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by Nick Olson

For the third and final video in our race saga, we follow up from being broken down at mile marker 6, to what happened, what we learned and our takeaways. Overall we had a great weekend, thanks for watching!


I think we’ll put it back together it was drivable it was difficult though you got a gearbox issue too yeah we wouldn’t have gone far we were blowing the transmission right up there that should have a plug in it or something something like this huh so look at this right here look at the rear look at the bottom arm see how it’s twisted that oh yeah just kept opening up there’s this little zigzag we missed it and finally the third and fourth lap we hit the line and you know made up five seconds here like when wes said we we gained on that third lap i was super excited because of course just kept getting rougher yeah so i was thinking oh it’s gonna get slower but the fact that we just kind of flowed through that tight stuff yeah i thought was like well a lot of what you guys didn’t see though were the cars that were coming back some of them were just ripped off arms yeah we saw robbie gordon one of the wheels was off like right before we came in for pit four man queen’s tune is outstanding yeah this car just something rips you know it just like the revs the rs are above the belt it almost feels like it he built it to where it builds the rpms before the suspension lane suspension oh my god just like a car i’ve never felt so good we jacked the front end up a little bit yeah right put those extra two clicks of compression in yeah and bummer broken arm that’s absolute feel like those methods and tensors held up pretty damn good no flats no yeah i told andrew too like you know as it gets to be dark like we’re gonna creep over some of those rises you know it’s been a fun nighttime experience and we’ll just get through it and um the best part was right at dusk you know but the irony was we had that breeze all day we were so spoiled and then you could feel that the temperature start to cool down and your suit and everything and then the the wind stopped so when we were kept catching people the dust would just kind of linger because i said one time like hey we’re coming up on somebody quick we weren’t it was just a dust would settle that extra five or six seconds versus like we had such good conditions today for the fifth lap it just it just stayed like we were just like what like what was going on you know what i mean yeah just that call of duty followed you guys all the way out yeah all right it ran good yeah yeah the best it’s ever ran i’m i’m not gonna lie it’s about ten times better than it’s ever ran yeah one little three dollar bolt causes the race but hey well we’re back home from the race and i’ve been racking my brain for the last few days trying to figure out what we could have done to get around that last lap and get the complete finish unfortunately we didn’t have the spare bolt up which was a bolt on the lower driver’s side a arm that came out and i think it come out for a little while and then after i drove it for a while i end up bending the lower a arm which then caused the car to be very difficult to turn one way but easy to turn the neck so um this happened around race mile four on lap five we caught some dust actually and we were driving quite slow up a big wash with a lot of chatter because we couldn’t see and the wind really died down and then this became very difficult i kind of fought it up a wash for about a mile and a half and then right after my race mile six there’s a checkpoint so we stopped up there i thought hey let’s ask these guys what it is i couldn’t tell if it was a band tie rod um a bent wheel you know maybe even a low front tire i had no clue exactly um they told us the wheel was cockeyed to the side so then we jumped out we thought it was originally the um the uniballs moving forward because the whole spindle was was pointed at an angle and then realized the reason why so um a couple of the guys that were at the check were not officials they were able to help us they let us use our high lift jack to get the car up in the air but you know rookie mistake we should have had some of these extra bolts we should have had an upper and lower uniball for the suspension um and we did have our radio working well luckily had our team try to send us bolts from another race car but once i did arrive the bolts were too big of a diameter to fit and then unfortunately too the arm was so bent that we couldn’t even get it into place to get it in there and we had no other long bolts on the car that we could replace like a sway bar bolt or something like that so bummer i mean on a race this this long and arduous we should have had a few of these extra parts um maybe we could have really really tried to to get the arm tweaked without a bolt that was actually gonna work um in the grand scheme of things so many people had broken down that even if this took us 20 25 minutes even a half an hour to get it done and then limped around the track at let’s say 75 80 percent um we would have still finished much higher than our 10th place but um lessons learned i’m really really excited though as a whole basically because our third and fourth lap we were able to pick up the pace and uh when we went through that third lap and our radio guy our pit guy told us wes that we had bumped two minutes down from our second lap i was i was ecstatic so we did exactly what we wanted to do i think it was just the the long race and shout out to either cause that bolt to come loose and or break we think we have it figured out for next time but um you know as a whole it’s just been an amazing it was an amazing weekend it was a great learning experience and i approved a lot i proved to myself that i can drive a lot faster and more consistent than i even imagined and when you do get all the pieces of the puzzle put together and the car runs as it should it’s it’s far more fun than just limping around the track so while we’re optimistic about racing and honestly all the trials and tribulation and drama if you guys been following the channel i made it that much sweeter when the car was running good and we had clicked off for you know really solid laps and had herself in a solid top five position at a legit race uh with a good amount of competition so you know a lot of good takeaways um i’m gonna leave you guys here with some footage of the pro turbo race it was exciting ryan piplik congrats you guys are running really strong all day uh very stack field and of course i’m thinking about how i can step our game up how we can get better in the future so we can hang in that class when we eventually move up so thank you guys for watching check out this rad drone and uh 400 millimeter footage that we caught from the race thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you on the next one


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