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Tensor DS 33 Tire Review – Are They Worth The Money?

by Nick Olson
Tensor DS 33 Tire Review – Are They Worth The Money?

One set of tires, 2 machines, multiple offroading environments, some of the best spots in the Southwest, here are the results. Tensor has been releasing tires that have potential customers excited, and the DS 33 might be the perfect size, weight, and performance for today’s SxS owners.

Here’s what we think about them, with a detailed breakdown after spending lots of time it different areas with these tires, that most of you ride in.


It sounded everybody welcome back it’s Nicholson Chupacabra off-road and say let’s talk about tires let’s talk about how these tensor Diaz 33 s they’re holding up so full disclosure I didn’t get these tires for free I purchased them got a pretty good deal on them through my friends at Temecula Motorsports the MSRP on these things is three hundred and fifty bucks a tire and they’ve recently put them on sale probably due to the corona virus epidemic right now on their website you can buy it for a little under three hundred dollars and I think the street price has always been there a little bit lower so this definitely is if not the most expensive one of the most expensive options on the market for us here in the southwest are looking for an all-around amazing desert tire so once tents are first appeared on the side-by-side scene with a regulator tire seem like they always had a really good brand perception quality so from what I heard a lot of people really liked the tensor regulator they were a little on the heavier side and then once the tensor Diaz 32 came out that seemed to be like a Holy Grail 32 inch tire because it was so light that was more of a race specific tire same thing we’re seeing here with the tensor d s 33 this is definitely designed as a race specific tire but a lot of us are looking to buy it use this as an everyday attire like myself and curious how well do they hold up what’s performance how are they and can we put 2000 2500 miles on them before they completely wear out so I’ve always been a weight snob this goes back to my bicycle days where one pound of rotational weight is equal to three or four pounds of weight on the bicycle and when I was the motor I definitely a lot of suffering and realize that the tensor D s tire seemed like a really expects with a tall tire with a really lightweight first they launched a 35 D S which is about forty four and a half pounds and more recently they came out with this 33 inch option now before I purchased this terrible s behind me I was really wanting to go some 35 inch tires I thought they looked awesome but once the 33 came out it was lighter it looked almost as big as a 35 a lot of off-road situations I’d there were 30 Suz I’ve had a whole pretty good ground clearance I’m talking from Moab to most type of desert running Arizona piece trout kind of everywhere in between the 32s have really proven up provided a lot of ground clearance so a little extra definitely didn’t hurt with the 33 but I once these came out I decide to give them a shot they were lighter weight than the stock tires the camera on this vehicle and I thought they really helped with the braking acceleration then also that peace of mind I’m not going to be putting additional wear on all the drivetrain components when you compare them to all a competition they’re definitely the lightest tires on the market particularly for a 33 inch tire so according to the website the upper weight optimized rib protection it prevents punctures they also have a 1600 pound load rating and the proprietary nylon bias ply will fiberglass Delta construction saves weight over steel one other point I think is nice that they mention most of these vehicles that you put on of course or CBT belt driven with X threes and players razors is they’re evolved close tread pattern which reduces drivetrain strain without reducing traction so when you first look at the tread pattern it definitely doesn’t look like it’s gonna be as aggressive her work as well as some of the other options out there but they are thinking about the strain on the drivetrain and trying to maximize the traction as it stands right now my razors got about 1,200 miles on it the first 300 I did with the ITP coyotes which came stock on this vehicle a good tire a little on the heavy side but good and I’ve also been racing my race car with some ATP ultra cross R Spec tires throughout the year as well so got a lot of experience with those tires and if you’re interested in hearing about how those did with a tire I previously ran which was the BF Goodrich kr2 Baja will link that video that I did in the description below it’s really good the bf G’s an amazing tire as well and I had to be able to cross is a really good tire for the money so here’s an up-close thought of what they look like compared to my brand new spare tire which I’ve added no issues with any flats now the rudder the tires they were between 7 psi out in the dunes to 12 to as much as 16 psi so let’s talk about some of the environments I’ve taken these tires to and where I ride in general and why I am a weight stop so starting off with Rocky Point in Mexico took the razor down there I did some writing in that area that area is pretty sandy and there’s a popular ride that I’ve done a couple times with some friends which is a point-to-point ride down to El golfo which is about 80 85 miles roundtrip it’s pretty much all sand there’s some whoops and this type of ride requires us to carry all of our extra fuel our clothes food snacks all that type of thing this type of ride requires us to have our cars loaded down with extra fuel clothes food and drinks for an entire day and a long weekend ride so I’ve seen a lot of issues with people breaking bells people breaking rear radius rods myself included that ride ends up being pretty hard on these vehicles another ride that I did which was a first for me was out in whole bill which is on the back side of Glamis it is also a sandy environment it sucked a lot of fuel and it also sucked quite a bit of horsepower another reason why I like having a lighter tire another environment that I ride a couple times a year is San Holland with southern Utah and here’s some footage when I took the ds’s over Thanksgiving to visit my family and it was really wet it was really cold it was probably the best conditions I’ve ever seen out there in San hallo no matter what tire you had the traction was going to be really good and surprisingly those magic Utah rocks are grippy even wanted to wet so another environment where the can’t learn paddles there’s too many rocks a lighter-weight tire is preferred and them if you do want to get into some rock crawling situation there’s a lot of trails and terrain like that and say Mahalo another environment I took them out to is superstition plaster city Ohba on the other side of land is closer to San Diego it’s what you typically expect in the southwest it’s slippery others some sand washes there’s some fast food sections there’s some rocky stuff we’ve done a race out there and our race car as well pretty rough terrain all different types of terrain out there in terms of high speed a little bit tighter washes flowy type of terrain and there’s a good environment testes out in as well getting into the rockier side I took these tires and tested them in Arizona out of here at geyser loop was where we film a lot and do a lot of suspension testing with the race car as well as the surrounding area and some of the trails around Lake Pleasant which include riding up near around the crown Keeney area which is a right I did recently it was slower speed it was rocky it was technical it was definitely a different environment everything I’ve mentioned it was good to kind of switch it up and see how these tires worked in that environment a lot of stream crossings good traction as a whole because we’ve had a lot of rain this year and finally I took these things out to Gladys for a weekend about a month ago right after some rain so it was something to try it out I had the whole razor loaded down with my family sudden try these out versus my Santa cop destroyer paddle tires worked really good I ran the tenders down to seven psi and led the rides all weekend no belt failures and it worked really good for its plan I have another 500 miles of product testing on these tires for the Arizona Peace trail but unfortunately our ride was canceled and next month rally on the rocks and mob was another van I was planning on taking these two which I thought would have been the ultimate all-around Southwest task but unfortunately that event I pushed back due to the Cardo virus of course so still a good reference point a lot of different riding areas kind of give you guys a feel of what I thought about them so let’s talk about how I thought the tires performed with each of these environments so starting off for Rocky Point I didn’t do a whole lot of running around was down there here on the tensors I’ve written down there several times it is loose and slippery first thing that comes to mind as weeks everything is that 33 inch tires are noticeably taller than the 32 s it doesn’t sound like it would be much but I almost haven’t scraped the bottom of this razor at all since I’ve had a condition to add the razor set up it was a little on the high side I’m running about 16 inches of ground clearance in the rear with the 33 s and it is pretty amazing it’s noticeable when you guys bump up to these 33 s and it’s definitely a nice feature benefit of running these tensors is they weigh about as much or less than a lot of 32-inch tire options on the market so getting back to Rocky Point fast whoop sections slippery don’t on some turns it’s kind of bermed the tires definitely seemed to hook and hold really well that’s the type of stuff that makes me a little on edge with a new tire you’re hoping when you’re going fast above 50 miles an hour and you’re skating around some turns that when it is slippery that the tires are gonna hook and prevent you from blowing the turn so and we’ll say when the tires pretty loose a big Lou’s pretty predictably for the whole ville ride which is outskirts of Glamis that had some really fun terrain some more whoops some fun twisty turn sections some higher speed stuff and one section right as we’re leaving deuteros diner were going pretty fast we’re going over 60 miles an hour it was slippery on top there was some flowing turns I could really kind of see how they worked in a high speed scenario and they’re really predictable even with 16 pounds of when they did break loose again they were consistent they didn’t do anything funny they had quite a bit of traction so moving on to san Hollow Utah this environment definitely sucks a lot of horsepower nice to have the lightweight tensor D s when I was running up there it was really moist here as you can see with the footage the traction was really good attacks we’re even grippy on the lower speed rock sections which I didn’t do too much I was out that I like along up and down the dunes quite a bit and doing some higher speed stuff but when the tracks were moved up there’s a lot of ruts this thing works really well it’s the weight of the vehicle that might push you through a soft berm and having you blow out but it wasn’t necessarily a tires fault so you didn’t though the tread pattern isn’t bigger and blockier like an intp coyote again I thought the tires were really consistent even when it’s slippery or even when you’re in some ruts and you’re going to a scenario where the tire may want to push through a rut so the Arizona Ryan was some good terrain it was really surprising we’re kind of going slow really rocky and again loved the clearance and I thought we have some more wheel spin but the tires hooked up really well so I was surprised how well they hooked up on the loose rocks the slow speed stuff the ground clearance was really appreciated I think the wider tread is nice or a little bit wider than the bf G’s which I think is probably the most comparable tire when you talk overall performance I liked a little bit of extra width and you’re talking the slower rocky stuff that’s something I was really hoping to see once I take these things to my lab which we probably still get to just later in the year but overall really really surprised how well it worked over the rocks didn’t have a lot of wheelspin superstition we’re out there riding or shoot some footage with our lights trying to do a little like review video and that’s one of the first times I really got to push this thing on the hardpack with these tires and I came away thinking that these tires really are predictable we were driving pretty hard we were trying to drive these vehicles through some of these tight washes about as fast as we could and get some cool footage and it’s a little slippery fast returns I really thought these tires were predictable and finally in Glamis I ran these things down at 7 psi didn’t have to really worry about it because I’ve got to be LOX here with the metal wheels I could definitely feel the sidewalls rolling over and a lot of turns have my razor all loaded down with the family and I was leading rides all weekend so we wanted a decent pace I wouldn’t call it really really fast but no belt issues I could smell the belt here and there the dunes were really wet from some rain we had right before we got out there but the tires work surprisingly well one thing I will say if you take these out there and it’s a wet like that of course you can get a lot of rain rights out and vomiting these tires are noticeably plusher than my battle tire so I probably won’t do it again a pipe to my pals on you can definitely feel the acceleration of the paddles obviously the peace of mind and I wanna burn belts most people that do that both issues have them out in the sand dunes so I have a much lower rotational it’s gonna help with that acceleration it’s easier to do with paddle tires but for what it was for one week in a tryout it was really fun so in summary guys 300 bucks these tires are definitely not cheap but no flats they haven’t contributed to any belt issues definitely show us some signs of wear and I think if I wrote a lot of really rocky situations like around Havasu northern Arizona Arizona in general these things would wear I think they’d probably pretty smoked around 1,800 to 2,000 miles so I’m not sure what you guys think I’d like to see any of these tires give us 2,000 miles with a little bit of Trevor left to call you no decent in terms of reliability and we’re detectives credit this is design is an all-out race tire I do think there’s other tires on the market that are probably gonna wear a little bit longer have some buddies that have ran the Coyotes and seem to be holding up really well past 2,000 miles so it really depends on how heavy your vehicle is how much you ride really rocky terrain I think when it comes down to the money you’re talking 300 bucks you have to compare these in my opinion to the BFG cater to Baja tires those Baja tires have amazing traction they hold up really well they’re a little bit narrower which I think I prefer the wider profile of these tensors but comparable price point they’re bolt design is an all-out race tire that you can also of course use on your for your daily adventures and trips so I think these two in my opinion at this moment in time or what I would consider the top options and there’s some other options that are really good it just kind of boils down to you know what type of deal are you getting on those you know are you willing to sacrifice a couple extra pounds yes I think you can run 44 or 45 pound tires on your next three on your turbo less and it’s gonna be fine you might have some additional wear and tear on your driveline compared to these the texture is really hard to beat in terms of lightweight and your ground clearance the tensor d s 33 is our race proven brand Sims just won the mint 400 on these tires as it leads to racing I might be putting a set of these on my race car once my I tepees run out they’re definitely on the pricey side so that’s a consideration as I think about what’s the best bang for your buck for a race tire when I’m gonna have to buy eight of them for my race car got to have you know several spares of course and then in terms of like how many races do I think they’ll last but I think Tenzer has a really good tire guys all just gives you a little bit of perspective so it just gives you some food for thought if you want to spend the dough on them I really like them I love how they look the line way is definitely beneficial for the acceleration the peace of mind of not having to burn a belt that’s why I decided to go with these I think they probably do as good or better job than any other tire when you think about the big picture performance lightweight ground clearance not burning bells thank you guys for watching hope you guys content if you please I can subscribe and got a lot more coming your way.


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