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by Nick Olson

The Speed UTV team put together their 2nd live Q&A session with Robby Gordon, and they discussed the motor, which is an all-new, 999cc turbocharged 2 cylinder putting out 230 horsepower stock, with the option of 300hp with the “Speed key” and E85 fuel. This SxS is looking pretty amazing, but with the custom-designed motor, shocks, chassis, future enclosure for A/C (yes you read that right) they have a lot of work ahead of them, to have them ready in November. Here is our opinion and analysis of the Live Q&A session.


What’s happening everybody Mickelson Chupacabra off-road and we’re back with part 2 of the discussion on the new speed UTV welcome back everybody and if you guys haven’t seen already we did a part one the video link will be in the description below so for part two of the live Q&A Robby Gordon and the team over SBU TV did a nice little 45 minute presentation where they spent about a third of the time going over what they covered last week third of the time answering questions from last week as well as this week and then they spent the last hour talking about the new motor so I want to say thanks to Robby the teen of speed for being so transparent I think it’s really cool they are going consumer direct and just really answering live questions as Robby was doing his presentation so I think it’s important that they do this they’re kind of starting from scratch or going against you know two proven competitors in the marketplace allowing all of us to ask our questions and then answering is a really big deal and I think if they keep this up throughout the summer by the time there’s a vehicle releases which they did say will be around November a lot of us are going to have more information just to choose whether or not we want to go ahead and purchase one of these new speed UTV’s so after watching this presentation I mean they’ve got a lot of work to do I mean not only did they mention everything that we covered last week but they also mentioned by summer of 2021 they are going to have a closed sealed cab with air conditioning and a heater which sounds amazing but again it’s all stacking up guys we’re talking about building a new vehicle from scratch they’re doing their own shocks and as we’re gonna cover in a second now they’re building their own motor a lot of the original speculation was that they were going to be either potentially using a z1 or Z one base motor or going with the yamaha motor robbie and the team revealed that they’re going to be doing their own motor this is a lot of engineering that they’ve got to get done here in a pretty short amount of time so way above my pay grade they’ve got a lot of work to do to get all these components ready for production coming up later this year alright so let’s get into the motor like I said it’s not going to be a z1 bass or a Yamaha and the reason for this is Robby said they want to be in control of their own destiny so I love this you know you don’t want to be restricted by another man if sure maybe not selling you the motors or being you know crippled by this if there is an issue that arises they have complete control and what they decided to do was put in a twin cylinder 999 CC he didn’t mention they needed to be under 1,000 CCS for it to be a production UTV there have been some mentions of a big bore kit as an upgraded accessory so this motor is going to be putting out 230 horsepower and that’s going to be achieved with a turbocharger which is going to be putting out about 20 pounds of boost now there is an upgradable feature you can buy a speed key for $1 this is going to bump the horsepower to 300 and that increases the boost of the turbo to 30 psi now there is an asterisk in the presentation if you do choose to spend that dollar get the speak you get the 300 horse you are going to void the warranty now this is like my words from last week coming back to haunt me I talked about how this is probably the almost a perfect blend of a production UTV and a fully built custom race car or you know Sam Sann car prerunner built car well the beauty of these UTV’s guys the side-by-sides is that they do have a warranty and take it from me if you guys have been following our channel you’ve seen that we built a race car from scratch essentially I had a chassis built and I had a guy put the vehicle together ahead one guy tuned it you know multiple people have touch this thing and it’s turned into a lot of issues guys and there’s no warranty on that type of thing so when there’s an issue I pull out the wallet and you pay for it versus my stock turbo which has the warranty I it’s been almost flawless I’ve had one small issue you know it’s that peace of mind that when it comes from the manufacturer with the warranty you don’t mess with it you could have a lot of trouble free rides and if you’ve been watching the channel I mean I’ve taken my my razor to Gladys several times to share all different types of trips I’ve got more trips plan once we get through this big pandemic and there’s a big beauty trust me guys all of you sancar guys you prerunner guys maybe you’ve sold those vehicles and got a a production side-by-side for this reason it’s somebody else’s problem the parts are readily available the dealers got your back but man factures got your back they’re gonna fix it if there is an issue versus you just taking it to your transmission guy and your motor guy and your electrical guy it’s a big headache guys so if I go buy one of these things I’m not sure obviously I’d love to see what the 300 horsepower would be that would you know turn around potentially bite me if there was an issue who knows so since we’re talking about horsepower let’s talk about it for a minute so you talk about my stock razor turbo s it’s a good baseline vehicle because my Turbo S weighs 19 hundred and ninety pound stock and I’ve easily got two hundred and fifty pounds in accessories with my roof rack my windshield my spare tire carrier lights etc and with my 33 inch tensor das tires on my method wheels I’m 78 inches wide so I’m about the exact same width is what the speed ute is gonna be I’m about the exact same weight as this vehicle is gonna be and my razor is 117 inch wheelbase which is only about three inches shorter than what this vehicle will be so you can tell I’m excited about the speed it matches the dimensions of my current razor which I absolutely love and my razor power train is still stock in 168 horsepower so check out some of my videos there’s one video in particular I’m following my friends in sand cars out in Glamis I mean 168 I’m keeping up with them you know you’re having to really push the car at that stock horsepower to keep up on a faster dune right and I hope this some good food for thought you can check out some of those videos if you want to really get a comparison over how much horsepower do you need or how much do you want so but of course horsepower is not really about what we need everyone wants more so we’ll see how it goes so getting back to horsepower 230 horsepower 20 pounds of boost so as a comparison 20 20 km x 3 x RS RR is 195 horsepower stock evil power sports is the most popular option and if you go on their website their stage 1 power upgrade is 18 pounds of boost or stage 2 is 19 pounds of boost and their stage 3 is 20 pounds of boost now all the extra guys that really want to step their game up evil makes a bigger dynamite turbo kit and this dynamite turbocharger is bigger and it puts out 310 horsepower at 29 pounds of this requires a bigger intercooler AARP head studs a few upgrades of course it’s going to void the warranty and you’ve got to run 110 octane or 85 which is similar to the speed to get the 300 horse so just to sum one up to get the 300 horsepower $1.00 speed key void your warranty and the motor achieves a 300 horsepower with the flex fuel calibration and the dual injectors coming through the single throttle body now Robbie and the team didn’t talk much about the drivetrain of the transmission they said they’re gonna be doing that next week he mentioned again that it is a CVT and he did answer a question live on the spot where a customer had a question that affects all of us hey we all know a CVT with belt the belt heat about breaking is the biggest weakness how are you going to address it and Robbie said that there is going to be an infrared belt temp sensor that the ECU can read and essentially it’s going to have a warning light hey when the belt starting to get too hot it’s going to let you know he also mentioned that you can turn this switch off you can drive however you want to drive it and then if it breaks it’s on you but I love how he’s mentioned several times throughout this presentation that he knows what people are going to do to these things he mentioned taking into the mud Nationals and bearing these things in the mud in relation to the bearing life and the way he’s designed the bearings Robbie gets it he knows what the customers are gonna do to this thing and he’s trying to engineer that into the vehicle into all aspects from the chassis to the motor suspension everything else now last week I said it was a little convoluted Robbie said there was $2,500 in accessories the communication previously been 5,000 he addressed it he did say that these first 500 limited edition vehicle special edition vehicles are going to come with beadlock wheels and when you add that up with the carbon fiber seats with the roof with the custom graphics package you’re closer to the five thousand dollars in upgrades which they had promised so speaking of seats another customer had a question which really is helpful to the community the guy was huge he doesn’t fit in most side-by-sides now I know a lot of you guys that are big particularly with the Polaris RZR you know pre pro XP don’t even fit into one so a lot of guys have bought X threes the pro XP these bigger vehicles that have more legroom and with my razor turbo s yes I’d love to have a Pledger inches of legroom it would be really nice I’m kind of at the limit at six foot three inches tall they did mention that they’re going to offer an XL seat option and Robbie also mentioned some seat brackets to move the seat back for more legroom for you bigger guys that are essentially bigger than me at six to six three inches tall and above or a little bit wider couple quick notes on the 2c version robby mentioned that there are going to be two different wheelbase and the two seat models of the utt they’re calling it the first one it’s going to be a hundred and ten inches which is about ten inches shorter than the four seater and then in his presentation he benches a 95 inch wheelbase so some of the guys that didn’t order some of the two-seat models at the Sands show they want the shorter version of the two-seater are going to have to wait 500 of these for Cedars ourselves to be coming first followed by the 110 inch wheelbase utt followed by the shorter a 95 inch wheelbase to CSO but no definitely convoluted for you to see guys that are interested but if you do want the short version you are going to be waiting a little longer than all the rest of us so last week Robby Gordon said that this vehicles really setup to withhold the abuse of thirty five inch tires he did mention this time that if you do put on thirty five inch tires there’s going to be about an inch and a half of trimming of the front fender that you’re going to need to do the rears are fine and then in the rear bed it’s going to hold a thirty five inch tire stock so more importantly not only will they fit without rubbing but the whole vehicle has been designed to withstand the abuse of a bigger 35 inch tire now one thing I forgot to mention last week the steering rack is really beefy it’s more like a trophy truck style design which he called it it looks like on paper it’s far be fair that I need socks during rack of any production side by side and that’s really really exciting us we recently shot a video with Wayne Yisrael sin who is a suspension guru and Wayne rode in a cannon that king of the hammers last year at 35 inch tires I asked Wayne flat-out hey Wayne our 35 inch tire is the holy grail and he said yes the car handled amazing but after his experience the whole car was ripped to shreds so it sounds like in a perfect world if you have a side by side that’s built to withstand the abuse of a bigger 35 inch tire it’s a vehicle which sounds like this is speeds goal really to have everything thought out so that they can run thirty five inch tires so we all know an off-road bigger tires are better you’re gonna get more ground clearance it holds a line better when you’re going fast through rough terrain and a lightweight 35 inch tire like the tensor d s is 44 pounds and a lot of these 35 inch tire offerings which are coming to market by multiple manufacturers are close to 50 or above 50 pounds so that’s a big tire that’s going to cause a lot of wear and tear as you’ve seen from a lot of guys that have x-rays and razor turbos that have been running 35 s yes you can do it but the bigger question is how much long-term damage does it caused to the rest of your vehicle and that’s something that sounds like speeds being very thoughtful of so I’m really excited about that so I’m someone all up I think the speed UTV team is doing a good job sitting back and thinking about it really makes me think you know like they’ve got a lot of work to do to get this thing really dialed and to get it shipped so I’m really excited to see hopefully some part of types running around in the wild I want to see some videos of this thing ripping and glamis the summer when it’s 110 degrees putting it through the paces and you know like I mentioned I mean they’re a whole new motor all new shocks all new vehicle I mean that’s a lot and you know a lot of people probably think there’s no way this can come together and if it does come together how reliable is everything going to be so I think their goal for this year is making 500 vehicles make them awesome make them a tremendous value there’s a lot of people that aren’t going to buy because there’s the really skeptical of is this vehicle gonna get built and then is it going to be reliable but if they knock this out of the park then next year I think they’re gonna sell thousands of these vehicles so you know two to five thousand I think is not unrealistic tune in next week we’ll go over part three we’re talking about the transmission the CVT that’s really something that a lot of people are gonna have probably the most questions about so that’s it for this week guys tune in next week for part 3 we’ll follow up after do the presentation on the gearbox and the CVT will see if they’ve got to say if you guys like this content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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