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by Nick Olson

Here’s a 3 part series from our 3rd race ever, the UTV Champs in Lake Havasu. Overall we had a great weekend, and here’s how it unfolded. This is Part 2 covering the behind-the-scenes of a UTV race, Part 3 coming soon!


It’s not all rainbows and sunshine so, so all right guys it’s race morning you guys saw us working on the car putting the final touches on it last night and this morning um a lot of emotions yesterday from the car overheating wondering should we still race um called the tuner called our friends got some advice we decided we’re gonna go put some water wetter in it that’s what we did a couple other things we raised the ride height in the front a little bit because it was low and um then we got the news that we qualified for so we were really excited it’s my first time at a big race it’s our only third race ever so that made me feel really confident now we have a great starting position we haven’t pre-run the course so now like i said that before qualifying if we had a spot like that we could see what these guys do the first few laps and then kind of figure it out so really excited really hype on that and um we’re just going to do what we can you know if the car gets warm we’re going to we’re going to work with it but we got a good course layout where it’s not going to affect us too bad so i think we can do it and be competitive so i’m really excited the weather’s cooled off a little bit from yesterday hopefully get a little breeze like we did it’s nice racing at 2 p.m uh making our way to the track now just going to stop and get some grub and got a lot of hands on deck our friends racing the turbo class are going to be there to assist us because they don’t race until tomorrow so man we’ve got we’ve got a lot of help um made a lot of progress and as of right now race morning i’m feeling really confident because of our qualifying so we’ll catch with you guys later we’re gonna go get dialed and ready for the race okay like so okay we’re in the watch it for me no no no no no so how do you like being in the pits instead of being a co-driver i don’t know which is more stressful um being in the car is obviously the experience and you get to just sit there and do your job but being in the pits it just seems like you scramble and you don’t you don’t know what’s going on so being in the car you always know what’s going on no matter what you want to panic in the pitch you really don’t know what’s going on until they get here or they need something and then it’s just a surprise to you so i don’t know i mean i i enjoy doing pits and having fun in the pits but i’d much rather be in the car okay so that was lap three how are you feeling so far so good everything looks great the car is handling awesome and uh two more to go it makes it great gaining time on people so real proud of them you know cars looking good they come up come through this way here split it with this peel oh all right um it’s not all rainbows and sunshine but they were doing really well is the arm broken or if we get you a bolt can you go huge shout out to izzy is he here really can you get a size for me dude there’s no quit hey does he have any spare bolts like what brent you know lower arm bolt okay so i’m going to try to get somebody to bring it up to you what race car you’re at okay let me see if let me see if one of these people stop if one of these cars stop i’m gonna run up to them yeah you want to get the finish because you don’t know what happened to the guys in front of you too you’re still if there’s only been four cars coming through nick so if if one of those cars has a catastrophic and you guys get going all right we got it hey there’s a car right here okay we can put a punch i think we’ll put it back together and we’ll limp it out of here it was drivable it was difficult but well back here too boxing.


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