what the shocks look like I’ll respawn Andry valve you can see there’s a little terminal yet to plug into but like I said it was months of riding after that was done I talked to a suspension tuner he hadn’t really heard about it and seemed like it was a little bit of a fluke deal so that’s the only issue I’ve had on this thing almost 1,200 miles you can see got it all taken apart was gonna go through a grease the wheel bearings check the clutch and everything and it’s been an amazing car so hope this helps you I’ve had the issue thanks we’ll see on the next one.


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