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Offroading Fun for $150 – Speed RC 4×4 1/14th Scale SST Truck

by Nick Olson
Offroading Fun for $150 – Speed RC 4×4 1/14th Scale SST Truck

**Full Disclosure** Speed RC Cars Sent us this truck

If you are a parent like me, you’ve been trying your best to get the kids outside and having fun, for everyone’s sanity. This pandemic is far from over, and thanks to Speed, my kids have a sweet new toy – the Speed RC cars 4×4 SST truck.This truck rips via a LiPo battery and 550w motor, and more importantly, it slides predictably and you can somewhat control it. It has enough power to wheelie, and the 4 wheel drifting is a ton of fun. Overall, the truck is really tough, it’s taken a beating, thanks to my 4 year old learning how to avoid curbs.The aluminum body, shock towers, and metal drivetrain have kept the truck running strong, my kids want to drive it twice a day, everyday.


What’s happening everybody Nick Olson chupacabra off-road quarantine in full effect and we’re getting through it if you guys like me got the kids home from school and thanks to speed UTV we got a cool little toy to play with help get us through so just a couple of videos on the new speed UTV coming out from Robby Gordon and his gang and the guys are nice enough to send us a cool toy so this is speed RC cars retails for 150 bucks got a little light pole battery comes with everything you need to go get it running we’re gonna take it out test it out and let my little guy my four-year-old be a test drive again say hi Cooper coop how old are you are you gonna drive the Robby Gordon truck for me all right my son’s gonna help because I can’t film and drive at the same time so let’s get it going and let’s see how she goes so I think it’s cool is you can turn the power down here in case you’re a rookie once you show them how it goes in slow mo I’ll turn it back up too fast okay take on your pad and you go to Grippit a hard worker oil-filled saw me take it over let’s go take it over to the path over here okay go here okay drop it past me straight fast as you can no donut what do you think pretty fast all right so we’re gonna back home got all the dust blown off I want to show you guys a couple more details you can take the little body off there’s the box that comes in got some cool little oil-filled shocks it’s a little battery pretty good sized motor this is a 114th scale again the MSRP is 150 bucks got some little stickers to customize your wheels and I went buy an extra body because my son loves on you have a speed truck without that official Robby Gordon speed energy orange Oh pick that up I think it’s 20 bucks batteries another 17 bucks I don’t of RC I know you guys of course can get much bigger higher power light bulb but we’re keeping a stock and I want to have any issues I just want to keep it reliable have fun and catch some air time speaking of which comes with this cool tool you know I’ll take outside I’ll show what this sucker can do here’s the controller this was the best thing for my four-year-old it’s got the trim of course and you have the speed control students lower Tao and they’re just learning this thing rips it’s funny it’s like it says Wyatt as it is long so when it spins around it tends to just not over roll over when you do roll it over it seemed to learn on this wheels quite a bit so I take these little wheel covers off customize it with the silver so it’ll match the orange but let’s get some air times and zeratul scratches on this yellow bodies will be our our basher body so show it this little bugger can do.


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