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RZR Owner Buys a CanAm? What Should We Upgrade First?

by Nick Olson
RZR Owner Buys a CanAm? What Should We Upgrade First?

This is no clickbait, a life long RZR owner joined the darkside. Our very own Andrew was itching to see what he’s been missing, so we took advantage of the amazing deals this time of year and went down to Coyne Powersports and picked up a new CanAm X3. This Maverick will look nothing like this in a few months, and have a little more Hp.

X3 owners, we need some help, suggestions on parts you’ve used. We know RZR’s, but have some learning to do. This video is a break in ride, initial thoughts, and a little taste of what is in store for this new machine. Who knows, maybe a few RZR’s will be for sale soon, to make way for a Speed UTV…


So what stereo you’re gonna go with they’re gonna do a couple subwoofers or what you know all right 12 12 in the back bumping this thing rattle in it I mean all you really care about is just you know partying at the hill right yeah partying out the hill you know the fastest up the hill the roof the roof subwoofers tower speakers you know the ones that they use on the wakeboard boats what about the light up valve caps you know I’m thinking maybe some school ones some school-wide up covers yeah yeah man all Chrome what about what about a Batman mask black it all out we’d have to block out the whole car you know but triple black like did you feel like Batman when you drove next week I did yes Batman is legit we’re here to go save Gotham City gonna go save Bane there was no I’m not going down over here I needed to go save it I have to pull my bat suit on all right so we’re here coin picking up Andrews new boom got the cover Oh future can’t come without getting a video of the Mickey Thompson hi I’m Stuart look at that disc brake rotor on the axle next level when I was a youngster Mickey Thompson was my life my favorite event of the year cantilever suspension setup and of course we have a game one of the best video games of all time I am one of these for my kid oh you’ll see pretty cool looking a little ring I like I can drop it down my kids only for this bikes let’s be able to grow with them so he can keep it for several years not cheap six ran out the door they were at coin powers for no longer pilaris only [Music] all right so straight from the dealership actually not a straight from the dealership stop off at Sealy market I think I got carne asada in my tea from an amazing burrito but beyond that 100% stock and you got to fire it up your brand new side-by-side and you join the dark side I joined the dark side with a km x3 base model 120 horsepower but don’t be fooled by it it will be a best-of a desert legal racecar hopefully within six months we got some crazy ideas for this car we’re here to break it in test it we’re testing the race car today got the new XP Pro trans in it with the clutches we’re gonna get out there and test it and see what our belt temps are – Andrew real quick first side by side was players yes first side by side was a 2016 non turbo 1000 two seater after that a year later traded it in got a 2017 XP turbo two seater my third car is one of the tube turbo twins which is the dynamics Turbo S four seater and then now my fourth one is a Canada x3 some of the reasons why we went x3 wheelbase big for racing 102 inch wheelbase over the 90 inch wheelbase I wanted to do off a two-seat platform kind of make it more of a stock they call them half up builds so pretty much cage and then reinforced the stock frame was looking at doing the full tube chassis but the way things are going with full tube chassis is it’s really hard and really pricey so stay tuned for the build process on this one this one will be competing with the top dogs you know we’ve done a couple races obviously we’re getting geared up to do some more we definitely learned a lot I think out here’s what we did our last race and plaster we had a good time I think we got a fourth or fifth overall we did get beat by some couple of RS ones you know obviously faster than us gotta be behind it’s Alan non-turbo so you know someone like me I don’t know if I’m really have the time and energy to get fooling the best in the desert racing and I thought like after doing some of this like my car is so built up for 200 plus miles you know or longer to take advantage of a heavier weight the bigger fuel cell if you’re like me icon and I honestly think the to see cams probably the best I can do some races I do something kind of like what I am just talking about but I would want to have opening doors so I could take it to Glamis that’d be my fun vehicle we just kind of learned a lot about that and you know we’re gonna do some more races probably a best fun desert race later this year another snore some local stuff we’ll see what happens here with the pandemic once things can sort of get back to normal here hopefully you guys thought we were polaris bias even though we’ve always owned got a lot of cool tricks up our sleeves with this thing we’ll be posting a lot of social media on this one asking you guys what you guys recommend what what you guys are running on your x-rays we’re new to x-rays we’ve never had one so it’s going to be fun carrying it apart and start the build process yeah you know obviously we pay attention to the market we post a lot about x-rays we’re familiar with a lot of the brands of course and the parts but it’s like you know which bulk can do you like there seems like there’s three or four names that always tuning there’s obviously a lot of options and iboga there’s Weyland speed there’s a lot of guys who really know and obviously with x-ray another reason why it’s probably an amazing race platform is these motor this motor runs like a rape tape and these belts hold up yeah belts the clutching the cooling you know I think this is an amazing platform probably the best racing platform there is for Southwest you could do a works ready service if you want yep local stuff big stuff you know it’s a pretty amazing platform so obviously is taking it all apart so no need to get the big xrs you can avoid some shocks right yes I’m gonna get some extra shocks have Wayne at Alltech go through them and make them make him ride plush like our race car ready have a fuel cell from fuel safe that’s gonna go underneath the seats 29 gallons will come up and and have a dry brake system that goes on the passenger side door we’re gonna have a lot of cool things and again we’re gonna be coming back to that you guys and asking you what you guys recommend for parts we’ve been doing flyer stuff so we know it’s good with players stay tuned this build yeah always a learning process who knows there might be a speed UTV joining the camper later this year we’ll see but we’re gonna get back to it Andrews it hasn’t even driven yet as you can tell put its first miles on it get a little footage see how the new trans and belts are liking the the race car and I’ll check in later [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] all right Andrew first first ride in the new can-am what do you think first thoughts card cannon rides really well for being a base model you know not too much travel the 64 inch wide like I said I’ve owned two players to Cedars and out of the box this rides better than both those cars it doesn’t have that that forward rocking motion that the player says when you’re going over whoops this thing feels pretty planet with the longer wheelbase so power wise again it’s only 120 horsepower used to 116 are the turbo twins a little bit more in the race car seatbelts are kind of janky I wouldn’t really drive this in much more than I have with the stock speedboats Carla scary especially with I gotta take it for a spin you let me drive it a little bit myself I think the power is good my dad’s got a raise or 1000 I’ve owned one the two-seater you know I thought this felt peppy and this is a really good platform car you know you’re looking to get into entry-level you can have just as much fun I was just talking to Andrew it’s like this whole you know Instagram online we always talk about biggest baddest but you can have just as much if not more fun it’s kinda like riding dirt bikes right in 450s you’re gonna buy a 450 but you got one at 250 F for 125 and you have so much fun yeah because you could drive it to this full potential it felt peppy but of course because I had really small lightweight tires which aren’t really realistic in my opinion it’s gonna hold up in the southwest but I think it’s a great builder car you can obviously add a ton of horsepower again Drew’s gonna be doing to it soon I totally agree the wheelbase is awesome for a two-seater it’s yeah we’re wheelbase knobs in the southwest I mean that’s kind of like 102 100 to 120 is like seems like it’s a sweet spot so so the big thing I know a lot of KM guys like how they feel in the vehicle and if I or if and when I buy a can’t a man from y’all probably hardest adjustment I’ve been driving Polaris for so long I’m used to how they feel what are your thoughts like seating position just how it feels seating position you know I have to run the see all the way back in my players and especially in the four seater I feel just crunched into the into the vehicle you know I’m able to run double foot driving with this it’s a little bit different you know you’re more laid-back you’re sitting down lower center of gravity I actually had to run my seat up a little bit on the slider I fit comfortably in this car I gave it over to Nick and you’re saying that he actually moved the seat up more and he’s actually taller than me at 6-3 felt like this seat was sloped back like I would want it a little more like this because I’ve been driving a Polaris I can see over it I mean I don’t I see some of these guys are really low with the low cage you know like it why it looks cool when you’re cruising by the parking lot but I feel like can you see when you’re doing and same thing I’m just used to be aggressive driver you know you want to be up and over the steering wheel it’s kind of like riding dirt bikes you’re up and over the bars when you’re riding kind of Samuel thing with a certain will you kind of want to be up and over so you can see what’s coming down the trail I feel like you know being tall taller than me I’m six-three like you would almost just have to consider this or probably the Polaris XP Pro which is bigger but the turbo S is that we run I mean you do you 89 hours in them like you’re fine that’s all we know so we used to it but this is definitely more comfortable yes definitely bit more room under the seats for tools which is cool or moving your seat up grab my have some storage room in the back which is cool fish on a two seater storage is always hard to come by the only thing is you know with the Pan Am’s they don’t really have a bed so storage is key on this thing got a some chupacabra door bags in the future definitely excited to see what Andrews gonna do with this thing feel like the perfect side-by-side someone will come out with Polaris can’t have whoever will have adjustable seat positions it’ll be big and roomy for a tall guy and you can go low if you want that sand car feel that you know maybe in the dunes you’ll love that feel or if you want to be up more if you’re doing a rock crawl trip like Moab kind of your cake and eat it too so I’d like to see one of the manufacturers do that I brought that question up to probably going on their live chat with the speed they don’t really able to answer I think you have to sit I think a lot of guys think about that law guys based their purchase decision off of that yeah gonna be a race car in six months so I look forward to documenting it and doing it good old km you know reflective ready break it off thanks for watching guys any tips and suggestions on for you can M guys we’re new new to it I need any ur suggestion advice feedback leave us a comment below and if you guys like the content please like and subscribe I’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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