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What’s happening everybody Nick Olson Chupacabra offroad and we are back for part two of my 2,000 mile review of my 2019 razer turbo s and part one if you guys haven’t seen it already it’s live on our channel we’ll go ahead and link it in the description some good tips and pointers about keeping your clutch and your belt life extended running good running trouble free so you can do long adventure trips etc without having to worry about your car breaking down and for this series i wanted to you know kind of talk about a review of the vehicle as we’re doing some maintenance on it showing you what some of these wear items look like just so i think it kind of adds more value you know you kind of get a review real world and shows you you know what things look like as i crack into them after spending a couple thousand miles driving this car which you’ve probably seen a lot of that if you’ve been following the channel you’ve seen we’ve taken this car to mexico we’ve taken it to glamis several times we’ve taken it on some rock crawling a little bit of everything so he has an idea of the flavor of the car where it’s been in terms of and how i drive it and then now what it looks like when we get into it i want to maintain it and keep it looking fresh i started shooting this video and i just bought a wheel bearing greaser tool and i was gonna just grease up the wheel bearings and kind of inspect everything well once i got into it the wheel bearings felt like they had a little bit more slop than they should have had so it wasn’t all of them i think it was two of them and i decided you know what let’s just order some new wheel bearings and we’ll go ahead and we’ll press them in my buddy brent american engineering is my co-writer who preps our race car he’s got a press so it made it a pretty simple job we’ll go ahead and talk through what the bearings felt like and maybe that happened because the aftermarket wheels i chose and things of that nature so after i pulled off all the knuckles i took them over to brent’s house and i did purchase a tool from a company called quadlogic and this tool is designed for most razer turbos and as you can see it’s got two different directions that you face it one for removing the bearing and one for installing it what you can see here is brent is using his little torch to heat up the knuckles and this made the bearings easier to remove and to install it’s a nice little pro tip by heating those up as well as throwing your bearings in the freezer like i did the bearings tend to shrink just a little bit when it’s cold you can expand the knuckles a little bit with some heat particularly the rears which are aluminum and those bearings go in a lot easier that’s a nice little trick that one of our racer buddies taught us thank you randy romo when you are installing fresh new bearings you know you’re not already beating on them and to get them in the right place you can go and put the circlip on them so we went ahead and did that to all four of them when you do have the press like what brent has along with all the right tools there like we mentioned it took us both about an hour tops to remove the old bearings and then put the new ones in here you can see a clip of some of the old bearings i got one here i’ll show you that just felt like it was a little sloppy got two this one actually feels pretty tight this one feels just as good as a brand new one but here’s the one where you can kind of see there’s an excessive amount of play and honestly i’ve seen worse when we pulled them out of the race car you know but um i want to keep this car fresh and and worry free and you know if a wheel bearing goes out on a ride um it’s not going to be uh very easy for us to fix you don’t want to keep this car as fresh as possible we have some big trips we’re going to do a trip in mexico we’re headed to moab and then we’re headed to baja want to keep her looking good and clean i will be selling this when i do get my speed utv not sure when that will be you know three to six months who knows right but in the meantime um get some big adventures planned for the summer i want to have the car dialed so here’s what they look like all set in uh brent likes putting the clips up at the top here just so we know if they’re rotating or moving at all and here’s what they look like when they’re all freshly installed um i’m gonna go ahead and squirt a little grease in there and there’s a little bit of slopsy in one or two of these brand new so a little bit is not uncommon but like i said i just some of two of these felt pretty bad so two thousand miles that’s kind of what they look like i think it’s kind of let you guys know um here’s another reason to invest in some type of a rock guard you see i’ve run the madigan rock arts in the beginning and you can still see i got a rock lodged in there and kind of wore out the rear knuckle a little bit so that’s always important to do one thing that i get a lot of questions about are the offset of the wheels so i’ve got both of these variations of these wheels the other being on my race car these are the method 401rs and then they make them into zero offset which is on my race car you know honestly it’s harder for me to feel at the steering wheel the feedback uh one versus the other i would say that these are probably going to increase your wheel bearing wear just because they stick out a little bit more i definitely think the zero offset is better for uh preserving wheel bearing life so for this job on a turbo west you’re going to need a lot of different size sockets from a 19 and take the wheels off 18 or 15 and i think we’ve also got a 16 millimeter one of the bolts on the front i think so it’s also a good reminder of what you pack when you’re doing a long ride i think it definitely makes sense to have a half inch full set of sockets as long along with some wrenches and then a breaker bar so worst case you do have to get into something like this on the trail you can put your car back together or somebody else’s but it’s a fair bit of parts i kind of wish polaris would do everything with like an 18 millimeter but it is what it is you know an 18 and a 15 um we’ll get most of the items off here just uh some food for thought you guys are new to the sport you plan on doing a big adventure ride think about why you need to carry all the extra weight and have all these things and they’re obviously a lifesaver when you do have a moment because people do brake hubs they blow out wheel bearings they break axles they break radius rods and unfortunately when a radius rod let’s go or a heim let’s go then you quickly get a bunch of other very expensive problems like you saw of our race car out in parker where we broke the lower shock off um you know that’s where you always make sure you have a ratchet strap as well too so ratchet straps on every ride are going to pay big dividends [Music] all right so i’m going to put this whole thing together i’m starting off with the knuckles with the four bolts that take some 15 millimeters i went and threaded the axle into position just to make it easy and everything has to go through the right flow so you can do the upper radius rod here at this point but before you want to install your brake caliper you want to go ahead and put the hub on so that you can get the caliper onto the hub we’re going to go ahead and get this one just neatly set into place so turbo s review i had a couple thoughts on my mind always owned a four seat razor and uh really been a fan of the wheelbase i mean so much so that you know i’ve been uh always kind of hating on the canyon voice here because it’s so long but um i love the 117 wheelbase i bought a speed ljfa which is a little bit longer 120 but almost the same essentially so i’m not going to go away from that anytime soon but i’ve been starting to kind of envy you guys with the shorter wheelbase cars from a racing perspective the more that i’ve done different types of races a different series the more i realized that my big 4c desert car is overkill for a lot of the racing series and tracks and probably not that advantageous um on a lot of tracks so i’m starting to see i think some of the top polaris guys go back to the two seaters i really think that x3 two-seater wheelbase is pretty much perfect for racing i think you could do all types of things with it guys are winning works races on them guys are winning desert races on them i think that is really like an optimal length for stability for performance in almost all situations our buddy randy romo he’s been running a loaner car two seat turbo s in the best led desert series utv world championships and he’s been running strong and fast i mean his results have been just as good if not better than when he had his longer 4c desert car i think that you know if you did want to get into racing desert racing more on a budget let’s say you want to do a rally class build or you want to do ama district 38 maybe you want to do a works race if you don’t know you’re like me you want to try different series dp4 i think a 2021 two-seat turbo s is hands down the best vehicle you can buy today that also makes me think like man the speed bandit the little guy the little inch that sounds like you know they haven’t sold that many of would be an awesome little rally class desert race car you got the 95 inch wheelbase and it’s going to be really stout like a 2c turbo s is the reason i said 2021 turbo s is because they upgraded from this older style transmission and clutches to the new pro xp so i think that’s a big deal we’ve noticed significantly better um you know belt temps in our race car by switching over to that and this system can work pretty good but you know the new system’s just better so i think if you got a 21 turbo s you know i think i would definitely weld in this uh rear radius rod box for sure um like we have in our race car i would do a lower welded in um skid plate section to protect the transmission maybe beef up the front a little bit but man like these radius rods some of the fastest polaris racers are running them on their car our buddy randy said he was running that turbo s with stock oem turbo s front axles um he did say you know that he went out to a different suspension kit but there’s some other teams that are just making some uh gusset kits for this stuff and these stock you know suspension components for an oem side by side are legit you know so i think you could definitely run these stock radius rods at least the lowers and then from there if you do have an issue you know they’re much easier and cheaper to find as you guys know and that just really brings the cost of racing down because as i’ve learned if you’re gonna go racing you need to have a beefy stock suspension kit and you need to have pretty much a full spare suspension kit so if you do want to do a big race let’s say do utv world championships or something and you have an issue you want to be able to get to the finish line so i think there’s so many good things about this platform i really think polaris learned their lessons on some of the previous pitfalls or just what as customers are driving these things getting more aggressive as the industry keeps doing that they really just came together with the turbo s so all right so upper radius rod is in all four of the hub carrier bolts are in and snug like i said i threaded the axle through and now we’re going to push the hub on and get it in position so that we can install the brakes [Music] rear brake pads look pretty good definitely think i can get another probably 1500 miles out of them maybe more brakes on this car much improved as well you look at the size of the rotors and i say that because we’re running the older generation stuff on the race car and uh that would definitely be a nice upgrade i mean our race car tends to work pretty well we have a big cnc billet um brake pedal which gives us a lot more leverage on the stock brakes but you know it’s pretty easy to see how much beefier the brakes are than they were on the previous turbos which you know hold up to racing they hold up well um everything is just more thought out and beefed up i mean that’s why i’m such a fan when you see the videos of me talking about a vehicle that comes with a bigger stock tire you know that the oem has to do their due diligence with all the parts and testing that if they’re going to sell your car off the showroom floor with 32s that it can withstand the abuse and you know that’s what i keep being hopeful for when i do those review videos um and i hope this year when we see all the new 2022 model year launches from you know canon and polaris like even having these high performance cars come with anything less than a 32 is it’s just kind of a waste of time i think you know everyone’s going to run 32s and we’d like to know that you can get them you know and as a consumer i’d like to see that you know that all these components are beefy enough to withstand that and that’s what makes me um so fired up on the turbo s i mean not only 32s but really good tires those itps are pretty good especially since there’s so many of them you can find them in a pretty good deal you know i think it’s just a win-win for everybody it adds a ton of value we all know that we’re going to run at least 32s 33s some of you guys are earning 35s um and we’re going to push these things hard so you know it’s just a great piece of mind so i really hope we see can-am and polaris with their pro xp and honda you know like really missing the mark with little 28s and you know just releasing the honda talon with 31 32-inch tires geared properly would in my opinion give them a ton more sales you know um it’s got a lot of good things about it but no one really bought them in terms of the southwest you go to glamis and you don’t see that many of them and you know you want to be able to run that size tire so you can go on a lot of obstacles without dragging the car all over the place and do more with it particularly if you’re gonna get a four seat model so okay i got the brake caliper bolts tightened up and uh the hub is just sitting on here in place don’t forget your washer go ahead and just get some threads going on the kingpin now i’m going to go ahead and route the uh bolt here for the lower radius rod and this thing should be back together [Music] all right so the back end’s all buttoned up let’s uh put this front end back together real quick i used my wheel bearing greaser tool and i just kind of added several pumps to the new bearings you can see there’s a little bit of grease in there and why not you know they come a little dry from the factory so all nice and fresh let’s go ahead and keep those going good so um this front end is a little bit trickier because of the brakes so probably going to wrestle with this for a little bit first step i’m going to try to get the arms back into position and get the tie rods on so [Music] get the front brake caliper out of the way for now okay ball joints back on which felt really good by the way tie rod on steering box has been really good um okay everything’s pretty much together now the hard part with the front of this car is getting the brakes set up getting those lined on with the hub so we’re going to follow the same process as the rear by putting the hub into place [Music] there we go just needed a little bit of an encouragement now the tricky part getting the brakes on so the brake caliper the mount up here on the front and we have our brake pads which again the fronts look pretty good definitely get a lot more miles out of those yeah so i noticed these are a real pain in the neck once you uh try to put them back together i can set my pads in here [Music] first okay so the turbos here takes a 16. put on the brake calipers 15 to connect the uh front spindle to the upper and lower arm and 18 to connect the tie rod this car has a lot of 18 millimeter bolts on it make sure you definitely carry an 18 when you if you buy a turbo s not too bad take your time and do things the right way go ahead and tighten up the castle nut here put the whole thing back together i’ll check the uh steering rack i mean i feel like a little bit of play we’re kind of becoming experts because we’ve been through a couple steering racks in the race car most recently we’ve been running a shock therapy race rack which is a really nice piece it’s about a thousand dollars for a razor and uh it’s rebuildable and it’s it’s billet and it’s it’s really solid when you get it dialed in right so this turbo s one’s definitely better again than the older razer steering racks that we had but do like maybe a little bit i’ll button up the whole other side of the car which would be better to feel but um hope you guys like this video when you go to grease your wheel bearings definitely check it out um as a whole like i said the turbo s is a phenomenal car i think probably the best stock oem utv at this moment until the speed comes out um which remains to be seen but as a whole had a really good luck with so much of it cars ran cool never had any overheating scenarios um haven’t burnt one belt these little simple tips double check and gives you a good chance to put your hands on things so that you know if something is going wrong then um you can go ahead and fix it before it becomes a major issue and then you know like i said on my upcoming trips i know that i’m i’m dialed to go and do everything i want to do at moab baja and then uh down in uh mexico rocky point for three big rides we got coming up good job polaris on this one real quick on the suspension two thousand miles in everything still looks really good after originally playing with the setup of the ride height a little bit and some other rear crossovers with our tuner wayne israelson shocks have worked really well i’m really happy with them um they are set up to run my full-size spare tire loaded down so when you do run in the dunes with my spare tire off the back end feels a little on the stiff side but i’ve still bottomed it out going on really fast rides in the big dunes so as a whole i’m really happy with it i love the dynamics feature i think it’s worth the extra dough i think um it’s going to be the feature i probably missed the most when i sell this car you know the ride command coupled with that is really nice user experience and i still use the the dynamic suspension switch i mean every ride 10 20 30 times if i’m going slow i’ll soften it up just so you’re not getting beat up and then of course running in sport and firm mode when uh you’re going quick or you’re loaded down with more people can’t tell you how many times i use that button i think it’s obviously where the sports headed with can-am with honda and then now kawasaki jumping on board so i’m hoping speed and everybody else gets on board with it and it becomes an integration in all oems and i just i still hope that there’s adjustment possible beyond that because the switch is great but you know having crossover rings can really help dial you in and then once you do get your stuff professionally respawned and revolved by a magician like wayne israelson it just takes it to a whole other level man i don’t know if there’s much else i’d ever want to put on this car that i could be much happier with we’re testing new parts that we’re working on um you’ll see some more of those coming out some storage stuff some other things for protection but uh that’s where we’re headed i think it’s a phenomenal car i’ve learned a lot driving it and haven’t learned too much maintenance or hardships because it’s been awesome but i’ve got the race car for that hope you guys like the content here if you do please like and subscribe and i’ve got a lot more coming your way bye.


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